Battery Explosions

Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2016 07:23 pm
Does a battery (alkaline, lithium-ion, rechargeable, any type really) release any form of EMP naturally when it explodes or does an EMP have to be technologically produced (like in a nuclear explosion) ?
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Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2016 07:55 pm
@Sanitary Filth,
You need to define your terms to have the question make any sense. You generate an EMP every time you type a key on your keyboard. It is a very low energy EMP, but it is an EMP. Significant EMPs happen when large voltages are discharged, i.e. through lightening.

A nuclear EMP is high power enough to knock out electronic equipment. Is this what you are talking about?

I also don't know what you mean by "technologically produced". It seems to me that exploding a battery would be an example of technology.

Sanitary Filth
Reply Wed 13 Jan, 2016 02:44 am
My apologies for not refining my question to be as specific as possible. Lacking sufficient knowledge to narrow it down I kept it broad so as to make sure I would receive as much information about the topic as possible from obviously more informed individuals such as yourself.

To refine my question about EMP
By the phrase "technologically produced" I'm talking about technology that could possibly make an EMP (whether accidental or purposeful). Being able to identify possible High power EMP capable technology and keep it clear of valuable electronics. Such as an old gaming power unit to something like a friend's Mod (Custom E-Cigarette with a High Discharge Battery) malfunctioning or exploding and damaging a nearby Television , laptop , phone etc. Also I'm curious about EMP powerful enough to affect technology or damage technology. Is there a specific threshold or amperage or voltage that determines non-harmful EMP to possibly harmful as well as the range of the EMP.
Reply Wed 13 Jan, 2016 05:25 am
@Sanitary Filth,
Exploding a battery is not going to generate anything more than a tiny EMP (if any at all).

Real EMP generators generate electromagnetic energy, (basically radio waves or microwaves), that are high energy and focused. There are machines that do this, they work the same way as very strong radio transmitters.

A quick google showed several people who give instructions... I have no way of knowing after a quick glance which ones might work. I will caution that some of them (including one that involves taking apart a microwave oven) are quite dangerous. I wouldn't recommend you try them if you care about your eyes, or your life.

There are natural sources of EMPs powerful enough to destroy electronics including solar flares.
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