What Are Your Alltime Favorite Cartoons

Reply Thu 18 Nov, 2021 04:05 am
Oliver Postgate's stuff was always very gentle Aliens like the Clangers and Ivor the Engine were very easygoing, but Noggin the Nog was something else.

Inspired by Norse legend it had dragons storytelling in ancient halls and a villain called Nogbad the Bad.

It was like Beowulf for kids.

Another popular piece of stop go animation was Captain Pugwash. He was a pirate whose crew may or may not have had rude names like Master Bates and Seaman Staines. I can't remember if they did or if it was just a story heard later on in life.

He also did Sir Prancelot an ineffective Knight whose evil nemesis was Count Otto. He even used him for Eeny Meanie.

Eeny Meany miney mo
Catch Count Otto by the toe,
If hehollars don't let him go,
Eeny meany miney Oh no.

I think meany miney didn't turn out the way he wanted.
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Reply Thu 18 Nov, 2021 07:26 am
Nobody could match the Warner Brothers cartoons, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, et al. That is until the modern Simpsons, family guy, Bob's Burgers, et al.
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