Do True Bisexuals Exist?

Wed 28 Jun, 2017 10:43 am
How old do you consider that a female requires to be to be considered a women now, as that age seems to be forever increasing? Some, a minority, still consider themselves young girls at the advanced age of twenty five. Surely, much over twelve years is entering middle age for being a girl. Sexually I`m only attracted to young adults, 18 to 25 ish, it`s not something which one has any say over. It does n`t follow, there exists the misconception, that I find them all attractive of these years, perhaps one in every hundred, they have to be truly outstanding. I think my being attracted younger has a lot to say for my being younger, I`m gaining new physical world records in my sixties. At the same time, neither am I going blind.
I have never considered love to be inclusive of anything sexual. I would think of this area in terms of either romantic love or purely erotic love. Genuine love/love is not in my view of itself in any way at all sexual.
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Mark Steven
Sun 3 Dec, 2017 04:18 pm
I'm a bisexual male. I definitely prefer women, but I do occasionally enjoy sex with men.
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Thu 7 Dec, 2017 03:15 am
There are scientifically based statements that all people are bisexual indeed, and the roles of men and women were divided through the evolution, and that we started to think that we are attracted only to the opposite sex because of these acquired social norms.
Sat 9 Dec, 2017 09:27 am
There are scientifically based statements that all people are bisexual indeed, and the roles of men and women were divided through the evolution

No there aren't. You are grossly misusing the word "scientifically" which implies it is testable and based on objective facts.

There are politically, and ideologically based statements that all people are bisexual. These are 21st century people with a political viewpoint selecting, or inventing, facts to fit the narrative they want to tell.
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Sun 17 Dec, 2017 12:34 pm
I consider myself bi-sexual because I love to lick both sexes when they're coupling as in a FMF or MFM setting. I don't have or seek out sex or relationships with men, only during sex with a female as stated above. There is no love involved unless it is my wife that is the 'F' above.
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Sat 29 May, 2021 11:52 am
Being bi-sexual is arguably the worst sexuality to have in my opinion here’s why .
It’s the basic “ to straight for the gays, and to gay for the straights “ paradime which leaves the person constantly questioning their sanity making them feel as if something is wrong.

There’s a study from a more liberal place out of the UK which revealed in a survey that 40-50% of males said under the right circumstances they’d consider trying stuff with other males . Why is that relevant one might ask , well the atmosphere there in contrast to here is apples to oranges. Over there it’s considered more normal than it is over here ( less bigotry n all ) so males wouldn’t have that same process of logic over here .

Let’s flip this inside out for another way to analyze... Let’s say you’re in Russia and you’re 100% gay . Over there with their anti-gay rhetoric, gay men would be more inclined to act as straight as possible for their own safety. So, they’d be more inclined to wear a mask, because if not they’d be tarred n feathered .

So, to take this one step further let’s say this planet from its start were either all males or all females with the same genetic structure as today minus the opposite sex. It’d be very interesting to see the argument that there wouldn’t be a lot of gay behavior that otherwise wouldn’t be going on .

Anyways, this is my weird bi-sexual outlook on this I’ll try n get the article of the uk study down below .

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Mon 7 Jun, 2021 07:20 pm
I don't really get it. I mean what, would they add up how much time they've spent with male vs. females and keep it the same? There are definitely different levels of bisexuality. I, for example, considered myself straight until around the age of 25.
for me Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, and its all about love
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