A list of movie ratings?

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Hello. I tried finding the answer to this question several times before on several different places, but nowhere gave me the answer I was looking for. My question is about the movie rating system. I know movie ratings (G, PG, R, etc.), but what I’m asking about is why movies are given those ratings; the ratings, such as “violence” and “language”. The two I named are more obvious, but I’ve seen some movie ratings that are worded differently, like “some disturbing images” and things like that, although it might also be obvious to understand what it means, what I’m looking for is what it takes to get every move rating. As in, what would the movie really have to contain to get the “some disturbing images” rating, but not only that one, I’m referring to every single movie rating there is, because I know there are quite a few. In case what I’m saying is hard to understand, ESRB gave a list of video game ratings on their website that is exactly like the list that I’m trying to find, except with movie ratings instead. Here’s a link to the ESRB rating list: http://www.esrb.org/ratings/ratings_guide.aspx As you can see, it lists the title of the content that is featured in the game, such as “violence”, and then it explains what it is and how it appears in a game, like, “Scenes involving aggressive conflict. May contain bloodless dismemberment”. If someone could give me a list exactly like that one except with every movie rating, it would really help me out, and would be very appreciated. You can give example movies if you want to, as well, and explain what or how much content in a specific area will give a movie an overall rating, such as PG, PG-13, and all of that. Thanks very much in advance.
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Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 08:54 am
You're giving it too much thought. The MPAA is a nonprofit organization that doesn't actually utilize a scientific formula to formulate a given movie's ratings. Their system is subjectively based. See the highly critical documentary,This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)

every movie rating

There are hundred of thousands of movies. The medium existed decades longer than the video game industry. I'm not sure that there is a comprehensive list of which you are looking for. Try Classification and Rating Administration site run by the MPAA.
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