Trouble on Logic Street

Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2003 11:10 am
Five female friends live in five houses on the same side of Logic Street. All of the houses are in a row. The ladies are Amy, Beatrice, Cindy, Deanna and Ellen. All of them have a beau. All of them have a pet. All of the houses are different colors.

1. The houses all have fenced back yards, and the pets are all allowed to roam in their own back yards. However, some of the species don't get along, so each woman has gotten a pet which will get along with the pets on either side of it.

2. The cat and the dog do not get along. Neither do the iguana and the frog. The parakeet has to be kept separated from the cat.

3. Since Beatrice used to go out with Tad, he and she no longer get along. Therefore, he now dates a lady who doesn't live next to Beatrice. Warren and Shep are dating each other's exes and also, therefore, are separated by at least one house. Vern and Amy are dating.

4. Deanna hates yellow and would never paint her home that color. The cat lives in a house whose color matches the cat's green eyes. Warren loves a woman who lives in an orange house. The other homes are blue and red.

5. Cindy is allergic to fur and therefore doesn't have a fur-bearing pet. Ellen lives three doors down from the cat. Warren sometimes walks his girlfriend's dog.

Given these clues, can you figure out who lives where, who currently loves whom, who has which pet, and whose house is which color?

Please be gentle; this is the first logic problem I've ever created.
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Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2003 11:27 am
Your clues are loose so there are several possible solutions here.

As a starter:

House #1: Beatrice & Shep with a cat in the Green house.
House #2: Cindy (no male, you said they all had one but only listed 4 possibles..) With her frog in a blue house.
House #3: Deanna & Warren in the Orange house and the dog.
House #4: Ellen & Tad with the Iguana in a Red house.
House #5: Amy & Vern with their bird in the Yellow house.
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Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2003 04:20 pm
Ooh, I can see I need to list more clues. D'oh on my part.

I forgot Zach.

Now, let me add a few more clues to firm it up.

6. The cat and the Tad each live at one end of the street.

7. Yesterday, the parakeet escaped, and flew past the yellow house before turning around and heading back home.

8. Ellen sat crying on her stoop this morning, saying, "I've just got to paint this house, but there's no way I'll make it blue or red!"

9. Cindy panics at the sight of amphibians, and can't be near them. She won't even stand if they're in an adjacent yard.

10. Zach wishes his girlfriend had a dog.
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Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2003 06:01 pm
So Zach was the homeless guy out at the curb? lol

Ok, You may still be missing one more clue but see how this looks base don what you have so far:

#1: Ellen & Tad w/the Iguana in the Yellow house
#2: Cindy & Zach w/the Parakeet. House could be either Red or Blue.
#3: Beatrice & Warren w/the dog in the Orange house.
#4: Amy & Vern w/the frog. House could be either Red or Blue.
#5: Deanna & Shep w/the cat in the Green house.

There is a clue to support all of those execpt the Red/Blue house decision.. That could go either way...
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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2003 12:15 pm
Eek, I must be terrible at making up clues for these things.

Let's try a few more clues.

11. Beatrice and Tad live on opposite ends of Logic Street.
12. Warren doesn't live in the middle house.
13. Every day, the dog is walked past the red and yellow houses, which are next to each other.
14. Amy and Ellen live next to each other.
15. The cat sometimes meows at Shep, who lives next door.
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Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2003 05:13 pm
Well, Jespah.......ltns.........I'll try to figure this one, I like riddles!

Anyway, nice to see you all here, happy and together!!!
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Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2003 05:17 pm
wow.....as much as I can see, something is changed on able2know since the last time I was here.......sorry about the tripple colour signs, not my fault!!!
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Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2003 06:33 pm
Welcome back Alexandra. You've been missed! Smile

(I fixed your post for you too! Wink )
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Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2003 06:39 pm
Yes, nice to see you, Alexandra!
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Reply Sat 15 Feb, 2003 05:21 am
Hi, Alexandra! :-D

Oh, BTW, should I post the answer to this? Or more hints? I probably need to be clearer in how I express hints - any ideas of how to do that?
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Reply Thu 27 Feb, 2003 05:20 pm
Hello to you all, my dear friends! I'm so sorry that I'm not able to participate more in here, but I'm in a terrible mess at this part of a year in the office...and hardly can keep up my eyes open.

fishin, thanks for being so kind and fixing the things that went out of my control!

sozobe, nice to see you too!

And, jespah.....don't say anything yet...I didn't say my last word yet!!! No more hints.....I'll deal with those I already have, and will be back in a day or two with RIGHT ANSWER!!!! Idea
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