What is religion?

Fri 5 Jul, 2019 11:06 am
Religion is an establishment that arises from a Teacher. The Teacher is usually a prophet, and instructs his or her disciples to a way of worship, a set of rules that the religion adheres to. Once this is established those who are interested join and the community is developed as it is a success or not.
Religion separates people, because people choose a set of rules and religious way and distinguish them against another person who chooses a different religion. So if the religion does not make it clear that all people are created by the same God, well that would explain one reason why not to enter that religion.
Truth is the most important aspect of God. It is to be taken very seriously, yet it is probably one of the most abused commandments. It is important that a religion must be based around Truth, yet with so many different religions I don't see how they do that. One of the first truths being that all human beings and animals and trees and earth were created by the same God.
Religion can be a tool to confused and drive people away from the truth. All you have to do is implement lies into your religion and the people are already open to believing them. When a person has sacrificed Truth and acceptance lies as the truth, that is one way to start walking towards hell. So in that sense religion can help people go to heaven but it can do the opposite also.
Let us look at history and into our world and perceive how many people are dishonest. With so many religions and so many dishonest people it would be safe to say that many religions are not fully truthful. But I have learned how many Christian religions are not fully truthful. In many Christian religions alone there are so many bold faced lies that it is almost impossible for somebody to get into heaven by practicing the religion.
As Truth is the most important aspect of God, Love is the second most important. Remember that Truth can have multiple sides based on the person experiencing their truth, yet the overall Truth can only be one thing - the Truth, so individuals can experience different things but always try to understand their truth of what they are experiencing, because God know the truth of what all people are experiencing.
Do you all know how many people are a part of religion and do not implement love and truth into their daily lives? These people are sinners, not matter how much they go to a church.
A human being in made in the image of God, by God with a human heart. This heart of ours feels good when we are loved, and in order to be loved the person loving us needs to be truthful, because if not they would not be respectful to another persons emotions or thoughts. It is much more important to show other people that we love them and are completely honest with them than it is to go to a church. This was the argument between Paul and Peter over which is more important - faith of works. In today's religious world Faith is more important, as Paul taught them. But Peter is my teacher, I hate Paul and know him to be a LIAR. Peter tells me clearly that it is much more important to have WORKS over FAITH.
There are reasons to everything I will say on this site. Everything on earth has a reason. I heard this morning that some people are questioning why God allows suffering. Almost all of the suffering in this world can be traced back to human action. Did you know that in the society of crows, the noisy black birds, they have a call that is like a cry, and when they make this call to other birds the birds will cough up their own food to feed a complete bird stranger.People listen: birds are smarter and more advanced than human beings! If a starving human cried out to a person - give me food! that person will have to go to many many people before they find somebody to feed them. Did Christ no tell us to feed the hungry? And when our neighbor wakes us up at 12:00am that we should not give them a loaf of bread to eat?
Religion is that, religion is all it is. But why deny the Word of God whether you are in a religion or not? The religion makes them deny the Word of God, do you know why? Because in their thoughts and actions they have previously rejected the Word of God,and as a punishment God will not let them perceive the Truth - even when they don't even know it is happening.
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Ananta Institute
Fri 26 Jul, 2019 06:52 am
People often Relates Religion with Superstitious but this thinking is wrong.
Religion Shows you the Real path.
It helps you
How to live life?
How to Stay Calm and Happy?
In this fast moving world, Everyone is passing through Stress & Tension.
Religion Guides you to live life stress free.
Sun 28 Jul, 2019 08:06 am
@Ananta Institute,
I dunno about that dude. Don’t it say something about even the elect needing a bail out near the end? This **** storm hits everybody, nobody gets a pass it seems.
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Fri 3 Jan, 2020 11:02 pm
Religion is fallen man inventing their own idols.
Christianity if God revealing himself to those He has purposed to save.
Sat 4 Jan, 2020 01:17 pm
Iconoclast85 wrote:

Religion is fallen man inventing their own idols.
Christianity if God revealing himself to those He has purposed to save.

One of those idols is now the president of the United States. And most Christians have sold their souls for him.
Mon 6 Jan, 2020 01:24 pm
It's strange that evangelicals and fundamentalists look up to Trump as a sort of religious ideal and who, politically, can advance their agenda. It's strange because Trump's form of religion and spirituality is that of a child, completely undeveloped, unevolved and in the fetal stage. He is a totally unenlightened individual composed of a series of defense mechanisms. As a result he expresses what is a low form of human nature and contrary to human spiritual ideals. What is worse is that he seems to brag it's about his condition. Because of the enormous support of followers, he is virtually incapable of redemption.
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Fri 20 May, 2022 08:48 pm
Freedom of religion simply means the state has nothing against how or what you worship at all. As Religion is not tied to the state affairs.
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