Intrinsic Morality

Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2017 02:08 pm
I am wondering If we can achieve the society of intrinsic moral values. I am always dreaming about the world in which no one and under any circumstances may consider the choice of causing the less harm to any human no matter how much will this benefits him.

But when looking at our conflicts, wars, unfair treatment, racism and terrorism my dreams are suddenly evaporated. Are we doomed to live a midst all this chaos forever ,or there is any way following which will change this situation and give us a promising future.
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Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2017 02:18 pm
There is no such thing as "intrinsic" moral values. Your dream that "causing less harm to any human" doesn't work... different people and different cultures will interpret this in different ways.

So the answer is "No". A society of "intrinsic moral values" is impossible.
Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2017 02:46 pm
Thank you, I got your point. But I think that if we cannot reach this society, I think we can at least move towards it and we may reach a good point. For example, if you look worldwide you would see that the rates of crime, conflicts, and any other harmful behaviors vary from one country to another greatly. And I think this is not a random difference, rather it has something to do with the culture and conventions that are developed by these countries' societies. And as science suggests the situations and conditions we face have a pivotal role in forming the aspects of our personalities. So wide-band global discussions will open horizons toward a better morality.
could you please tell your opinion about this suggestion?
Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2017 05:21 pm
I don't think you can move towards something that doesn't exist.

But let me propose a hypothetical question. If we did a scientific investigation and found out that cannibalism (eating your weaker neighbors) was part of intrinsic morality, would you ever be able to accept it?

We modern Western White people assume that this "intrinsic" morality will be close to our morality. I see no reason to believe that any "intrinsic" morality won't be deeply troubling to us.
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Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2017 05:37 pm
I also think that it might be wishful thinking to believe that what you consider to be "intrinsic morality" would lead to lower rates of crime.

I value freedom greatly. We put limits on the police... they can't enter my house and search without "probable cause". Of course it would be much easier for the police to stop crime if they didn't have to go to a judge, and yet our values of personal privacy outweigh our desire to catch criminals.
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Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2017 05:59 pm
I slightly remember learning about moral law, or some similar wordage, among us catholics, that everybody had that, somehow inbred.

Long ago, that was.
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