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Reply Sun 16 Jul, 2017 05:06 pm
Note to Reader: Since there are a lot of packets, then I will narrow it down to the ones you need to read. If you don't wish to read all of these packets which explain how I define my own values and morality (as well as other concepts pertaining to my personal life), then just read packet #4 since that is the most important one.

But if you have the time to read at least 2 or 3 packets, then I would also highly recommend reading packet #5 since, although it is significantly shorter than the other ones, that is the 2nd most important one. Packet #6 would then be the 3rd most important one. Also, just to let you know, the final packet (#14) has an actual conversation between me and someone else.

I will now proceed to present the Deviant Art links to all my packets.

Here are the Deviant Art links:

#1: http://fav.me/dbgif18

#2: http://fav.me/dbdjr9g

#3: http://fav.me/dbda76j

#4: http://fav.me/dbeivqu

#5: http://fav.me/dbc55yl

#6: http://fav.me/dbg3ikh

#7: http://fav.me/dbflptn

#8: http://fav.me/dbda7dz

#9: http://fav.me/dbftmc1

#10: http://fav.me/dbc4hm4

#11: http://fav.me/dbe6jcj

#12: http://fav.me/dbc4h3l

#13: http://fav.me/dbc4hqf

#14: http://fav.me/dbc4w49
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Reply Sun 16 Jul, 2017 05:48 pm
I have created a summary packet in case people don't have the time and patience to read the packets I've mentioned above. Here it is:

Reply Mon 17 Jul, 2017 10:38 am
Lastly, I will now present to you another person's response to my summary and my reply to it. This is to clear some things up and address some issues others might have with my whole philosophy:

Other Person's Response: Let me emphasize the importance of the non feeling values. Where would we be without them? If your life was in danger and you couldn't feel anything, then you would get yourself killed because escaping from said danger would be of no value to you. This is the type of world we would all be living in. Life would simply be a disaster without these values.

My Reply: I would still choose to escape from danger anyway knowing that it is a wise decision. But said decision would be of no value to me. Therefore, the type of world we would be living in would be a world where we would still make decisions anyway knowing that they are wise. Like I said, we are wired for survival and it is this wiring that compels us to make choices anyway even though they would bring our lives no value or happiness. For example, during my worst miserable times, my life was completely dead and empty. It was absolute hell for me and there was no good value, worth, or happiness in my life whatsoever. My life had the worst possible value. However, I have chosen to get psychiatric help anyway knowing that my life would eventually change for the better.

Again, even knowing that my life would change for the better did not give my life any value. But let's pretend that I had to live the entirety of my life in this miserable state and could never recover from it, then that is when I would end my life. There is absolutely no way I would choose to live on and on in a life that is the worst hell filled with the worst possible value. So, as you can see here, even though I would still make wise choices in my life even without having any good value and worth in my life, I need the good value, worth, joy, beauty, and happiness in my life.

Otherwise, I would give up on life and end my life since nothing would matter to me. I would be in a completely dead and empty state of being and living. Even if the type of world we would all be living in would be chaos without these non feeling values, that still doesn't change my views here. If we were to somehow realize that these non feeling values weren't real and the world were to become chaos, then that is just the way it is. That is just what we are as human beings then.
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Reply Sat 22 Jul, 2017 12:55 am
I am now going to give you the link that perfectly explains my definition of good and bad. If you don't wish to read the entire debate, then just read what is in bold at the very beginning:

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Reply Tue 25 Jul, 2017 01:27 pm
Dear readers here, I am glad to have come to this post of Mozart, about what is his concept of good and of bad, see Annex below for his post on his long account of what is his concepts of good and of bad.

Dear Mozart, I hope you come across my post here addressed to you, and we can work together to concur on our common agreed on concepts of good and bad or evil.

Here are my concepts of what is good and what bad, see underscored text below.

On your part, please do thinking as to come to your concise and precise concepts of what is good and what is bad or evil, in simple clear language.

• Post: # 6,460,001 • Susmariosep • Thu 6 Jul, 2017 03:09 pm [Just proceed to underscored text below.]

"Existence is anything at all which we know to be real from our conscious experience and reasoning."

“In concept God is first and foremost the creator cause of everything with a beginning.”

Dear readers here, you DO notice how silent all atheists here have become, when it comes to my challenge to them to do genuine thinking, in the present context, on whose criteria have they come to know what is evil and what is good, and thus also to present their concepts thereby of what is to them their appropriated concept of what is evil and what is good.

Addressing atheists:

Cease and desist already from evasions, take to thinking genuinely on truths, facts, logic, and the best thoughts of mankind from since the dawn of man's conscious intelligence, unless your mind is all muddled up like as with one of your wicked and perverse fellow atheists [though he formally calls himself an agnostic, but in words and acts he behaves like the worst thinking and acting atheist], one Bertrand Russell, with extraneous attachments or biases, that you can't think at all anymore, but to resort continuously to evasions, and also in order to cater to your whatever unworthy of man's dignity, contrary to as man is called by the best ancient thinkers, to wit: homo sapiens, i.e. man of wisdom.

Anyway, dear readers and in particular atheists here, I will gambit these two concepts of what is good and its opposite what is evil in less than 20 words each, and you, Oh ye atheists, take courage to think on truths, facts, logic, and the best thoughts of mankind from since the dawn of man's conscious intelligence, to make comments on them:

Good is anything at all which man at least LIKES, as to strive to possess and enjoy. [17 words]

Evil is anything at all which man at least DISLIKES, and strives to avoid or overcome. [16 words]

There, dear readers here, in particular atheists here, make comments on my concepts of good and evil, and we will mutually work out together our collaborated on concepts of good and evil.

See you all here again tomorrow.

• Post: # 6,469,055 • MozartLink • Sat 22 Jul, 2017 12:55 am

I am now going to give you the link that perfectly explains my definition of good and bad. If you don't wish to read the entire debate, then just read what is in bold at the very beginning:

Good And Bad Debate (Part 1)

Reader's Intro: This is a packet where I have come up with my own definition of value, worth, joy, beauty, happiness, suffering, torment, love, hate, and misery. Everybody has something that gives value and worth to their lives. Therefore, I wish to share to you how I define value and worth in my own life. The reason why I call it the 'evolutionary definition of good and bad' is for reasons revealed later on.

[ Etc. too long to read… Dear readers, please proceed to read the complete text of Mozart, in http://transcendedrealms.deviantart.com/journal/Good-And-Bad-Debate-Part-1-692963913]

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Reply Wed 26 Jul, 2017 12:17 pm
Dear readers here, you know what?

You visit this thread where I am interested in but don't meet anyone at all after 24 hours, i.e. anyone who wanted to exchange thoughts with me.

And neither you have contributed any post to it.

Why then did you at all view this thread (I am not its author, though)?

You are looking for something of course, but you do not find it in my post, which will motivate you to write as to contact me for me to react to you.

This thread is intended by its author, one Mozartlink, to get people to talk with him on what is good and bad, but he himself is not monitoring his own thread at all.

So, I ask you everyone who know me to be in existence here in a2k: Next time please tell me what you want to read at all, and perhaps we can get to exchange thoughts, and we both learn something useful to us both.

What do you say about that?

Okay, dear readers here, let us all sit back and await with bated breath to witness, if at all anyone turn up in this thread to interact with me, me now the last poster to have contributed a post to it.
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