DT moves for peace in Asia

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It is increasingly clear that President Donald Trump is taking steps, together with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, to end the crisis points in Eurasia which had brought the world to the brink of world war under President Obama, and which the British and their assets have been desperately trying to use again today to break up Trump's cooperation with Russia and China.

As one South Korean analyst said last week, Trump has a policy on North Korea which is very close to that of the leading candidates for President in South Korea in the election to be held there on May 9 — carry a bigger stick, but offer a bigger carrot.

While the Trump Administration has activated the THAAD missile system in South Korea, and is carrying out exercises in the region with an aircraft carrier, B-1 bombers, and nuclear subs, he is at the same time declaring for all to hear that he is working closely with President Xi, and that he wants to assure North Korea that the US is not threatening "regime-change" against the Kim Jong-un government. His statement on Monday that he would be willing to meet face to face with Kim Jong-un under the appropriate circumstances, has been met with hysteria in the western press, while their response to Trump's call to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, inviting him to visit the White House, sent the New York Times and others into conniptions.

But what do these steps represent? The Korea crisis was created by the Bush and Obama administrations, sabotaging every agreement reached with the North, and leading to Obama's insane "strategic patience" — a refusal to talk to the North unless they did exactly as told, while building up a massive military force and increasing sanctions. The target was China, not North Korea. Bush and Obama were delighted to have a nuclear armed North Korea, providing an excuse to build up a massive military ring around China and Russia.

Now, Trump is working with China. There is no more reason to drive North Korea into hostile reactions with nuclear armaments. As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said last week, we must convince Pyongyang that we do not intend regime-change, but only a peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

So also with the Philippines. The unnecessary provocation of China by the Philippines former government, by taking the issue of sovereignty over the South China Sea islands to a biased western court, without Chinese participation, justified the Obama deployment of powerful military forces into the region. With Duterte's election, that crisis ended, and the Philippines is now working closely with China, and also with the US. Both the Philippines and the US are now under sane leadership, rejecting the insanity of world war between nuclear powers.

Yesterday, Trump had a long phone discussion with President Putin, agreeing to work closely together on forging a peaceful, political solution to the hotspots in North Korea and Syria. This horrifies the British, who thought they had successfully poisoned Trump's intention to befriend Putin through their lies about Assad using chemical weapons, which had induced Trump to bomb a Syrian airbase.

Of course, the New York Times, the voice of the British Empire in the US, describes Xi Jinping and Putin as dictators, and claims that Trump is a tyrant for wanting to be friends with them, or with other "authoritarian dictators" such as Duterte, Egypt's el-Sisi, or others who defy the British imperial division of the world into enemy camps, and who are only interested in fighting terrorism, not other nation states. Indeed, these are the countries of the New Silk Road, who wish to work together as friends in building a world worthy of the dignity of Mankind.

As of yet, Trump has not announced whether or not he will attend the international Belt And Road Forum, scheduled for Beijing on May 14-15, in which leaders from over 100 nations will meet to discuss a future for mankind based on mutual development, the alleviation of dire poverty (as China has itself nearly achieved), and a world free of war and terrorism. As Helga Zepp-LaRouche said on April 13, if Trump proceeds to bring the US into the New Silk Road, he will be remembered as one of the greatest American presidents. The very concept of Empire, of a world composed of Darwinian people and nations functioning like animals, fighting for advantage over the other, can be deposited into the historical garbage can once and for all. Mankind can then go forward to its true destiny, in building a just and prosperous world, moving mankind into space, and creating a scientific and cultural Renaissance among all peoples.

,,,Trump's call to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, inviting him to visit the White House, sent the New York Times and others into conniptions....

This is the guy who called Bork Hussein/Sonofawhore Obunga a son of a whore... You have to like people who tell it like it is like that.....
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