A Thread to Express Love of Christmas

Reply Sun 12 Dec, 2004 02:14 pm
edgarblythe wrote:
Have some spiked eggnog, timber.

Why, thank you - b'lieve I will. Care for a sip of Glogg yerse'f? Here, go right ahead


Careful with that around the candles, though - I mix it pretty stiff :wink:
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Reply Sun 12 Dec, 2004 02:21 pm
Sall right. I never burn candles. Personal quirk. Thankee kindly.
Reply Sun 12 Dec, 2004 03:19 pm
Lady J (and all other Brides of Scrooge in Christmas Past, Christmas
Present and Christmas Future)--

I've been there--and I escaped!

Odd, isn't it, that the misanthropes insist on spreading gloom and despair? They don't want to suffer alone--they want to destroy.
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Jack of Hearts
Reply Thu 19 Dec, 2013 03:58 pm
If a child (of any age), should ever ask you, "Is there really a Santa Clause? Be quick and confident when you say, "Yes. Yes, there is a Santa Clause."
Of course, you next may well be bombarded with a sack full of questions and demands for explanations and proofs. Just smile and say, "You know Santa is real, because he won't go away. He was around when I was a child, and my grandfather said he was around when he was a child." Now that won't stop the questions from coming, but then all you have to do is ask, "Do you remember when you first heard of Santa Clause? - What is the first thing you remember about old St. Nick? Tell me the very first thing you remember."
Invariably you soon hear about reindeer that can fly, and that Santa comes down a chimney, and - Stop him right there. Now get close to the child's ear and softly say, "If you want to know about the real Santa Clause - the real one - you have to find a copy of the old tale they call "A Visit from St. Nicholas". Remember that! "A Visit from St. Nicholas" - find that tale and then you'll know the real Santa Clause. ...and they will.
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