Can I enlist in the air force

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I am wanting to enlist in the airforce. I am currently in an active ch. 13 bankruptcy and my recruiter has never encountered someone in bankruptcy wanting to join so he doesn't know if I can enlist. I have taken the asvab and scored high. I really want to enlist to provide a better life for my kids. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to enlist while in bankruptcy??
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If the recruiter is not sure, ask him/her to bring the matter to their superior. Also speak with your bankruptcy attorney.

From www.clearbankruptcy.com/future/life-after-bankruptcy.aspx# The Air Force may prevent. To find out though, you need to discuss your situation with an attorney and/or an official from the Air Force who has dealt with this in the past, or, knows the exact rules and guidelines.

And check the information at this website: https://thelawdictionary.org/article/filing-bankruptcy-before-enlisting-in-the-military/
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Thank you.
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I found this for you....

If you want to join the military, you will have to meet certain financial eligibility standards. In most cases, the fact that you filed for bankruptcy will not automatically disqualify you from enlisting in the military. But the circumstances surrounding your bankruptcy can affect your chances of joining the military as well as your security clearance.


While a bankruptcy filing might be considered a negative financial event, it can also show that you are taking control of your finances by eliminating your debts. In general, how your bankruptcy will affect your chances of joining the military will depend on the circumstances that led you to file.


The recruiter should really answer this for you. That is his job.
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Reply Wed 16 Aug, 2017 06:44 am
I really want to enlist to provide a better life for my kids

This might be a more difficult obstacle for you in the initial recruiting process. How many kids are we talking about? How old are they? Are you a single parent?
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