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Many people say that if you have any given experience such as a hellish or beautiful experience in your life, that this is simply a matter of you projecting a value judgment upon a certain experience in your life. But let me tell you just how much nonsense this really is. Imagine if you were in a completely calm and relaxed mood where you are not experiencing any physical or emotional pain. From there, something happens to you in your life and, although this experience does not cause you any physical or emotional pain, you claim that this was the worst and most hellish experience of your life.

While you are in a completely calm and relaxed state of mind, you claim that this event was the worst and most hellish experience for you. From there, imagine someone like me who is in the worst possible state of misery of my life due to a traumatic emotional event in my life. For me, this was the worst hellish experience. Especially those crippled dream states I explain later on in my other packets. What you are saying here is that your relaxed and calm "hellish" experience can be just as bad or an even worse experience than a traumatic emotional induced hellish experience such as the experiences and crippled dream states I have been through.

That's like saying that a person in a completely calm and relaxed state of mind who is experiencing no physical or emotional pain can have a hellish experience that is just as bad as or even worse than someone in agonizing pain getting their limbs sawed off. It would also be like you saying that having the worst physical or emotional pain of your life can be just as hellish of an experience as not having it. The person getting their limbs sawed off is clearly having the hellish experience here while you are, in a way, the one making a mocking version of this person's agony and misery with your own "hellish" experience. It shows complete ignorance of what pain, suffering, and hell truly is.

Pain, suffering, and hell are NOT value judgments. They are clearly the horrible feelings themselves whether they be miserable moods, physical, agonizing, pain, or crippled dream states. Therefore, the value judgment version of beauty, joy, and hell does not exist. In order to have a hellish experience in your life, then you need to experience a horrible feeling. Likewise, if you wish to have a beautiful and joyful experience in your life, then you need to experience a good feeling. This also applies to having good value, worth, and bad value in our lives.

Our lives having good value, worth, and bad value are also not value judgments either. If you wish for your life to be the best life (have the greatest good value and worth) and if you wish to have the best experience in your life, then that requires you to experience the most powerful feeling of joy or beauty beyond this world such as what near death experiencers report when they encounter and experience the love of God. Likewise, in order for your life to be the absolute worst life, then that requires the absolute worst and most powerful experience of misery or hopelessness such as what I've experienced in my crippled nightmares.

However, there is the possibility that I am leaving out other experiences in life which are truly beautiful and hellish experiences. Perhaps our feelings are not the only things that can be the hellish and beautiful experiences for us. Although, I have never experienced this myself. But just to be open minded here, maybe your value judgments create the type of experience you have. If you think that feelings are the only things that can be a beautiful and hellish experience for you, then maybe it is your way of thinking that creates your reality of experience for you. Therefore, your particular reality of experience would be a reality where it is only your feelings that give you hellish and beautiful experiences.

But let's pretend that I never had the outlook I have had and I Instead had a different outlook where I thought that hellish and beautiful experiences really are value judgments. Would I actually be able to experience a hellish or beautiful experience even without feeling good or bad? Or would the experience not be hellish or beautiful at all for me and I would instead just be fooling and deluding myself into judging these experiences as hellish and beautiful when they really aren't? Remember, if I wish to have real value, worth, joy, inspiration, drive, happiness, and beauty in my life, then they have to be real experiences here for me. It cannot be a matter of me thinking my life has these things when the fact of the matter is that I am not actually having any experience of any real value, worth, joy, inspiration, drive, happiness, or beauty in my life.
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