Universal entropy

Reply Thu 4 Aug, 2016 03:13 pm
I believe the understanding of quantum physics is a path to try and figure out the fundamental code to our existence, in essence your all searching for god or the meaning to your existence through perception of visual remainders of a process that you witnessed. You try and control, observe and induce the 3 states of this process to understand it. The setup,present,and post process or the past, present, and future of matter or energy and its placement on the field. This lead me to evaluate light speed vs black holes and the very illogical conclusion that gravity is so intense that even light is absorbed. This disappearing of protons is merely a fractal black hole. Dark energy is merely a larger black hole field that is less dense. We live in a black hole. Dark energy is an ionized photon I dub the Dhoton. If you contemplate the implications of living in a Negatively charged photon field with suns of differentiating color and intensity pushing against the static less dense black hole background dark energy material we live in creating variable light speed environments known as dyson spheres or heliospheres. With this in mind I believe the universe we know once had form to it just like everything else that has a core. A fractal gigantic atom if you will. We are living in the remnants of a dead universe that is flying apart. Which is why we cant find a core to our universe and it doesn't fit the picture on a fractal level in other words if an atom looks a fractal version of a planet with a moon or a sun with a planet why doesn't the universe adhere to this model. Even galaxies look like a black atom with trillions of electrons. The universe model we see and believe in doesn't fit the fractal pattern. Logically speaking it looks like the core of our atom was destroyed and we are flying apart. The good news is my dhoton theory suggests that light speed is not constant... which means the distances we estimate are way off in terms of the mapped universe. The problem is finding a particle that controls a photon field ionization process through traditional methods when light and its speed are the element we use most for observation. My theory has a lot of quantum mechanic relations and roots. This theory has a lot of spiritual ties as well though. The bible is translated as well as possible but they mix up the placers or the vowels in the translation. I stumbled upon Legion and switched out the e with an a and got lagion or the lagion which seemed like a clever word play on the elusive light controlling ion field. Their is a lot of scientific symbolism in the bible covered up with wordplay like this. No i don't believe in the big bang i believe in the separating of the domes or the spherical fields used for creation. I believe in the light and dark torus or matter antimatter cores at the heart of every celestial being with an EMF magnetic torus signature we call our souls as the by product of this matter antimatter relation. Study EMF fields enough it will lead you to light and dark torus fields that relate to the back ground static of the universe or the black hole dark torus field we live in. The hypothetical white hole can't be observed because their is one at the heart of every black hole. Light torus and black torus or white hole and black hole or matter antimatter and the fractal environment we live in. Kick back and watch the entropy of our universe through the elusive dark ionization process resulting in the dhoton.
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Reply Thu 4 Aug, 2016 03:39 pm
Straw poll: does thoth really believe all this BS, or is he/she just trolling us for attention? (I vote the latter).
Reply Thu 4 Aug, 2016 04:03 pm
The light torus is proven by a heliosphere, the dark torus is proven by the black hole. The ionization process between a photon and what it converts into is unknown. This doesn't mean my theory isn't correct.
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Reply Thu 4 Aug, 2016 04:12 pm
I mean if you were using an ionization process to control light and you could see the process happen wouldn't that negate the purpose of controlling the light. If the beings in the environment are aware of the change then you lose control. So the ionization process would have to be faster than the speed of light so it just appears to happen instantaneously. This would logically accommodate your disappearing particle act in quantum physics.
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