Facebook suddenly reduced the reach of my page links by 99%, only pictures get the normal reach.

Reply Sat 12 Aug, 2017 10:34 pm
Hi, I'm really heart broken right now. I have a page of 131000 followers and usually, I get a minimum reach of 8000 people when I post links to that page. I got sick and couldn't post for 3 days and when I came back to continue posting , the reach of my links declined by 99%. I mean that links that used to get about 8000 reach now gets a reach of 20 but when I post photos, it gets the normal high reach. Please I really need help because blogging is my only source of income.
Reply Sun 13 Aug, 2017 02:14 am
This would be my dream, I am just over 1900 followers I couldn't fathom anyone getting 131000 followers just from a Blog, unless you are a Movie Star.

But, not to judge. So what? You weren't around, get yourself back into line and keep going, you know what worked for you the first time and continually so you know... Why be deflated of getting poor results whilst sick.

When the going gets tough the tough get going.

And, blogging should not be your only source of income, what ever you blog, is something you believe in, which you can make into something tangible .
Reply Sun 13 Aug, 2017 08:38 am
Facebook's algorithm rewards recency.

Oh and you should start scheduling posts, even if it's just to remind people of something older. That way, if you get sick or lose power or whatever, there will be content.
Reply Sun 13 Aug, 2017 09:31 am
Thanks. I love the way you talk.
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Reply Sun 13 Aug, 2017 09:32 am
That's a great idea. Thanks
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Reply Wed 16 Aug, 2017 05:33 am
wow, write to the Facebook support than
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Reply Mon 16 Oct, 2017 07:19 am
Did you get any proper replies? I manage a couple of pages which I schedule 1 post/day. Both pages had a huge decrease in reach even for paid posts. My reach for paid posts simply halved whilst my normal reach dropped about 60%-70% per week.
I tried to contact FB and got nothing.
Does anyone know of any algorithm changes lately?
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