Is it just me or does this happen to other people?

Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 09:10 am
I've been trying to find a forum to where I can ask questions about relationships and stuff when I don't want to talk to people I know in real life about it...but nearly every time I find a forum there's always a few manipulative jack asses on it who try to ruin my time.

Whenever I go to a mod for help, the mods at the other forums didn't seem to help me and they had the nerve to blame me for reacting to the people provoking me knowing what they're doing. They often banned me even though I was the one ganged up on and attacked and personally insulted.

I had to throw a fit to get the people harassing me banned which in turned got myself banned and they still weren't permanently banned. I don't understand. I told them it's no loss that those other forums banned me since they have toxic, snarky people at their forum they'd rather defend and keep.

I'm so sick of this happening when I try to find a forum to talk to people who are in similar situations as me and jack asses ruin people's time posting.

Whenever you try to go to a mod for help is it just me or do most mods really side with the manipulative people? It happened with a friend of mine as well who was attacked by the same person that insulted me and she got away with insulting both of us. It took her months to finally get banned when she should have gotten banned a long time ago.

I haven't had problems with this forum but whenever something happens is it just me or do mods seem to defend the manipulative people who purposely provoke people? And why? When I go to a mod for help, I expect the mod to help me in my situation. Instead, I'm the one that's often punished for retaliating because they didn't do anything to infraction the person the first time and that got me irritated that I had to go to extremes to get some results since reasoning with those mods on other forums didn't get me anywhere.
Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 09:32 am
Read the signs. It's you that are causing the problems. Throwing a fit indeed.

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Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 09:39 am
I think you'll find that this is one of the most tolerant forums around as far as moderators go. You may get a little static from some of the members but when it comes to questions about social relations people are usually pretty sincere and try to be helpful.
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Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 10:01 am
I am an old man of god with a beautiful wife of forty years... I not sure if I can help you, but I am willing to try! ...What seems to be the problem?
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Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 05:41 pm
There's nongs on every forum - forums are hosted on the internet. It's also why most forums have an 'ignore user' ability.

Many moderators are volunteers. Volunteers are usually helpful souls, with a degree of toleration. With that in mind: If I were to butt heads with one moderator, I may think it a personality clash. If I were to butt heads with two moderators, I'd be wondering if my luck was right out. If I were to butt heads with 3 moderators...I'd start looking at the common denominator (which would be me), to see how I'm contributing to the conflict.

Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 06:20 pm
Kind of like driving when it seems like everybody is crazy, huh? Maybe they are not the problem.
Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 06:22 pm
Everbody else is crazy.

...no...wait ??
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Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2017 09:34 pm
Injustice, you are so right about some forums, and jackasses.

If it's not too brazen, what questions do you have "about relationships and stuff"?
Reply Mon 19 Jun, 2017 12:21 pm
She is either busy or gave up… It is sad when someone comes to the internet for help and gets cyber bullying from the parasites out there… I was just vulgarly hazed to see if I was worthy enough to join them… This was their ignorant way of weeding out the people that were not of like mind… My grandmother taught me a long time ago {That if you are going to lay down with dogs you're going to get up with fleas…} I was bored at the time so I didn't let them run me off… I thought I would see if I could slum it, without picking up some fleas and still not lose my dignity… 4 of them tried to push my buttons for two days and could not; and then I got bored again and moved on… You have to confront ignorance and evil now and then if you're ever going to understand it… It is through understand, that the fear of it is lost, and the wisdom to stay clear of it sets in… You can't get upset or mad at these people for what they do… They know not better and it would be like me getting mad at the dog for going outside and picking up fleas… Believe it or not, one of God's tools to move the human beings along their spiritual path, is man's instinctive ability to get discussed… God has a infinite amount of tools to move you down your path… It's just an illusion that we have total freedom… Man has enormous instinctive value inside him; Way more then the animals beneath us... But are are pledged with a judgmental mind... Big & small, right or wrong, good and bad and the list goes on and on... Our instincts lay dormant in us until we start to use them... It's is only through the school of bumps and knock or the school of wisdom that we learn... It is the unattached middle road, where true love, God and peace can be found...
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Reply Tue 20 Jun, 2017 06:05 pm
People are still posting there knowing what happened to me at typology central.com. don't know why they would want to go to forums where mods defend manipulative people. The mods at typo themselves are trolls, too. Very unmodlike responses I get from them. Sad, oh well.
Reply Wed 21 Jun, 2017 09:21 am
@injustice! There you are... I use to work at a large health food store for a while... I don't really know why but everybody always seemed comfortable coming in and tell me all their problems... This one lady came in and she was so distraught she was making herself sick... She said that she could not handle the fact that so many women were getting raped? I asked her how many time a day she watched the news? She said three.... I said sweet heart! Man has been rapping women since the caveman days... The only difference now is that your bring it in to your living room every day... TURN THE TV OFF!

You need to put these moniter thing behind you now and get on with it... It's water under the bridge... and until you tell us about your relationship problem then we can't help... My only suggest to you, that might help you, without me knowing the problem... Is to get away from the problem for a short while... Don't run from it but take a short break... Get away from the world of opposites for a while... You know! ...Right and wrong, Good and bad, big and small... Go out and allow yourself the luxury of being with nature for a while... Just watch it with amazement like you did when you were a small child... Watch the birds, the clouds and trees... You need to clear your mind and let it stop racing... God interject in the gap between your thoughts... Give you body, mind and soul a chance to catch it's breath so to speak...
Don't believe in God? Don't like nature? Then go get a massage...
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