What could possibly my dream mean?

Reply Fri 13 Nov, 2015 11:48 pm
Ok, I don't believe much in all those "meanings of dreams" but I'm seriously curious about mine.
I will try to explain as best as possible since I'm not good in explaining things but thing is when I was 8 years I had weird dream that I won 2 mil USD on lottery and as soon as I found that out I got heartattack and died(that was first time I had dream about getting some money). Sure when I woke up I didn't think much about it except finding it a bit funny in dark kinda way. However thing is after that each time I had some dream that involved me getting some money(even small/normal amount like $50), as soon as I get that money, I die in some way that same instant! Interesting fact is that way I get money, amount of money and the way I die is always different...it never repeats, my deaths are always different sometimes they are a bit kinda funny(like lottery dream), other times they are plainly gruesome and disgusting that they would put MK to shame and the other times they are both funny and gruesome at same time(like that one time when I had dream that bull impaled me in my a**; now what the heck bull was doing in my boss's office, who knows I just know I got his horns in my butt as soon as I got salary and then I died). Other interesting thing(unfortunately, which is biggest downside to me about all this) is that I feel pain in those dreams, like that scenarios of my deaths is truly happening to me, based on what kind of death hits me that kind of pain I will feel. If I for example dream I was shot in head pain is going to be instant and my death will be quick, but if I'm too unlucky to dream some slow and even worst gory death like getting cut in pieces then I'm seriously going to feel like someone is seriously cutting me and pain will be immense and tormenting and I'm unable to wake up until I die in my dream, so until my brain and heart stop in my dream and everything pitches black I'm not going to be able to open my eyes which means I must endure all pain and torment that is happening in my dream(it is pretty much like real life torture despite being dream because of this, you could say I experience different types of death in my dream).
Now I'm not rich guy but neither am I poor, I'm solid when it comes to money, I don't have any debts, I have good salary, I don't owe anyone any kind of money nor anyone owes me something but for some '?' reason in my dreams apparently as soon as I have some dream about money coming my way I get killed before I get it/ or as soon as I take it and after that 'death' comes way in '?' some way though I know that it won't be pretty nor painless. This dreams aren't everyday thing(I have plenty of dreams besides this one), these are pretty random, however this one is different from my classical dreams because unlike my other dreams in which I may die....I actually do feel pain like it is really happening in these 'money and death' dreams.
Sorry for long post and as I said at start I don't much believe in meanings behind dream however I do want to know if there is any meaning behind this dream or is this dream something else?
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Reply Sat 14 Nov, 2015 04:33 am
You're having anxiety dreams.

Pretty much everybody does.
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