Complain bitterly

Reply Fri 1 Sep, 2017 12:22 pm
From time to time I complain bitterly, at a2k and in [recipient a2k Mgrs have complained must not be ID'd in accordance with a2k's new 'Protocol Guide,' 243 pages, which I highly recommend] about what I describe as an incompetence of the century, the apparent inability of the Software Folk to cope with spelling and grammar [among other deficiencies too numerous to describe here].

As an incredibly appropriate coincidence, note 'reknown' above, which must be the single most common missp of 'renowned,' to which they're nonetheless totally oblivious.


We can only suppose there's some sort of difficulty finding enough screwballs [like me], to fill the ranks of their spellers [I've frequently called attention to that typo in their Hiring Guide, regarding IQ requirement, where 'lower than' should be replaced by 'higher…' ].

At least, s'pose we oughta give'm credit for r'c'g'z'n' "…k…" as a missp. (well, I din't) ! But my 36 Email corresps,, how can we encourage them to at least learn how to touch type, and to use Google?

[I of course depend on a2k, under the assumption that some of my best are copied and reproduced throughout the Web, but if you have one, try contrib'in' to their Opionoon Lets to the Eds]

Dale Hileman
Apple Valley

[Oh and a2k Mgrs, again, (1) Please stop the bot of your Ed Screen from jumpin' up and down, up an....

...and for God sake, make 'Tab' indent !!!!@ PSE]

[Oh and Reader Sorid, who has complained—rightfully—about my abbrs: 'missp' bein' a missp of 'misspell.']

[And WordSmith: In my incredible ego, thoht you might find this'n' amusin' too. But if not lemme know ! ]
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Reply Fri 1 Sep, 2017 01:12 pm
From time to time I complain bitterly...

At least you didn't say 'occasionally' or 'once in a blue moon'.

...to cope with spelling and grammar...

These are little items left up to each of us on our own. While spelling errors may occur, it's not that bad. It reminds all of us that we are humans (for the most part) and therefore subject to here and there msitwkes. Live with it, babe.

As to your beef about grammar, there are people from different areas of the planet and variations of how English is written. Live with Junior!

Different approaches to writing, define each person as an individual. Some of the best authors have not followed all the standard rules of grammar. You want they all should starve?

A higher IQ score does not mean a better speller. Further some words sound the same even while they possess different spellings and meanings. Live with it or let the tension eat a hole in your innards.

Most find your alleged 'abbreviations' to be annoying. I don't care much for them, other than, they make me stop and dry to decipher the code you're so enamored of. It's part of life on a forum board, I live with it.

So, in closing, stop frittering away your days with being bothered by things that add variety to your day. It is far better than if everything showed up exactly the same.

If you keep the moan and groan going, someone may have to contact your wife and have her withhold your daily ration of Pabst (Blue Ribbon beer).

Be well, be happy.
Reply Fri 1 Sep, 2017 03:36 pm
While spelling errors may occur, it's not that bad
But surely Stur, you'd expect 'em to find the most common, one of which, a classic, isd 'isd'

Live with it, babe
So do I have a choice

As to your beef about grammar
I don't use it. I was only assumin' it hadta be bad as the spck

some words sound the same even while they possess different spellings and meanings
Then there's 'isd.'

That Sid good
That ids very good idea
Now, idd it the very best you can do?
Taxation ixd excruciating

Most find your alleged 'abbreviations' to be annoying

they make me stop and dry to decipher
Now there ya go: A challenge

stop frittering away your days
Alas Gis alack, just what my BH says !

have her withhold your daily ration of Pabst
If Pabst, I'd be grateful
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Reply Fri 1 Sep, 2017 11:31 pm
...still massively confused about what's let and what isn't, I'm sounded to find my op still alive here. However, I've recently hear from a2k Mngrs rep who says I just hafta pay more attention to the detail of what's allowed and what's not...

What pizzas me infinitely is why, knowing their Rule # 444 (v) disallows references to Let's to the Ed's, why this one got by. Mystery

...Edited to note that a recent msg from a2k Mgrs says they're so overloaded, that they sometimes let one like this pass..
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