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sometime sun
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 06:44 pm
Just cant get disco out of my head so thought i better sing and dance to some and who better than the queen of disco, couldn't decide so went with them all.

I feel love.

I forgot just how saucy this song was
Love to love you baby.

Last Dance.

That's it for me tonight folks got some work to do if I am ever going to earn my bed tonight.

Pleasant night or day dancing dreaming.
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 06:46 pm
@sometime sun,
oooooooooh, cross posted with ya... same time!!!!!!! look back a page fella!

Nighty night.
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sometime sun
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 06:48 pm

Thought I would give it a go to try to fix it, hope it works.

Edit; it didn't so edited.

One last good night,
Good Night
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Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 07:04 pm
My word, don't tell me this has been dys day.


Hey, sun man. Loved all the songs that you played here today, especially Ray Charles. Help me Make it Through the Night is a favorite of mine as well. Frankie Valli and The Fours Seasons' two songs brought back some memories. Thanks. I cried at the end of Midnight Cowboy, too. When Dustin Hoffman died and Jon Voight had his arms around him, it was very moving.

Iz, loved Knock three times, hun.

Blimey! it's gotten late for your PD/Producer, so guess I'll say goodnight with another classic that the cowboy enjoys. Hope I didn't miss anybody.

1812 Overture. Hope this doesn't wake eveybody up.


Goodnight all you great music lovers.

From Letty with love and admiration

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Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 07:05 pm
I like all of Little Richard's 50s recordings and Freedom Blues from the 60s. I know most of the woodie Guthrie songs going around, but that one is new to me. Well, this little wore out computer can't handle many youtubes at once. It locked up the first two times I opened Long Tall Sally. Going to close for the night. See ya all on the radio tomorrow.
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 07:40 am
Damn, edgar. Hope you get your machine fixed soon.

Hey, sun man. Missed your Donna Summer songs. Don't know them, but it's nice to be introduced to new stuff here on WA2K radio.

Hey, Iz! You missed Franz Von Suppe's Light Cavalry Overture. Finally, I found the song that for sooooo long has been inside my head. Thought it was The Calgary Stampede.

Here it is, plus more synchronicity ' cause today is Dustin Hoffman's birthday.

First, Suppe.


Now, a tribute to Dustin. (loved him in Rain Man)


Happy Sunday, everyone.
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Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 10:24 am
Good morning, radio folks. Hope you have a good one.
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Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 10:32 am
Little Songs

When the world runs out of wrongs
I’ll be writing no more songs
But for now
I say wow
Business is very good

I’ll keep writing little songs
‘Til there’s peace in battle zones
‘Til congress notes
The change with votes
Until then I must conclude

When a child’s peaceful at night
When love’s a symbol not might
No hunger
No danger
Until then I’ll just be rude

I’ll keep writing little songs
Loud enough to rattle bones
To spit it out
In one big shout
Until then I must conclude

When folks die of poverty
The wrong ideology
Until then I’ll just be crude

I’ll keep writing little songs
Its my way to battle wrongs
To spit it out
In one big shout
Spit it out
One big shout
Spit it out
One big shout
Spit it out

Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 11:30 am
Beautiful, edgar. Your own, right?

And here is my answer.

There are no such things as little songs
There are no miniature rights nor wrongs

Just as a poem they come from the soul
And they are gargantuan in things they foretold

The world will not listen; we all know tis true
We write for ourselves and the things that we do.

Tis fool's gold they seek
From the lowly and meek.

While the poet and creators
Are called innovators.

The greedy and proud
Are locked up in a shroud.

Fait Accompli

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sometime sun
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 12:44 pm
Hey Letty and All hearts.
Letty I am tickled you had never heard Donna Summers.
In the spirit of something new I thought I would play two songs I love from this band The Gossip, especially the second the bass is great and I find the video novel;



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sometime sun
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 01:15 pm
But to not avoid more aged and oaked music I have had Peter Gabriel on my mind as I about to go away for at least a week to a European city (I will let you imagine anyone you like) but the flight and journey needs some strengthening so I decided to cast some Gabriel magic to send me off in style and strength.

This needs to be played out LOUD.
Red Rain
This song gives me shivers, dark room, strobe light, dance.
I have the Touch.
I had to for decency post this one as I love Kate Bush as well. Beautiful.
Finally and most breathlessly.

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sometime sun
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 01:25 pm
Kate Bush on the mind now as "Running up that Hill" is one of my all time favourite songs, definitely top 20 somewhere.

This version meets something inside of me I never knew I had before I heard this song this way
Running up that hill.

Wuthering heights

This song sounds stretchy and bouncy
Rubberband Girl
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 01:58 pm
@sometime sun,
Wow! Love that American Hindi group. Beth Ditto may be heavy, but she sure knows how to sing. They can gossip all they want, buddy.

Always enjoy Kate Bush, of course, and Peter Gabriel is awesome, especially in the last one, Mr. Sun Man. You are a great addition to our cyber radio.

Here is one to match Peter Gabriel, and one from Hungary.


Now the "hungry" man.


Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 02:29 pm
Good poem, letty. Thanks for the comment.
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sometime sun
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 02:31 pm
I am a diamond hunter Letty.
And I found here in a2k a jewel.
You and your work.

I thought I would leave off with the musician I am listening to today, now, tomorrow and forever.
I may be gone for a while but I hope the sounds my soul makes last.

Biffy Clyro.

Who's got a match.
As Dust Dances.



And my most favourite.

No matter what, it was great being part of you and this for but my few great moments.
Hope to see you soon,
but you never can tell what the world has in store for you.
Going away but dont wish now for the away.
Hope to see you soon.

All my best and have a good anything.

Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 05:33 pm
@sometime sun,
Have a good time Sometime - enjoy your challenge Very Happy

Hey Letty, Edgar, Baz, Panz and WA2Kers

here's a little something different

Candles - Chris Rea

must go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz soon - exhausted today

lovin y'all...

smooches lovelies. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 07:07 pm
echos Izzie for our sun friend. I just lit one little candle for those who are no longer with us.

Candles by Chris Rea was beautiful, hun. The sea and the shore and the music was the perfect song.

Time for me to say goodnight, and I think that I shall do so with a poem and a song.

First, the poem.

WHEN I heard the learn’d astronomer;
When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me;
When I was shown the charts and the diagrams, to add, divide, and measure them;
When I, sitting, heard the astronomer, where he lectured with much applause in the lecture-room,
How soon, unaccountable, I became tired and sick;
Till rising and gliding out, I wander’d off by myself,
In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time,
Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.

Walt Whitman

Now the song.


Wishing our Brit a say journey to India, and wishing you all a good night.

From Letty with love

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Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 07:47 pm
Much like Whitman, I will eventually have to go door to door to try to sell my stuff.

Daisy Plumtree, Outlaw

Daisy Plumtree was a lusty one,
She loved an old buffalo gun.
She'd shoot her round,
Then stand her ground,
Where many men might run.

If her ways was rough and raw,
She learned it from her paw;
Who killed eight men,
Then made it ten,
Which set his fate with the law.

She was Daisy Missy Plumtree
Rough and ready
Rode the outlaw trail
To rob the outbound mail
Missy Daisy Daisy Plumtree

She went on the lam in Mexico
And fell in with Two Feathers Crow
She leaned her gun
In Crow's wigwam
Made from hides of buffalo

But the soldiers killed her man
He was crossing the Rio Grande
Daisy got hung
Before she swung
Said Daisy Crow is who I am

She was Daisy Missy Plumtree
Rough and ready
Rode the outlaw trail
To rob the outbound mail
Missy Daisy Daisy Plumtree
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Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 11:41 pm
I finally scored the latest Punch Brothers' album, Antifogmatic.
Listening to Don't Need No:

Americana music at its finest.

I already seen the lead singer, Chris Thile in concert. At Carnegie Hall for that fact. He played his mandolin with the bassistEdgar Meyer.

Their debut album Punch is one of my all time favorite albums of all time no matter what the genre.

I hope the Punch Brothers return to NYC for another concert. I won't miss them the next time they come around.
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Reply Mon 9 Aug, 2010 04:19 am
Good morning, WA2K radio folks.

edgar, I love those lyrics about Daisy Plumtree. Is there actually such a person? I've spent most of the morning trying to find out about her. Not certain what you mean about selling your wares from door to door like Whitman. Perhaps you can explain later.

Welcome back, tsar. Don't know that Punch bunch, but I like them. Thanks for the introduction.

Speaking of New York, We have Manhattan Transfer doing a great song in honor of this day in history.

The history of the Republic of Singapore began when Singapore gained its independence and became a republic following an ejection from Malaysia on 9 August 1965. After the separation, the fledgling nation had to become self-sufficient, and faced problems including mass unemployment, housing shortages and lack of land and natural resources such as petroleum. During Lee Kuan Yew's term as prime minister from 1959 to 1990, his administration curbed unemployment, raised the standard of living and implemented a large-scale public housing programme. The country's economic infrastructure was developed, racial tension was eliminated and an independent national defence system was created. Singapore evolved from a developing nation to first world status towards the end of the 20th century


And, a birthday girl, Whitney Houston.


Incidentally, that should have been, "...hope our Brit has a SAFE trip to India..."Smile

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