Duality of man-good & evil

Reply Sat 25 Jan, 2003 10:01 pm
If we are truly made of two opposite components--the earth from below and the divine soul from above-then who are we ? Is there a constant battle between the two to determine who controls us? If one is dominate is the other totally subservient or merely subdued but still kicking in ? Does every act contain a mixture of both elements? The fireman that rescues the child from the burning building-is he also thinking about the honor that is now his,a picture in the newspaper, a possible promotion?
When we can go far beyond the call of duty to help a friend who's in trouble, yet cant get off the couch to help the wife take out the garbage, is that paradox due to our dual nature?
Whats your thoughts?
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sat 25 Jan, 2003 11:42 pm
bzg, I think you have the wrong take on heroes. They are the ones that will risk their own lives to save another - a complete stranger. I remember seeing that man jumping in the Potomac River that one winter day when the plane went down, and this woman was struggling to stay above the icy water. The man jumped in and saved that woman. I can assure you, he was not thinking about any honor or reward. c.i.
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Reply Sun 26 Jan, 2003 06:16 pm
IF we are dually natured and I think it is safe to say
that we most definitely ARE - it is not to say that our
earth nature debases our higher nature, but that they
are a natural and essential complement to one another.
You could not have light without knowledge of darkness.
Just as you can not have love without a certain amount
of hate - mixed emotions about those to whom we are
most closely attached. Parents, spouses and so on.
We let them see us, even at our worst, because of the
TREMENDOUS level of TRUST that we have in their
love for us - that even if they do see us behaving at out
very worst...they will love us still and always.
All the world is full of these ying/yang complements
sweet to sour
beauty to ugly
happy to sad
cloudy to clear
cold to hot
near to far
the list is endless, but what is important for ME to
remember is that we always attract to ourselves
that which is our opposite. Generally I believe
this is because the person who is our opposite
possesses something that we lack, and we must
GAIN, or have this ability, talent, or whatever.
I for example, lack greatly in spontonaiety.
Naturally, my partner is a person who is so
spontaneous that it near to drives me nuts. But
I NEED that. I must learn that.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 26 Jan, 2003 06:35 pm
Opposites are all natural. It doesn't take long to realize that bab's list is only a short one, and almost everything we encounter in life has its opposites. Many are the questions studied by philosophers and scientists. I think it's also true, that true happiness can only occur when one has experienced true sadness. On the other hand, I do not think it requires one to be the richest in monetary terms to be happy in this world, although it may modify some suffering. Opposites reach every spectrum from being born to living for over a century to everything in between. Most people seem to acclimate to their environment whether they be economic or climatic. One may shiver in 30 degree weather, while another may feel warm. It's a strange world with many different perceptions on what are the extremes. c.i.
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