Augmenting Human Sensory Perceptions?

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Augmented Human Perception

Author ©Copyright Alan McDougall 2014 (South Africa)

Increased awareness and by augmentation of human sensory perception.


Greetings people what, I write about in the following paragraphs is about new and exciting enhanced methods of how to perceive the full wonder of reality.

I wrote this paper because I felt compelled to promote the advancement and enhancement of the human of sensory perception and increase the boundaries and limitations that nature or God have imposed or programed into the human organism known as Homo Sapiens, which translates to "Wise man" Which is we humans.

I am positive if we pursue and perfect the aims and goals of the above paragraph, it would lead to humankind advancing into the next stage of evolution, becoming, Homo Superior, Superior which translates to Advanced Humankind.

Altered states of consciousness can be induced by psychotropic or psychogenic drugs, but in this paper I only write about self induced altered states of consciousness.
Enhancing the capacity of human sensory perception.

What I write below originates from many of my own subjective experiences, and other paragraphs of the document are from my objective research into human sensory perception.

In my case I achieved much of the enhanced state of my sensory perception, during altered states of consciousness. Some of the methods I developed and used to achieved this more finely tuned state of sensory perception, is a confidential matter, that even my close family members do not know about, at time of writing this paper.

The human body and brain coupled with the non-physical mind, when at their absolute maximum potential, becomes an instrument of exquisite awesome sensory precision. I will explain methods of achieving these lofty targets, in much more detail in later chapters of this paper.

After all the Bible tells us we are marvelously made, and in my opinion we have lost the original sensory capacities of our distant ancestors. I believe our primitive ancestors had the ability to combine their sensory capabilities into a single composite being, so that they could almost instantly, act or react in the correct manner to mitigate dangerous life threatening situations.

I am well aware of the limitation and large variation of individual human sensory capacities, which differ from one person to the another. For instance; one person might be hard at hearing, another have poor eyesight, another suffer from a spinal injury, leading to extreme loss of sensation in the body.

Age makes a difference, an 80 year of age person has a much reduced sensitivity to stimuli than that of a younger person. A young child can hear sounds far outside the octave range of adults, even young adults.

We know by scientific experiment that the human brain works incredibly fast. However, visual impressions are so complex that their processing takes several hundred milliseconds before they enter our consciousness. Scientists have now shown that reaction delay, varies in time between persons. When the brain possesses some prior information, that is, when it already knows what it is about to see, it often fills in the gaps using intuition or a sort of precognition..

Until now neuroscientists assumed that the processes leading up to conscious perception were rather rigid and that their timing did not vary

This flexibility and dynamism of the human brain and the variations between the brains of different individuals, as well as the non psychical part namely the mind or soul, is what led me to explore ways and means of overcoming these limitations and barriers of "normal" human sensory perception.

The aim of my research and experiments using myself as the subject, was to find ways and means to re energize and restore lost sensory perception of the aged person, the disabled and to hugely increase the sensitivity and range of normal healthy human sensory perception.

This increase in sensory perception can be achieved by substitution between senses by mastering synesthesia. Synesthesia is an odd ability I that a select few humans could develop and which I will explain in later chapters of this paper.

The traditional five senses model, namely sight, sound, smell and taste is credited to Aristotle, but is list is very limiting and needs expanding to explain all human sensory functions in a complete and thorough way.

The five human senses should be subdivided down further, into fields such as pressure sensitive, intensity of pain,, the ability to balance,, thirst, hunger, etc.

A case in point is the highly improved sensory, reactive capacity of the world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather. He is able to slow down time, or observe, relative to his clumsier opponent, in a sort of slow motion, and react before his opponent has even become aware of the coming punch. Sadly time and age reduces his advantages and this is why he should retire from boxing and be remembered for all time as one of the greatest boxers of all time, maybe even the greatest.

In one of his experiments the scientist, Eagleman had volunteers perform a backwards bungee jump freefall while he transmitted a rapid succession of numbers to an LED on their wrists. He found that during the fall they were successfully able to read the numbers, which under normal conditions would have appeared too fast.

This a very original experiment and confirms my findings that time is relative and seemly slows down during a life threatening crises, such as a near death event.

The sense of smell is closely connected to or memory portals as well as fragrances are to our emotions. Think of the fragrance of a beloved person and you will know what I mean.

There is no real evidence that people missing one sense does a great deal more than just learn to use their others senses better. Their brains adapts to the loss of a sensory organ by rewiring its circuits. If one sense is lost, the areas of the brain normally devoted to handling that sensory information do not go unused, they get re-connected and put to work processing other senses. This is called cross modality by the scientists, who study this phenomena.


I begin below to detail the effects of an enhanced and alerted state of consciences can and did have on my sensory perception.

Of course the question of what is a normal state of consciousness, is open to speculation. The best definition I can give is a state of normal awakeness and full awareness of daily situations.

During a self- induced altered state of consciousness, I was able to increase the range and sensitivity of my five sensory organs far beyond the usual normal capacity of the human organism. I achieved this ability over time, by means of extreme concentration and meditation and during an extreme altered state of consciousness.

Some of the methods used by me to enhanced my sensory perception capabilities were:

Sleep deprivation.




Sleep paralysis or otherwise known as Hypnagogic sleep.

Lucid dreaming.


Visions and what I call eyelid visions.

Time altering relative slowdown or speedup.

Brain exercises to improve short and long term memory.

Brain exercises to improve speed of thinking.

Intense concentration.

Out of body, coma and near death experiences.

Mirror mist.

Self hypnosis.

Staring at a light source.

Listening to beautiful music.

Extrasensory perception.

Extreme manic state due to bipolar disorder (Manic Depression).


What we should read if sudden physical sensations and emotions occurs, for no apparent reason.

Sensations and sudden emotions that have no apparent cause might be messages and inputs that are aids to understand non- verbal messages and impressions outside normal human sensory perception. Example feeling a sudden new pain in one of your extremities might indicate that a person in your vicinity or even someone far away is suffering from the exact same pain in one of their limbs.

What should you do in such a case, if you are religious pray for healing for the person, or if you are agnostic think about them and project loving healing energy towards them

Many of these sensations will of course be due to normal causes, but when they happen for absolutely no reason while you communicating or discussing someone or something, it mean it needs interpretation and action to mitigate the problem.

Desire to leave immediately (You are in the counsel of the ungodly)
The meaning or reason for the above lists came to me over the years
Note! I am not positive my interpretations of the above list are correct and would welcome suggestions to edit or improve on the list..
What we observe around us in not perfectly correct and only partial reality. In fact, the brain makes best guesses about the outside world from surprisingly limited information. Research shows the brain reconstructs the rich tapestry that we sense and experience from bits of scattered data.

The reality we perceive around us is a but a tiny fraction of the entire environment surrounding us, because God or evolution has designed us to only react or act only to very specific impulses, which are essential to sustain us as a viable and successful species on planet earth. In this we are not special and thee limitations of evolution effect other animal species as well.

We are internally programmed to perceive only within a narrow band and very limited range what truly surrounds us. Due to these embedded limiting sensory capacities and ingrained factors, we only respond to sensory signals, that are essential for our continued survival, as a viable sentient species on planet earth.

As a comparison with the above paragraph. Let's examine the life of a frog, although its eye sends host of visual messages to the cortex of its brain, its brain ignores most of them as redundant, because just in the manner of humans, it is likewise programmed to react only to the movement or vibration of its food source, which is mostly insects.

The frog is not concerned with the detail of stationary objects of the world around it. He will starve to death surrounded by food if it is not moving. His choice of food is determined only by size and movement.

Another example of this is the security metal detector gate found in most airports, it will only beep when it senses metal and let any other object pass through.

We miss a great deal of reality and cannot normally perceive exactly all that is really happening around us, because nature has created us dismiss much of what the brain takes in, as extraneous, irrelevant or redundant garbage. We have been programmed over the ages to only perceive that which is necessary for our survival as a viable species on planet earth.

Our brains fill in the gaps and limitations of our sensory organs by creating a false picture of reality, to keep us comfortable.

The brain assists us in determining what we see, as can be demonstrated by trying to read while moving your head or while tapping the corner of one closed eye Try it and you will notice what I mean. Your brain receives information from sensory receptors that inform it about body position and movement.

Thus it can compensate for the head movements but not the taps. The brain also is programmed to see what we expect to see. Tests of people using an “Ames room,” which from a certain angle of view seems normal but whose shape is in fact distorted, show that they perceive two average-sized people in the room as a giant and a midget.

Look at the Ames Room test on Youtube and you will be amazed how easily we can be fooled even though we know the two people in the Ames Room are nearly the same height and stature. Various other optical illusions have been invented to test perceptions and how the brain organizes the information it receives.

It is thought that this organizing ability is partly genetically determined and activated by an individual’s early visual experience. Two special abilities of humans, which appear to be tied to our social evolution, are good face recognition and an ability to read the emotions of others.

The human nervous system has evolved to receive only a fraction of the possible stimuli that exist, and it differs from those of other animals in several respects. Thanks to our evolutionary history of living in trees, for instance, we have stereoscopic color vision.

Yet compared with that of dogs and other animals, our perception of odors and sounds is very poor. Even more removed from human experience, bats find their way about by echoes, and some fish use electric fields, although all of them lack some of our perceptual abilities.

Our dominant sense is that of sight, that is why a human male, unlike most other animals can get sexually excited just by a picture of a strange beautiful human woman.

Woman are likewise very visual beings and can fantasize a romance with a handsome man, she has only observed in a photo. Of course the terms I used handsome and beautiful are subjective, what is attractive to one person might not be attractive to another.

To overcome the limitations of our sensory perception, we are the only entities known to have successfully, invented tools or aids to increase our abilities to absorb impulses and to perceive more of reality both from a distance and down into the infinitesimal.

By use of these inventions and many truly amazing tools and resources, we can now perceive objects far out in the boundless cosmos and look down into the depths into the minute and infinitesimal quantum world, which are the fundamental building blocks of our entire universe.

Our memories especially our short term memory are extremely limited and it became crucial for us to invent external means, to record, store and recall our memories, especially our long term memories for future reference.

Namely, by means of writing, on pen and paper, print media, tape storage and now the colossal capacity of the computer that has given us an almost infinite place to store our memories.

Of course the ability to read what we wrote or interpret what we have stored in different media became an essential factor in our survival and this led to the schooling of children as we now see it all over the world. Experiments which compared the short term memories of chimpanzees with that of humans revealed that chimps have a vastly better short term memory than most humans

Ultimately tools like the internet might ultimately contain a complete copy of all of human knowledge down through the ages of history and an easy methods of access to that knowledge.

This will allow us to vastly free our minds for other tasks for the betterment of the human condition as we advanced into becoming the highly advanced superhuman or Homo-Superiors beings, that will have the ability and intelligence to leave earth and explore the universe.

Attention blindness, is a memory and storage limitation of the human brain. Something we all are subjected to, but are mostly unaware of until we are asked as an example, to come to court as a witness, to a crime. It is in this situation that is necessity to recall accurately how that event played out before us that day.

Many accused persons have been wrongly jailed for life or even executed for this lack of accurate perception. Most witnesses do not lie, they report what they thought they had observed, which at times are far off of the truth about what really happened on the scene of the crime.

Humans are only able to observe to tiny slit of the electromagnetic spectrum due to our very limited visual/eyesight sensory perception. The same goes for auditory vibration used by us for hearing, smell and touch, etc. I could go on but leave it at that!.

To interpret that someone is lying, we should use our visual capacity by observing very carefully their body language we should be aware of the following warning signs.

A lair might not have a grip on reality and it can even become a pathological disorder in some people. These are not the people I am relating to in the below paragraphs because their continuous outrageous nonsensical stories have reached the point when no one believes anything they say.

Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf, they fall into that category and can even be dangerous to the community.

My emphasis as far as lying goes, is to catch out the occasional liar if the truth is not obvious or to asses if the person is genuine.

It is much more difficult to tell a lie than tell the truth.

Liars will often contradict themselves and embellish their stories.

lairs will overcompensate by looking you eye for too long.

Liars often use formal language to express their false stories. (I absolutely did not steal that thing) instead of a truthful persons response no of course not.

Liars limit their expressions, such as a smile only to the mouth. (In a true smile look carefully at the smiles of a genuine truthful person and you will see their light up and wrinkle at the corners)

Liars make movements that do not match what they are saying (Such as nodding instead of sharking their heads, when relating a lie)

Liars often subconsciously place objects between themselves and the person they are lying to, making a sort of barrier.

Liars very often repeat your question back to you. (Did I take the wallet?)

Lairs add too many unnecessary detail in their storytelling

Liars often tell their stories backwards.

Altered states of consciousness.
In the achievements of getting my whole body, to react to inputs as one sensory instrument, instead of the usual separated five senses, I began to perceive things that normally went completely unnoticed by me.

I knew then that I had never come remotely close to knowing what an almost infinitely potentially exquisite instrument of amazing precision and accuracy the entire body really became if all the senses were combined, instead of used the normal separate ways. It is not only the brain that perceives reality, each cell each electron, each molecule or fundamental particle are aware conscious objects or parts of my body.

Recalling experiences that I have had during an episode of extreme altered state of consciousness (not drug induced) I became aware for the first time the unseen truth of reality

The intensity of what I perceived then was breathtaking and unimaginably beautiful flowers, birds singing and chirping like little electrons in the mind of God and countless unperceived in our earthly dimension. Everything seemed to have a life of its own blazing, each and every object shining in translucent glory in a living harmonious wholeness, interconnectedness and ultimate oneness with the universe at large..

The separate use of sensory organs only gives one a dim gray view of the true absolute reality of our nearby locality. We also us never experience the amazingly beautiful awesome total reality extending far out from our physical bodies. By combining and amalgamating all our five sensory organs, it becomes possible to perceive reality as one composite being of almost godlike sensitivity. We then begin to know what we previously did not know!

If we achieve the objective of combining, integrating and amalgamation all our sensory perceptive abilities. A new brighter world opens up for us, which is dazzling, glowing, vibrant, with colors of a billion hues and shades. Each and every object, animate or inanimate, resonates and vibrates, broadcasting out its own beautiful unique musical song far into the boundless infinite cosmos.

Every object in creation will ultimately come together resulting one vast orchestra, controlled by the hand of the master conductor. The universe is but one of his beautiful instruments. God is love, God is laughter, God is light, God is life, God is the Master musician, God is the Master Mathematician.

Everything sang and I could hear and feel the caress of the sound of smell the taste of music and colors beyond present perception and outside the comprehension of our mortal bodies.

I continued to amplify and increase the focus levels of my concentration until it became possible for me to meticulously examine in minuscule precision and detail, everything in my immediate surrounding area.

With the aid of this new ability it opened previously closed portals of my sensory perception, and because of this I could, at that moment in time, sense much more of the true total reality I never knew existed.

These additional portals of sensory perception, hugely improved the range and greatly increased the precision of my normal sensory capacity.

It was at this moment in the garden that I began to sense, observe and hear more and more wonderful things, beyond comprehension and unimagined beautiful and also sadly evil, as I will explain in a later paragraph.

I found it possible to switch to perceiving with hearing colors through my acoustic channels, tasting with my visual channels. In this highly unusual altered state of consciousness the sense of hearing sight, taste, smell and feel kept alternating somewhat like a television channels automatically changing over and over again, by some remote means.

Every atom of the physical body harmonizes together, evolving into one intelligent entity and one is now indeed a composite living being. This ability is called syntheses, it was automatic and outside my conscious control.

At times I became telepathic and I could heard words flowing into my mind and I had to close my mind against a cacophony of meaningless babble. Later I could filter out the redundant and listen to the inputs of beautiful of thoughts originating from human, strange sentient intelligent entities and animal from both earthly and cosmic sources.

One time during the experiment I had to retreat in shock and horror from the dark bleakness from real evil thoughts that entered my mind. After much effort I learned to accept and embrace all that is beautiful and loving about our beautiful blue water planet and the unimaginable wonder of the universe and the super universe from out of which it was born, and banish the evil and bad before it could enter my mind and harm me in some way.

To much higher entities who exit in a more advanced dimension than us, we to them we are really sleeping entities they observe in their dreams and are to them we are hardly conscious and seemly in a dormant or hibernating state. However a few of us are born with the ability to awaken into their alternate plane of reality and absorb new information and knowledge from them, true mystics I believe.

Likewise to beings that exist in lower dimensions than that of our own, even though to them they are fully conscious and awake, we only perceive them as sleeping entities that sometimes penetrate our dreams when we sleep.

I believe that this higher and lower awake or sleep situation between beings of different advanced or less advances realms might continues up and down into higher or lower planes of alternate realities. However how far up or down is a mystery Most of us refer to these alternate realities as heaven's or hell's.

I could read the messages/inputs into my sensory fields, from universe all around me. I could perceive things as minute as a vibrating electron, or the great universe expanding existence.

I had brief glimpses of the distant past, present events and future happenings that might or might not happen.

The body, mind, soul and spirit, stilled as my inner began to really hear, feel, perceive taste smell and merge with the Super- Consciousness My self awareness began to expand in exhilaration as my finite mind embraced all of existence and I saw and understood everything, something like God might do.

In that evening of twilight peace I waited in the cool of my garden with increasing excitement and anticipation of what I might experience next. As I stood there I allowed the impressions of the sweet dark to cover and flow over and into me like a cool comforting velvet blanket. While resting there I contemplated the beauty of creation and how I really fitted into it and the meaning of my existence.

The clarity I experienced with the augmented my sensory abilities allowed me, to notice for the first time, sounds that were crystal clear, music of the cosmic beauty, sweet and pure fragrances of a billion multicolored flowers, vivid startling moving visions of unknown beautiful strange scenes. It dawned on me that I had never up until then understood that I could learn to use my body, as one single composite interconnected, integrated sensory organ.

While I stood there I looked into the ever changing pictures or visions, in the cones/orbs and saw great alien kings on mystical thrones, visions of places of unimaginable beauty. These cones/orbs of brilliant light were also broadcasting strange pure uplifting music and song.

The night lit up and filled my soul and physical being with glory and splendor of images and magnificent events beyond imagination, of the distant past or future. These experiences could never be forgotten be cherished forever.

The garden in which I stood felt as if the music and light from the limitless cosmos, had come down and shone condensing all that wonder and beauty into that small area This light and music of the boundless universe flowed over my entire body and into my soul.

I theorize that only in this state of amplified and enhanced awareness and magnified sensitivity and range was it possible to perceive all the wonder and beauty I did that night. I also recall music emanating from what I assumed to be the beautiful voices of trillions of sentient beings, that exist somewhere in the unfathomable depths of the boundless cosmos. (Angels maybe?)

During those quiet moments in my garden I heard a soft gently distant whisper of beautiful music, filling my soul with love peace and joy. These soft distant sounds and music were strange and very plaintive but deeply moving, full of love wonder and beauty, that perceiving to come directly from the heavenly hosts that surround the throne of God. (Maybe our great God is sad about something?)

With my perception now so precise, I noticed new inputs of sounds and vivid impression entering through the doorways of my sensory organs that were unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

These were vibrant perceptions of brilliant glowing cones/orbs of vibrating colored lights, in which I could perceive and hear in my mind crystal clear pictures of strange almost unexplained scenes of otherworldly events.

As my soul awareness or consciousness expanded it seemed filled the whole universe and for one brief glorious moment, I became everything, I was “Infinite Existence”

The universe sadly does not only contain goodness, it also contains depravity and evil, although love and goodness dominate fortunately for us

With enhanced sensory perception I saw as if I were there, evil horror occurring on a remote planet in a village much like a village on earth. This tiny village was lit up by some unseen light source I came down and saw a little girl looking at me with sad eyes.

Then to my unspeakable horror I saw the light life slowly drain out of her and the light of here beautiful eyes slowly dimming, until the darkened with death. The cold of evil descended into this village and the light source, just like her eyes dimmed and went out forever.

Like it or not there is a battle going on for the control; of our universe. The sons of light battle the sons of dark. Look out at the night sky, what do you perceive? “A sky mostly dark with some light in this potentially infinite dark?”

Everything in existence be it inanimate or animate, vibrate and radiate with its own particular frequency. These radiated vibrations from objects can be perceived through the gates of our perception, creating at times both pleasurable or nasty experiences. It is up to us to learn to block out what we consider redundant garbage.

Not only positive living light is constantly entering or being, but also negative dark anti- energy that might drain our life force out of our souls, if we allowed it to do that. This negative energy or cold anti-light is what we humans call evil or depravity, and depraved serial killers as an example are filled and controlled by it.

Enhanced awareness can amalgamate our perceptive capacity, enabling music to felt as taste, touch as colors, smell as visions, sounds as flavor, or even the entire brain filling with energy until it glows like an incandescent lamp. The term for this strange ability is synesthesia, where the whole body and brain can become one interconnected sensory organism.

We should really think of our total being as the amalgamation of all our physical attributes and the non-physical soul/mind into one single composite eternal living being. With these attributes it becomes possible to absorb all exhilarating vibrations of life in vivid, intense and profound ways, instead of our normal limited perception of reality.

Synesthesia is one of the sensory attributes that I have been suggested because it has often dismissed as a product of overactive imaginations. Synesthesia has lately been grudgingly accepted by scientists as an actual phenomenon with a real neurological basis.

The ability to become a Synesthesiatic was to develop new neural connections within the brain and by this means remove the boundaries and barriers that normally exist between the five senses. To learn to unravel the collective chatter of sensory perception previously isolation, into one large sensory interconnected sensory organ, namely the human body/soul.

It has been postulated that babies use their five distinct senses separately but rather one all-encompassing sense, that responds to the total amount of incoming stimulation. So when a baby hears her mother's voice, she is also perceiving it and smelling it.

All of us should be able to perceive the world as a unified whole sensory organism because there is a much unused complex interaction between the senses in the brain..

Once we have progressed to the point of been able to utilize all of our sensing abilities and perform as one complete interconnected composite entity of trillions of self aware cells, our dormant awareness will wake up allow us to reach out to the unimagined sources of joy, love peace and health.

Then we would never cease to be amazed at new wonder and reality of world around us, in all its true blazing glory and vivid multi colored beauty.

We are evolving, much be our own human efforts into advanced sentient beings of a higher order, Homo Superior if you like. Once former locked doorways into the truth of total reality is opened, the eternal light of infinity will reveal itself to us in the full unimagined beauty of creation.

We do not experience the real beauty of creation because it has been hidden from us, because of limitations of the capacity of human perception. (There are however, exception to this rule that all of us experience, the very special never- to forget- events, when a door into total reality momentary opens during our lives)

During moments of the finely tuned enhanced state of awareness I realized that as far as I knew that up to 99.998% of people, myself included, never come remotely aware of what a truly almost infinite precise instrument a human's whole body can become.

It is not only the brain that perceives reality, but it each cell does its own work, as an individual aware vital part our bodies.

In fact our bodies should work as one composite whole entity instead of responding to separate sensory impulses. If humanity were to achieve this goal of altering the body's inbuilt programing to react as one composite intelligent entity of trillions of cells working together for the good of the whole being then our material earthly realm could become a heaven on earth, with unimaginable potential for growth, both in this life and the next.

With practice it is possible to entire a state of synesthesia which allows one for example to switch to perceiving with ears, tasting with eyes, listening sense of taste smell and feel. Every atom every cell every organ of a person’s physical body existing as one harmonious whole as one intelligent composite living being.

In a sharpened and enhanced state of awareness, it becomes possible to observe much more of creation, even down extreme detail of the minuscule and retain this data in our needed and precious memories, instead of overlooking or ignoring or shrugging off important messages and information, that might have been profound and necessary for human survival progress.

Who knows what is possible if one could plug our conscious minds into the universe at large and then download from it advanced technology and join communities of stars singing the songs of creation.

After we have learned by constant practice of extreme concentration effort and deep profound meditation, one will become exceptionally aware of every sound sight touch image or vision and be able to block out the impulses of unnecessary garbage and utilize our bodies as one sensory instrument of amazing precision.

We know that bats, whales and some insects use sound, ultrasound as a means of location and guidance. It has now being proved that ultrasounds inputs into the brain as specific spots can modulate and improve, heighten sensory perception in humans.

Our perception of time is hugely relative, Albert Einstein quoted that a day with a beautiful girl will seem to pass in a brief moment, while waiting for a doctor in his consulting room even for twenty minutes could seem like a day.

Time perception could be an article on its own, but my aim is to come up with a means of changing our perception of time according to our needs and requirement. If for instance we could slow down time during a university examination it might help one get a better pass mark.

It becomes possible in a state of extreme heightened, fine tuned and enhanced awareness, to keep so still and focused that one is able to hear the chirp of a billion bird like impulses, which are like little darting quantum particles dancing before the throne of God.

These are the songs and messages that sustain creation which we rarely notice or perceive, because we are deaf and blind to their beautiful song and its real meaning. Humanity must evolve into a higher form of life to achieve oneness with the boundless cosmos.

The utilization of the whole human organism as one great sensory instrument increases possibilities of perception into the unimaginable and limitless realms and it should become possible to record messages from the cosmos for the good of humankind kind and our the continued health of own beautiful blue water world namely our precious planet earth.

Amazingly the human organism is able to perceive things are as minute as a vibrating atom molecule or electron or on the macro scale the sounds of cosmic music as our huge colossal universe expands until maximum entropy is reached and finally dies in the cold death sometime beyond eternity.

Time itself would no longer be a barrier and we would read the impulses from the distant past, to the present day and into the eternal future and have a true record of history. (It is not wrong to think big!?)

I believe we all have inborn, innate, intrinsic, unused psychic intuitive abilities We can however, learn to master these dormant gifts for the good and benefit of mankind and help avoid evil before it happens.

Even so- called dead objects like rocks or bricks vibrate and record images and sounds. We should stop and notice them as a real necessary part of the universe. To perceive their messages, go and put your hands on one of them, patiently wait you might begin to notice images or sounds or both coming into your mind.

Everything every object every life form in creation has its own particular unique innate inner recording, which it broadcasts or radiates out its unique data and information into the boundless cosmos. This the divine mind uses to brings about balance harmony of creation..

If we were able to somehow log into the cosmic mind, then nothing would overtake us as a complete surprise and we will become one with all existence. Maybe we are little streams or rivers flowing into the endless infinite eternal ocean, and maybe we call this ocean God?.

At times I could perceive countless thoughts and visions as clear and vivid as a three dimensional TV A lot of what I saw and heard was by means of what I call "Eye-Lid visions at times I was terrified to close my eyes, because, visions were hideous in content some things filled me fear and hopelessness as if I were looking into hell itself It was almost impossible to filter out the horror and redundant inputs and accept the impulses of loving beauty of glorious minds, be they human or animal and even plant

Plants radiate outward in a different manner to those of animal life and they are more like a huge being encompassing the entire planet earth. Insects are tiny points of awareness and a swarm might radiate as much thought energy as a single human..

There were times when I had to retreat in shock and horror from the dark bleak rage and hate that spewed out of the minds of depraved entities, some alien some human and some demonic that sometimes entered my mind. It is a protracted learning process to filter out the bad and accept and embrace the good all that is beautiful and loving about our beautiful blue water planet and even out into the greater universe at large.

Out in unimaginable vastness of our universe might be a Super-Mind, similar in ways to a sentient living internet, which embraces the entire universe. By linking up with this Super Consciousness it will enable instant communication across its boundless vastness of the cosmos, instead of the snail pace of the light speed barrier.

In the altered state of consciousness, which allowed me to combine segments that make up our self, which are the physical body, ethereal mind/soul/eternal spirit and amalgamated consolidated self which is the total of all our all our memories down the ages might link up with boundless cosmos and expand with it and embrace the all of reality.

Then you would be able to observe and understood all knowledge and mysteries, because you would link up with God albeit, for tiny glorious infinitesimal moments that he permits. But you will always revert back to your limited self and retain your own unique identity as a separate sentient being.

Because you are God's creation not god, his children and you must love and respect him, for the gift of life, both in this material world and in the afterlife, that is to come after our physical bodies perish.

Love is the only Infinite eternal inexhaustible source of power for good, so one should use it wisely and could and spread it around far and wide.

I acknowledge that the with all the numerous possible complexities and realities that could be discussed about life and suggestions how to live it a much more voluminous and complex novel would need to be written, a task that I could do not have the time to write as it would take much longer than the time left of my of my time on planet earth. I am a fallible human mortal being and do not have or will never have all the possible questions and all the answers to all those questions.

We have never learned how to utilize the amazing sensory organ that is our entire body. In this state of awareness I could stand still and hear the chirp of a billion birds which I knew was quantum particle flashing in the mind of God. They sing the song of existence and creation and we are deaf to their beautiful song and its real meaning.

If only we would look at everything, taste, smell, feel, hear, breathe, perceive and use our innate psychic intuitive ability, nothing would overtake us as a complete surprise because I believe we become will become as one with all existence and hear the song of creation in advance.

My body, mind, soul and spirit stilled to allow my inner being to really hear, feel, perceive taste smell and merge with the Super- Consciousness, as it began to expand with unimaginable exhilaration as my finite mind or self embraced all of existence and I saw and understood everything just like God did.

I believe that the ultimate purpose of God in the creation mankind, was because he wanted companionship and needed to love and be loved in turn, by beings that would love him by use of their free will. No one wants to have loved forced onto them by fear and that is why I have such difficulty with exclusive fundamentalism.

©Copyright Alan McDougall 2014 (South Africa)
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