"Two accounts, one IP address"?!

Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 05:09 pm
This is in regard to a topic I originated:


Some of the additions to the Forums distribution list are helpful.

What puzzles me is the "Two accounts one ip address" modification. Presumably it's applied to me since this is my topic.

It isn't clear to me who, other than Able2Know staffers, would have access to user IP address information, or why staffers would respond to an abuse of the system by such a coy, indirect method.

I did recently have trouble logging in, imagined that my account information had become corrupted, and after unsuccessfully attempting to have my password emailed to what I vaguely recalled to be my registration account, and failing (no such account registered), getting panicky and attempting to reregister. As far as I know, that second registration was abandoned prior to completion, when I realized that I had simply been confused and entered the wrong password. Both registration attempts used the same User ID (puzzledperson), so there is no question of my attempting to double my influence with multiple screen names. While the bizarre cognitive problem which caused my confusion is troubling to me, it scarcely represents a problem for site administration.

I'd appreciate it if the "Two accounts one ip address" forum header were removed. I'd complain directly to the Able2know staff but for some reason my editor won't work properly when attempting to type the description necessary to open a new ticket. Hopefully this indirect feedback will be effective. If not, I'll have to use another computer to retry opening a ticket.
Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 05:14 pm
I replied to you on the other thread, the gist of it being that you should click on

contact us, see the bottom right of the page. The mods are hardworking sane folks. Contact them.

Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 05:16 pm
That's a tag. The moderating team has got nothing to do with it.

You can add your own tags and bump it out.

The moderating team does not divulge IP information. Whoever tagged it that way was speculating.

Just tag the topic and the offending tag will go away.
Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 05:28 pm
Saw that, and thanks, but as mentioned Contact Us leads to the Open A New Ticket page, which my text editor seems to be allergic to.
Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 05:33 pm
Ok, then, listen to Jespah.
I have faint memories of having trouble connecting with contact us, but that was a long time ago and probably my fault.
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Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 05:37 pm
Thanks, I may try that if it doesn't disappear. The one time I tried altering the tags after a post had been established, the whole post disappeared (maybe just coincidence).

Also, can you tell me under what circumstances a user can edit or delete his own posts? It seems the window of opportunity to edit is very brief; and I've usually reached an error message on the few attempts to delete.
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