Toxic mould exposure

Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 06:05 pm
I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 2 years now but sometimes doubt my diagnosis, I have recently read online an article about someone who thought she had fibro but then later found out after being tested for toxic mould that she had mycotoxins in her system and it wasn't fibromyalgia after all and the symptoms were similar, I am now concerned that this could be the case with me as I was exposed to mould when I lived with my parents about 18 years ago, as I was selling they're house after they passed away I discovered a lot of mould would grow on the dining room walls and I mean a lot, knowing what my Dad was like I realised that he'd just been cleaning it off and painting over it probably for a long time and not only that I used to have mould on my bedroom wall inside my built in wardrobe and my dad would say it was condensation and do nothing about it except paint over it now and then, I have been reading about black mould and am worried I may have been exposed but what I can't find out is would this still affect me now years later or would I be fine as it was years ago, ant advice and help would be much appreciated, I will go to my go but I don't want to sound like a fool as I must drive him mad with my fibro as nothing he prescribes me helps at all
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There's no reason not to at least ask about it. Even if it turns out that mold couldn't possibly be related to your condition, it could very well get your doctor thinking about other possible things, maybe environmental exposure or the like.

Hope you feel better soon.
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Reply Sun 24 Dec, 2017 08:38 am
My story is similar.

Home was flooded. Within a year started to get many random symptoms: gut, neurological, arthritic, anxiety, etc. I was only 22 years old. My doctor threw in the towel and labeled me with fibromyalgia. I lived there for 11 years and just got worse. Then with bad luck moved to a clean home that had a mouldy well. I lost the ability to sleep well very quickly. I think my fibromyalia is mould illness and there is a lot of history and symptoms to back it up.

When I eat sugar or starch my arthritis symptoms flare up along with brain fog and anxiety. Anxiety my arse!! It feels more like toxicity from a snake bite. I have no rheumatoid factors and so it isn't arthritis. It is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

There is growing suspicion that fibromyalgia/CFS are related to mould exposure and studies are rather new but there are similar finding such as in mitochondria health that is common between mould illness and fibromyalgia. So many illness may really be mould toxicity.
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