Bleached my henna'd hair, now it is ruined..

Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2017 04:55 pm
So about a month ago, I posted on reddit wondering if I could get my hair lightened to achieve an ombre look.
Problem was, I'd been henna'ing my hair for a few years and I knew henna couldn't be bleached out without the strands turning orange or green, depending on the mix of the henna. (This blend contained no metallic salts- It’s from the henna color lab.)
Reddit commenters confirmed this for me however, I ignored all of the warnings when my professional stylist continually reassured me that she could make it work and look great. We did a strand test and she said she could totally make my hair a light brown/dark blonde for the ombre look I wanted.
So she takes me through a 7 hour process and I ended up with green tinted bleached hair that she had to color back to my natural hair color.
I have since fixed the ugly green tint in my hair with a couple blends of henna.

The problem is my hair texture now.
My hair is to the middle of my back and is a tangled bird nest every second of the day. I hate brushing my hair (I only use a tangle teezer, wide tooth comb, or a boar bristle brush) because my hair catches and snaps and just sucks altogether.
I'm not sure if it needs protein or moisture. When I stretch my strands, sometimes they stretch and then don't stretch back, or they break off, and other times they stretch and then stretch back. (If that makes sense.)
I have awful split ends that I'm about to get cut off (I will take off about 2 inches).

I use Desert Essence grape shampoo and conditioner (No parabens, silicones, sulfates, etc.)
I use the Olaplex No. 3 once a week.
I use It’s a 10 keratin deep conditioning treatment about 1-2 times a week.
I use coconut oil (unrefined) about 2 times a month.

I really need help. I’m not sure what to do to “fix” my hair. I know the damage has been done. Is there anything I can do/use to prevent having to cut it all off?? Any suggestions will help.
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Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2017 09:27 pm
your hair has been through it. honestly I did something similar to my hair to get the ombre look a few years ago. I ended up bleaching my entire head at home and fixed it at a salon, then a month later got a perm that messed up my hair so bad, it was like a birds nest.

The only advice for it to be normal again, is time and let to it grow. cut the ends little by little. In the meantime, however, keep doing what you are doing now.
Never wash your hair with hot water, always cool/cold, because warm water dries up your hair and can make your hair fall out from the roots.
Do at home deep conditioning treatments. also use little shampoo or stick to just rinsing your scalp thoroughly.

after washing do a treatment like:
-use a good/natural deep leave in conditioner mix it with
-olive oil and coconut oil
-some avocado
-some honey
-a little bit of apple vinegar
(and anything that will soften and moisturize the hair)
add to your tips work your way up and leave it for half hour.
(if you really want you can wrap in foil and blow dry a little to open the cuticle of your hair then rinse with cold water)
rinse it well with cool water, don't wash it, just rinse it afterwards

this should really help with the nest issue. best of luck!! be patient !
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Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2017 10:44 pm
smeandrun93 wrote:

I have since fixed the ugly green tint in my hair with a couple blends of henna.

1. stay away from the henna. if you have any in your house, give it away. on top of the chemical work you've had done, it's a mess.


focus on conditioning

use as little shampoo as possible

go for trims every 2 - 3 weeks

you're going to have to sacrifice some hair length as you go through the process of growing all that chemical mess out. Basically all the hair you have now is a lost cause

no more colour treatments of any kind for at least 6 months. a year would be much better. you are now in the process of growing a whole new head of undamaged hair.
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