Former Foreign Minister slams Trump

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Reply Fri 6 Oct, 2017 12:44 pm
Pure doo doo to you, because you have never accomplished anything close to what Gareth Evans has accomplished. As a matter of fact, you show yourself to be a narcissist like Trump with no redeeming characteristic or humanity. Trump is a moron, and so are you!
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Reply Fri 6 Oct, 2017 11:25 pm
@cicerone imposter,
Trump is now trying to take away freedoms from women. Trump is a moron.
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Reply Fri 6 Oct, 2017 11:27 pm
@cicerone imposter,
Pure doo doo to you, because you have never accomplished anything close to what Gareth Evans has accomplished. As a matter of fact, you show yourself to be a narcissist like Trump with no redeeming characteristic or humanity. Trump is a moron, and so are you!

When you look at the stars, you are looking at them at their current status and location simultaneously with your current status and location.

How this is a truth?

Because here, me, the one you say I have never accomplished anything, I discovered a law that allows us to perceive solely the present.

You can check online, and hundreds of so called "scientists", including NASA- think that we can see the past of the universe when we look far away galaxies.


My discovery of this law deletes those fantasies invented by those so called scientists.

As you can see, they -of course- enjoy the benefit of controlling the media and pay good money for keeping their fantasy alive.

On the other hand, the truth -which is that our brains are not capable at all to perceive past events together with present events- is hidden, because these dudes can't accept their error.

I am a master in Sensation and Perception. No one can play with me when is about how we perceive the entire universe.

And in base of this law I discovered, I was able to open doors to discover what is time, what is gravity, etc.

And this is because if you don't know to distinguish illusions in your perceptions, then your idea of the universe becomes wrong and void.

The key for good science is learning how to interpret our perception of the universe. If you are an ignorant about the way of interpreting what you perceive, then whatever your theory is, it becomes false.

Lets say, people in the past thought that the Sun orbits around the earth, but other by observation and mathematical calculations based in the observation, concluded that the earth orbits around the Sun. And this was because they ignored the right interpretation of the perception made.

Pythagoras, on the other hand, knew that the earth orbited around the Sun, and that the Sun also orbited around a greater center. The way we know about this opinion of Pythagoras is thru his followers, whom were mentioned by Plato, who was a defender of a static earth and the orbiting Sun around it.

Same as well, Relativity is a poor interpretation of perception caused by the illusions created by velocity and distance.

And, several other theories of science fall in the same category of fables, simply because the authors of them were ignorant about what they were perceiving in reality.

This law is a law, not a theory. A LAW.


Just find the best expert who explain why he says he observes the universe as it was in its past because the period taken by light to arrive to us from far away distances, and ask him with total courtesy if he can prove that light travels as images... and to prove it.

Ask any specialist in psychology to prove you that our brain is able to perceive past and present events at the same time.

And this is nothing, when you apply this LAW in all kind of interpretation of perception you make, science becomes so easy to understand.

I did accomplish the greater discovery in science ever, because if you fail in interpreting correctly a perception of a phenomenon, everything you conclude from that phenomenon is simply false.

The correct interpretation of our perception of the universe is the key of true science.

The rest is just fantasies.


The Australian dude who criticized president Trump has accomplished the collecting of pure "recognition of participating in some group or event", bit nothing that really changed the world, his country, his city, but solely the decoration of the walls in his house with pure paper enclosed in frames hanging for been seeing by others.

In other words, a loser who is recognized as someone important by other losers.

Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 06:36 am
This wacka-doodle is now going on ignore with a couple other loons
Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 09:30 am
This wacka-doodle is now going on ignore with a couple other loons

... just another poor ignorant clicking the "ignore" box.

There are kinds of ignorant.

1)- the one who is ignorant because he doesn't know the topic. He can learn.

2)- the one who wrongly learned the topic. He can check the error or mistake and fix it

3)- the one who wants to be ignorant in purpose. He is the most stupid individual of the world. Closed mind, in a hurry to discriminate what he thinks is debunking his ideas, obstinate, and at the end, he will be curious anyway to check what his opponent says.


When is about "diplomacy", a step in foreign relations which involves the representation of people by one person, the individual who enjoys such a recognition as a foreign minister or former foreign minister of a country, must think twice before saying things that will offend not solely the targeted person but also what the another person represents.

It is true that many Americans do not agree with president Trump, but there are also many Americans supporting him.

As far as I know, here in America there economy still is going well and up. I don't understand the complaints of the opposites to the current administration.

Then, the comments of this former foreign minister of Australia are welcomed solely by the ones who are against Trump's administration.

However, as the waste created by a protest argument made by football players, there are lots of Americans who know that their duty is not defending solely the land but also the president, the flag, the national anthem, the values of the country.

Any internal problem in the US must be solved internally, but seeing here people "happy" because their(*) president is under attack by a foreign individual, this is the most painful news. (* yes, even when they are unhappy because they are Democrats who wanted Hillary Clinton in power, Donald Trump is "THEIR PRESIDENT ")

When someone attacks the president of the USA, he is attacking the whole nation.

Of course, people who is growing up without principles, are people who don't know what fidelity is, what is identification as one nation. These people who say "he is not my president" are the divider ones.

Rather than waiting for their turn on next elections, they are just hyenas betraying the president, betraying the symbols of the nation, betraying everybody in general.

These individuals must be people who when a stranger hits their father because differences between them, they go and congratulate the attacker.

So sad.

cicerone imposter
Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 11:11 am
That's why we have elections. People are free to vote for anybody they please. People also have the freedom to demonstrate and speak freely. There are many reasons people slams Trump. Trump is a ignorant racial bigot, liar, and scammer of many people. He grabs women's crotch, because he believes he's a "star," and that gives him the right. He's a disgusting human being. I'm glad to see his approval rating at 32%. It can only go down lower from here, because he's done nothing of import for this country or the world. He's a laughing stock to many of our allies because he's so ignorant.
Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 09:13 pm
@cicerone imposter,
That's why we have elections. People are free to vote for anybody they please. People also have the freedom to demonstrate and speak freely

That is clearly understood since the Constitution was written.

If you take your time and read my reply to you, I'm not referring to the "internal" unhappiness of many people when their favorite candidate lost the elections.

I'm talking of a foreign former minister attacking the president of US.

I understand you with your disobedient kneeling when the national anthem starts, I understand you when several ridiculous accusations are invented to make president's Trump image at its worst.

But what I will never understand is seeing you happy when a foreign dude from another government insults the US president.

Come on.

Are you happy when someone insults your wife? Even if your wife is wrong in a discussion, are you happy if someone starts insulting her?

In life, there are parameters. OK?

Some years ago, with my girlfriend we were drunk after having a drink which in the restaurant was called "Hurricane". It was a huge glass cup with two straws, and the taste was sweet, but the more you drink the more dried your mouth became, so you keep drinking because your mouth kept dried as a desert.

After finishing, going back to her place, we were walking and singing and laughing, at one moment I saw her as the most beautiful woman in the world, and I made some advances on her.

Another couple was walking in the same empty street at 1:00 am, and they evaded us, not without the guy called my girl "bitch".

Oh no, that was an insult that I wasn't in the mood to tolerate it.

So I screamed to the guy to repeat what he said. It was late when I realized that the dude was way taller, muscles as protrusions in his arms and chest, even younger with full strength, but luckily for me, an understandable guy.

-I don't know who she is, but you are treating her as a prostitute, said the guy with firm voice and ready to respond any intention of mine, because he saw me drunk.

-You won't insult my girl that way, I challenged him trying to stand up firm as he was. - my girl is not a prostitute... she is... she is... she is a decent prostitute!

It wasn't my night, I have no idea how I came out with those words, the other couple looked at her, probably trying to find what part of the body of my girl was the decent part, I don't know. And rather than getting mad or angry against me, my girl laughed and laughed... as a real prostitute...

The point is that you and you wife can insult one to another, but you can't let the neighbor insulting your wife.

Same applies when is about your country, your flag, your president.

cicerone imposter
Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 10:07 pm
But what I will never understand is seeing you happy when a foreign dude from another government insults the US president.

Trump enjoys a 32% approval rating by Americans. One of the lowest in two decades. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/12/donald-trumps-approval-rating-lowest-president-elect-two-decades/

Everybody in this world is free to express their opinion about our president - or any president. My opinion of Trump? Moron. He doesn't know the first thing about governance, the US Constitution, or the economy.


Americans don't think too highly of Donald Trump.
Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 11:09 pm
@cicerone imposter,

Trump enjoys a 32% approval rating by Americans.

Says who, the media? Lol.

While Trump supporters are happy, we love life, we laugh, we enjoy the current economy, on the other side your posts when are about our president, YOUR PRESIDENT, those are so depressed, so mischievous, so malicious, what the heck is happening in your life?

Can't you accept that Donal Trump is your president?

What is wrong with you?

Wake up, reality is that we are living great moments of democracy, the country is doing well, you don't have a single reason to protest anything, and if you do, then... you might be sick... seriously, you might be sick.

How your life has been affected since president Donald Trump took the leadership of the country?

How much money have you lost?

Who is prosecuting you?

What is your problem for God's sake?

What is your gain spreading negative comments against the president?

Were you abused when you were a child? Are you gay and you can't accepted it?

What is going on with you?

Give me a real reason why you are so obfuscated attacking president Donald Trump all the time.

Yeah, vomit your poison, release for once and all your insightful sh*t.

There is plenty toilet paper here.
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Reply Tue 10 Oct, 2017 06:24 am
@cicerone imposter,
Seriously, Why do you even bother responding to this guy?
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Reply Tue 10 Oct, 2017 08:58 am
It's easy for cowards to attack others on their behind.

But when confronted, then this is the moment when they keep their mouth shout.

I have no idea why the winning of Donald Trump for the US presidency is causing that much angry and hate from losers.

This is a democratic system that still is working fine for about 200 years.

Mr. Donald Trump won the elections legally under the terms established by the electoral college.

Rather than working together with the rest of people for the good of the nation, a certain group has decided to create chaos in most of the ways.

Their motto is "revenge".

"Revenge of what"?

Revenge because they are losers?

Until today, in these forums I don't read from any of these protesters and malicious posters, a single complaint that the Trump administration has affected negatively in their personal, financial, social, and educational life... unless an illegal immigrant is participating in these forums.

I give credit even to that former foreign minister of Australia for his comments against the US president, because he has his agenda of gaining more popular support, and he just bought his ticket for a ride of hatred.

But here, who has been affected by president Trump?


What is your agenda?

What are you looking for? Trashing democracy?

Do you see yourself as a "hero" when you talk sh*t about our president?

Are you perhaps a teenager who is easy to be manipulated by others and follows whatever is against order?

There are many questions to which you are not manly and mature enough to answer with the truth, because you have no valid reasons to attack president Trump, the words you write reveal a poor Mr. Nobody screaming at the mountain to move itself out of the way.

So sad.

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Reply Thu 12 Oct, 2017 03:19 am
snood wrote:
Why isn't it obvious that he will do ANYTHING - up to and including start war with N. Korea - to avoid the truth coming out about his Russian ties? Will I have to witness the outrage and actions against this man coming only AFTER he's instigated a cataclysmic confrontation?

When North Korea nukes a few American cities, let's all remember that it was the liberals who argued against acting to stop them before they gained the ability to nuke us.
cicerone imposter
Reply Thu 12 Oct, 2017 10:58 am
You are about as ignorant as Trump. Russia nor any other country is about to attack the US. We have nukes stationed all around the world; even Russia knows this, and they will just commit suicide by attacking us. There is no way for Russia to protect their country, because we have access to Russia from too many countries around the world. This was common knowledge when I worked in the USAF, and I worked with conventional and nuclear weapons. This strategy is over a half century old. Besides all that, thermonuclear war is MAD. How long this will remain in force is anybody's guess, especially with Trump at the helm.
cicerone imposter
Reply Thu 12 Oct, 2017 11:42 am
@cicerone imposter,
Trump with the nuclear code. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/22/nuclear-football-donald-trump

Donald Trump:
“Somebody hits us within Isis, you wouldn’t fight back with a nuke?” Trump asked in March.

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Reply Thu 12 Oct, 2017 03:02 pm
@cicerone imposter,
cicerone imposter wrote:
You are about as ignorant as Trump.

I'm a billion times better informed than you are. And so is Trump.
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