Latin sentence translation needed

Reply Fri 17 Mar, 2017 12:01 pm
Hello everyone, I'm from Croatia, and I'm currently translating Friedrich W. Nietzsche's book We Philologists (orig:Wirr philologen) to Croatian. I was doing fine until I came across a sentence in Latin, where Nietzsche qoutes an author named Bentley. I would really aprecciate it if someone could translate this sentence for me. I will write the whole paragraph, because I think it might help you to translate the latin sentence more easily if you see the context.

"I was pleased to read of Bentley "non tam grande pretium emendatiunculis meis statuere soleo, ut singularem aliquam gratiam inde sperem aut exigam."
Newton was surprised that men like Bentley and Hare should quarrel about a book of ancient comedies, since they were both theological dignitaries."

Thanks in advance y'all Smile

p.s. If it might help context-wise, this whole book is basically Nietzsche's criticism of philology, student training, and education in general.
Reply Mon 20 Mar, 2017 11:41 am
non tam grande pretium emendatiunculis meis statuere soleo,
I am not accustomed to set up so great a value for my little corrections,

ut singularem aliquam gratiam inde sperem aut exigam
that I would hope for or demand any special thanks for them
Reply Tue 21 Mar, 2017 12:05 pm
Thank you George Smile
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Reply Wed 22 Mar, 2017 09:15 am
In answer to an offline question

infimarum Græcorum virtutum apud philologos laus est,
there is praise for the lowest virtues of the Greeks by literary scholars (philologos)

mediarum admiratio,
admiration of the middle,

supremarum sensus nullus
but no sense of the highest
Reply Thu 23 Mar, 2017 07:11 am
Thank you so much George, that's all i needed to complete the translation Smile. As I've said, I will probably publish that book in Croatia sooner or later, would you perhaps like me to list you among those people, who have my sincere thanks for helping me out? (I would have to know your name, and last name though). Because I really didn't except that anyone would bother to translate it - and not only did you translate it, but it was also an awesome and professional translation indeed. It is really nice to know that there are people like you willing to help others out. Truly thank you
Reply Thu 23 Mar, 2017 07:15 am
You're welcome. No need to credit me, but thanks for offering.
Good luck with your book!
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