Are the New Atheists of Richard Dawkins a Religion?

Wed 23 Aug, 2023 05:29 am
I have explained that you cannot separate science from philosophy.

I have explained that science is presently founded upon a divided and unsymmetrical philosophy of +=- and -=+

I have explained that this philosophy has been applied to the equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature by scientists who claim that these forces cancel out.

They don't and I have provided the reason why they don't.

They don't because of Newtons 3rd Law relating to action and reaction electromagnetic force pairs.

I can't be any clearer.

I don't get challenged on this FACT because how can anyone challenge me?

If they challenge me then they are challenging Newtons 3rd Law as well.

Wed 23 Aug, 2023 06:13 am
Science needs a symmetrical explanation.
Thu 24 Aug, 2023 12:23 am
An opinion.

I would suggest that we have to get away from subconsciously associating the 2 equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature with good and bad. I would suggest that we also need to dispel the notion that these 2 electromagnetic forces cancel out which contradicts Newtons 3rd Law.

I would suggest that good and bad is a completely separate debate.

The 2 equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature are just that and don't cancel out.

It is a fact that in order to balance the action/reaction force pairs between two separate magnets then you have to adopt the formula +/-=+/-.You have no other option. Absolutely everything is a magnet from the atomic structure up to the make up of planets ; stars and holes.

I would suggest that if you miss this point then you will not be able to understand the psychological make up. A psychological make up that adopts a symmetrical philosophy and science.

In my opinion.
Thu 24 Aug, 2023 05:33 am
Your ideas are clearly not getting a great reception here. But rather than acknowledge that, and attempt to alter your approach or content to accommodate meaningful interaction (which is, by the way, the de facto purpose of having a forum like this), you quadruple down, and chide any straggling witnesses for just not appreciating your depth and grasp.

You’ve basically hijacked a conference and turned it into a padded room for you to carry on a hifalutin conversation…with yourself.
Thu 24 Aug, 2023 06:13 am
Fair enough Boglum.

I will stick to commenting on the topic title.


Richard Dawkins has a belief system so in my opinion he has a religion. He HOPES (because that is all he can do without definitive proof) that a God doesn't exist. However, if he does make an allowance for the possibility that a God exists, then he would be in no better position anyway.

Believing in a God or not believing in a God. So what?.......that is of no use to anyone at the end of the day. There is more to it than that.

Atheist/Theist = Atheist/Theist

Thu 24 Aug, 2023 08:19 am
This is you sticking your own concepts in.

Richard Dawkins is someone who, through observation, has concluded that there is no evidence of divine action, and therefore there is no God.

Hope doesn't come into it, it's something he has determined for himself, it's based on cold reasoning, not hope.

And to suggest that just because someone does not believe in God means they would prefer oblivion to a blissful afterlife is missing the point entirely.

You seem to live in a little box, where everything is measured against your own existance, just because you cannot separate hope from your own belief system does not mean others are similarly handicapped.
Thu 24 Aug, 2023 09:21 am
If you don’t have definitive proof of your belief system then all you can do is hope in it.What other option have you got?

Frank prefers to use the the word guess that it’s true.Everyone to their own.

There is plenty of evidence of a potential divine action.

My concepts are based upon a sound symmetrical philosophy and science.

Thu 24 Aug, 2023 12:51 pm
When it comes to evidence,I prefer to keep to known forces and accepted laws and not theories.

I prefer a symmetrical science that balances electromagnetic forces which cannot be cancelled out according to presently accepted Laws. (Newtons Third Law).

I also prefer a philosophy with a symmetrical logic +/-=+/- that concurs with the above science.

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