The Awakening Experience

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Note to Reader: I know I have made a lot of topics discussing the same things. Actually, the whole concept of joy and meaning I talk about is the same, but there are different arguments (topics) revolving around that same concept. This is a whole new topic which is the best one of them all. If you don't wish to bother talking with me anymore and think that I am nothing more than a waste of your time, then you are free to leave. I apologize if I have pestered you in anyway. That is not my intention. My intention is just to talk and carry on with an intellectual conversation.

I would like to talk about what I define as the "Awakening Experience" in one's life. It is where a person finally sees a new sense of joy and meaning in his/her life that he/she never had before. There are two realms of experience that our thinking (the thinking cortex of our brains) has to offer us. One realm of experience offers nothing more than mere thoughts (words and phrases). But it does not awaken this person to any sense of joy or meaning in his/her life.

In other words, he/she can tell and think to his/herself all he/she wants that his/her life has joy and meaning, but his/her life still seems completely empty and meaningless. But you might be thinking that this is only because he/she has told his/herself a negative thought in the process that his/her life is still meaningless no matter what he/she tells his/herself. This isn't true. Like I said, there are two realms of experience when it comes to our thinking.

As long as the pure thought alone of "My life still has joy and meaning" is not in the realm of the awakening experience, then he/she still won't have any joy or meaning in his/her life. Then, of course, we have the other realm of experience our thoughts have to offer us which is the realm of the awakening experience. This is something that happens in the brain where a person is truly woken up to a whole new life filled with a whole new sense of joy and meaning.

This is where a person's thoughts are no longer the experience of just thoughts. There is an experience there that goes far beyond that. There is something about this realm of experience with our thoughts that offers us a whole new mental state. But the thing is, I have never experienced this. The one and only source of my awakening experience is my good moods (my feelings of love, joy, inspiration, etc.) which is the feel-good happiness that society conveys in the media all the time.

They say that meaning and joy are not chemically induced mental states, but are instead the choices we make in life and how we choose to think. But it would have to be a chemical induced mental state in order to create the awakening experience. It's no different than how we need feel-good chemicals to induce the experience of good feelings. So that is a lie that others say about joy and meaning because this version of joy and meaning these people are speaking of is not in the realm of the awakening experience.

As long as I am depressed and don't have my good moods, then no way of thinking alone offers me any awakening experience. As a matter of fact, I highly suspect it is only our good moods that give us the awakening experience and that no way of thinking alone offers us this experience. When depressed people claim that they have found a new sense of joy and meaning in their lives even while they are depressed, then this very thought is all still in the realm of mere words and phrases.

The depressed person is only fooling his/herself (brainwashed) into thinking he/she is having the awakening experience when it was never there to begin with. At least, this is how I see a person living a depressed life. Even famous artists/composers who struggled with depression claimed their works of art and doing deeds for others brought their lives this false (illusory) sense of joy and meaning. I myself am a composer and it is for this very reason I NEVER wish to live a depressed/suffering life without my good moods.

But I am living such a life now, unfortunately. I have lived this way for a few years now and I have never once found any awakening experience in my life in the absence of my good moods which further and further confirms my suspicion. We as a modern society are evolving more and more past this false sense of joy and meaning. We are intent on creating a future society that abolishes this abomination and creates pure feel-good happiness alone (the true joy and meaning). I sure hope this happens.
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Reply Mon 29 Feb, 2016 01:15 am
I was so fascinated by the word " Awakening" and yet this is also the term I would like to experience in the manner of realizing my own self. Awakening as I perceived it, is not only a matter of good or bad moods. As you said within the mental state, there are two realms of experience and that is found I think within the random concepts of the mind.

Life for me does not depends on how happy I am but rather depends on how happy the other people because of me. Something familiar but this is how we are ought to live out. The world is the settlement of all those who think this is the best of all possible worlds. Existence is like a dream, we live into the world , we travel a lot of miles something like a "journey to the center of the world". But with all the efforts we've made today we cannot find or even encounter the scene or moment of "Awakening" that you might say loud to yourself, " IT IS A DREAM!

Experience is so wide to imagine and we cannot see the boundary line that would give us knowledge of being in a whole dream. There must be a great entity or realization to trigger the best stimulus inside our mind to open our own self and thus shout out loud to the society, this is the new era!

this is the feeling of transcendent. we could feel the presence of the higher entity accompanying our mind set and overcoming all the doubts and fallacies of the mind.
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