I have a question concerning a neglected dog I found feb 27th...

Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2017 07:21 pm
Okay so this is my first post and i have some questions about fleas and winter conditions. When i found this dog he was underweight and had a massive amount of fleas on him to the point where he was bleeding into the water as we bathed him but we couldnt be too rough as he had lost fur and his skin was enflamed and what appeared to be bruising on his lower back. The owner just started handing out flyers today march 1st, the flyer says he was missing since the second of the month... I happen to know this girl, moreso alot ABOUT her. She is number one on the universal no adopt list for abuse and flipping... but I digress.

My real question is would he have really survived an upstate new york winter while still remaining rife with fleas?

I might add that i dont buy into the monthlong outside thing as weve been met with several days of near negative temps this month especially after i facebook stalked her only to see that she adopted a puppy on feb 2nd, and hadnt posted a word about her dog being missing yet she found the time to repost rehomings of several other animals.

There I go again though. This just makes me so angry and it breaks my heart as hes been such a sweetheart. I would also love to add that in the few days weve had him he has been gaining weight and he is flea free and happy to not be so itchy!

Also not certain if he will be returning to that home though I understand this isnt the exact RIGHT way to be going about this, but id rather him be healed before hes forced back if that happens.... fingers crossed we can find him a better home. I am prepared for court also if she sues me assuming she really cares enough to find him but the flea question is pretty much all I need some oppinions on or maybe someone who has cleared a situation similar to this could share their experience.

To be sure my question is seen for the skimmers...

My real question is would he have really survived an upstate new york winter while still remaining rife with fleas?

Thank you for reading and I hope I categorized properly.
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Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2017 07:29 pm
I'm interested; just a reader.
Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2017 07:59 pm
Well, that was too short, as I'm very interested and can do nothing.

A lot of us on a2k have rescued animals, but can't do it all the time.

I'll suggest you put a note in your local paper
Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2017 09:32 pm
The paper is unnecessary as ive said in my original post, I know who is responsible for his neglect, she is also a known animal flipper. Either way I know not to hand a life over without the proper documents to my satisfaction up to and including vet bills, registry, clear photographs, and drivers license. Truly though i just figured a little back story would explain my question that could have been flamed due to misread context.
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Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2017 09:33 pm
As you describe his condition, he would likely not have survived in upstate NY. Just for what it's worth, he was probably not bleeding into the bath water, though I'm sure it looked that way. Flea feces turns red in water if there's enough of it.
Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2017 10:18 pm
@roger Very good to know! My pets have never gone without treatment so ive never actually seen them so bad before. Thank you for the input. I need to keep my talking points clear if it comes to it. If Im going to be somewhat stupid I should atleast be smart about it.

Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2017 11:41 pm
Why don't you call animal control? If this person is a known animal abuser and should not have animals around, then animal control will intervene.
As for the dog you have now - you're doing the right thing and helping that poor thing. Animals cannot fend for themselves, they have to rely on us to help them and you most probably saved his life.
Do not give the dog back, under any circumstances!!!
If you cannot keep the dog then give him to a no kill shelter, humane society or animal shelter. They will try to get him adopted!

Please call animal control so they can check on this person and get all the animals out of the house.
Reply Thu 2 Mar, 2017 04:14 pm
Exactly!!! But my preference is to call Animal Control so they can keep an eye on her.
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