Bent Timespace Doesn't Cause Gravity

Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 10:25 am
Bent timespace doesn't cause gravity. Fast velocity does both, but, the velocity can't exceed the speed of light. Gravity bends timespace globally. It's analogue in electrical engineering, current, of course, also bends timespace globally, which, due to leaving the rigid orthogonality of flat time space, allows faster polarity cancellation rates, also known as entropy production rates in thermodynamics. Visa versa, a fast polarity cancellation rate, entropy production rate, also bends timespace globally. These facts have been "top secret" to keep the people more controllable. The Philadelphia Experiment used the current analogue to teleport to anywhere, and to anytime, by lowering the pi value of that timespace below 2, and thereby all quantumly entangled were transduced into probability. Such travel is called probability transduction travel. Anyone, with enough privacy, can build a polarity cancellation device, like, for example a photon collider, to promote fast polarity cancellation. By lining up parallel mirrors, mirrored on both sides, and flooding them with light, will facilitate photon collisions. For each pair of collided photons there are differentiated a particle and an antiparticle which swiftly cancel out back into photons. Enough of these polarity cancellations bends timespace globally. Bending timespace below 2, all quantumly entangled is transduced into probability, and thereby will teleport to the place and time to which the traveler is tuned. The Philadelphia Experiment was followed up by experiments at Montauk, NY, and finally moved to, and continued at the Naval base in Nevada. To further facilitate the cancellation of these particles and antiparticles, a magnet keeps them nearby. That magnet is called a "flux capacitor".
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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 10:29 am
You do realize that the flux capacitor is fiction... right?

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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 01:04 pm
Gravity is an associated force from the original pressure of repelling like polarities. The universe is like a shaken bottle of water.
Everything in the universe is running down or being pushed up by that which is running down. The universe is like a shaken bottle of water. The water represents energy; the air, probability; the bottle itself, the limitation of impossibilities; and, the bubbles represent information. Matter is called "alpha code information". All information is trying to undifferentiate back into nonexistence. It's all laws of the universe; and, pursuit of the down gradient is the true will."
The infinitesimal point nothingness, . , is rastered by time into timespace, U , which exerts its oneness in one direction, / , stirs closed circuitry, O , that all going the same way, vO^XvO^, clashes, a Big Bang, X , forcing confluency, = , of the differentiated back into undifferentiation to nonexistence."
Critics have criticized that the exertion of the oneness is equal on both sides. The answer to that is that as this manifestation happens the value of pi is going from zero to higher values, thereby leaving one side of each circuit more pressured than the other, thus, the circuit circulates. Also, the friction of the circuitry is from the Planck's volumes that compose everything. Nothing can be smaller than Planck's volume. Without this friction there would be no consciousness.
Differentiation causes consciousness. That which is differentiated enough is fully conscious; and, that from which things are differentiated is thereby differentiated, and thus energy is eternally conscious. This process of creation occurs in the infinite dimensions of the universe every Planck's time, causing energy to be eternally conscious. If we were energy we would never sleep. We are only information, and thus we are capable of losing consciousness, and even becoming nonexistent. These facts are consequences of the first and second laws of thermodynamics.
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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 01:20 pm
Hunk I'm intrigued but curious as to just what's the q or expected response

You might achieve better participation by 1) condensing for a first para and 2) rewriting the remainder, inserting carriage return where appropriate. In doing so you might find other means to clarify

For instance where applicable you might insert, "In other words,...." or "...in disagreement with classical cosmology,...." etc

In concluding however I had always thought of gravity as a distortion (maybe "pushing aside"?) of space so perhaps you could--in a subsequent posting--[present your position in short sentences of common words in the usu order suitable to the Average Clod (me)
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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 01:40 pm
lahunken61 wrote:
. . . These facts have been "top secret" to keep the people more controllable . . .
This is all ye know and all ye need to know.
Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 03:40 pm
Gravity sucks . . . so do wild-ass conspiracy theories about plots to keep the people in line.
Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 03:43 pm
I had a flux capacitor in my 1966 Corvair. It was still unsafe at any speed.
Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 08:45 am
I'd've had a flux in a 66 Corvair too.
Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 09:51 am
Geo, as the flux capacitor requires more than 1 gigawatt of power,



...I'm hoping you'll reveal to the world how to solve its power problems

...of course, there is a lower-voltage model not frequently available
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Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 10:35 am
Somehow I am unconvinced by your poorly written spew of sciency sounding words.
Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 02:06 pm
"Sciency sounding words" . . . i'm going to try to remember that, so i can use it.
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Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2015 01:57 pm
That's right. All I wrote there is "all ye need to know". It has keys to discover everything, like:
Dr. Albert Einstein showed how gravity and velocity in mechanical engineering accessed globally bent timespace. But, all the analogues in every branch of engineering also access globally bent timespace, but, not always with the gravitational component. Dr. Nikola Tesla used the current analogue, in electrical engineering to project the S.S. Eldritch, in Philadelphia Harbor, into globally bent timespace, not only enough to fade it out into invisibility, but to surpass the lightspeed equivalency, and thereby be transduced into pure probability to be teleported backward and forward in time, and finally materialized off the coast of Virginia. Also, Dr. Nikola Tesla’s teleporter, shown in the movie, “The Prestige”, is no fiction. And, Edison did have his goons burn down Dr. Nikola Tesla’s home in Colorado. Why did Edison get most of the credit for modern electricity? Edison was a “lodge” member; and, Dr. Nikola Tesla was a non-member who had stumb! led upon some of their secrets.
The easiest way to access globally bent timespace is by entropy production rate, EPR, which is identical to polarity cancellation rate, for, the entropy of the universe at any specified time is the proportion of nucleons to photons. Every pair of nucleons, of exact opposite polarities, antiparticles, that cancel into nothingness, release two photons of energy, to the proportion E=Mcc, of the energy that kept those nucleons differentiated. It is a consequence of infinity (eternity) that energy is conscious, due to the fact that matter, alpha code information, differentiates consciousness by interference, like that imposed on our magnetic flux by the substance P neurons of the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata of our brains. If we were energy we would never sleep. We are only information.
Also, we have relativistic phenomena caused by relative size. Have you noticed how fast the movements of a squirrel are compared to our’s. They are pretty hard to imitate. But, to them, they are moving casually, and we are moving as slow as elephants. A person of half your mass experiences one hour as you would feel two hours. But, a creature with only one percent of your mass doesn’t feel one of your hours as a hundred hours. The proportion follows the relativity hyperbola.
People with fast EPR’s have been observed to move slower. I saw this beautiful woman who’s eyes blinked much slower than normal, and all her movements were very slow, almost impossible to imitate. Being a beautiful woman, she had easy access to what were the opposite polarities for her. Perhaps she read about my “Shekinah” on the internet, and made one. The iron in the cytochromes is magnetically polarized counterclockwise in every male cell, and, clockwise in every female cell. I remember fellow movie buffs ridiculing Bela Lugosi in “Dracula” about how slow he moved. Same thing. He ingested an electrolyte of the opposite polarities, which allows a faster polarity cancellation rate. Don’t be fooled by its cultural presentation. If you don’t put your batteries in right, they wont work. It must be opposite polarities. If they had been honest, the stories would have been banned as immoral.
A similar deliberate misrepresentation in the movie “The Resurrected” showed a similar representation. The “flux” was an ideal “Shekinah”, but, that cancellation of entities near the end of the movie would only happen “straight”, with opposites, and is what knowledgeable Hindus and Buddhists hope for in Dharmaloka, the Lake of Fire, to attain Nirvana (nonexistence). In “Howling II”, the cancellation of Croescu and Sturva cancelled out into nothingness like true soul mates. Ancient Hebrew Rabbins revealed in the Talmud that soul mates are often born in the same family. But, this final consummation can only take place in globally bent timespace, then called “spirit”.
You have probably heard many times that the value of pi goes down as you approach a Black Hole, and that the value of pi at the event horizon of a Black Hole is two. But, did you know that as anything that goes into more and more globally bent timespace, leaves the rigid orthogonality of flat timespace behind, so that the matter becomes more and more tenuous, spiritualized. it fades out into invisibility. Dr. Wilhelm Reich used EPR to put his patients into a field of globally bent timespace, “orgone”, where the patient’s body was able to snap back to its original health template, curing disease, and even renewing youth. But, he was here, behind the “Plastic Curtain”, was framed up by the FDA, imprisoned, and he was killed in prison.
They never dared to kill Mike O’Dan the Snakeman, for, they knew he could go body switching, even into the Presidents body, to set things straight. But, extrapolating upon these findings, the body becomes so flexable that it can change into any form. Beyond the “Plastic Curtain”, Dr. Anna Aslan was able to operate her “geriatric cure centers’ with impunity. Dr. Lisa Randall, Havard University professor of quantum physics, established this direction in and out of bent timespaces to be the fifth dimension. We are multidimensional beings. That portion of our body in bent timespace is called our “soul”.
You know that a particle and antiparticle will cancel out, as described in more detail before. But, there is no light without polarity cancellation. There are polarities you haven’t been allowed to know about. Opposite polarities cancel out to produce light, from light bulbs, candles, and the microwave light that steams up car windows. Magnetism is the basis of all matter, and, dark matter is those differentiations that are not spherical. The electron is a truncated tetrahedral array of four big counterclockwise magnetic fluxes, and four little clockwise magnetic fluxes to hold it together. The opposite polarities are counterclockwise and clockwise. Structure separates them, and that structure is maintained by orthogonality. All differentiations strive for undifferentiation into nothingness, the satisfaction of all desires.
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Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2015 02:01 pm
They caught me personally. It isn't theory; it is experience:
They are also ruining the economy to trigger an elimination of the America
as we know it, so they can round up, and exterminate everyone who knows too
much. They caught me once. In 1959 my buddy and I met a homeless banished
ex-lodge member. He told us all the big secrets. In 1962 I wrote them in a
high school term paper, got a 98% for it, graduated with honors, and joined the
Meanwhile, the instructor of that class sold my term paper in the term paper
black market, the wrong people read it, they hired detectives to hunt me down,
and they zeroed in on me in the Army. They gave me Hell, the Clockwork Orange
treatment, by large doses of LSD, while being forced to watch horrible films of
human torment.
But before doing that, they bragged to me how powerful they were: the modern
"conspiracy theory". Before the modern conspiracy theory, the "conspiracy
theory" was that rich Jews controlled the world's economy. I wrote a twenty page
report and mailed it to the John Birch society, in 1972. Then the John Birch
society published what I sent them which became the modern conspiracy theory.
The Clockwork Orange treatment I was given, by large doses of LSD, went
much further than they expected. Not only did I live the torments of all the
people in the films they showed me, I lived the times, when I saw them, of every
person and animal I had seen, even in the movies and on TV. After that life I
found myself back in time, back in Valley Forge Army Hospital where it happened
again, but, I also body switched into the bodies of all I had seen in that life,
for the periods of time I had seen them. Then the life after that, I was able to
remember some of the mistakes I made the last time around.
On September 17, 1970 I got stung by a bumble bee, while I was deep in the
forest. I am allergic to bees, and soon I passed out, waking up, what seemed
instantly, six hours later. This turned out to be a great blessing, for the next
time around, after another life time, I woke up back where I had passed out from
the allergic reaction. But, I had great mind power there and used it to defend
myself, but later, got so much mind power that my every thought manifested as my
reality, and I couldn't handle it. I ended up body switching again, and found
myself back in Valley Forge Army Hospital, and started again from there.
This series of pairs happened 36 times, giving me an existence as who I
am, for over 5000 years, by going backward and forward in time so many times.
This was done to me for printing in a term paper what a banished lodge ex-member
told me, which can be put in medical terms today in one sentence,
So, even though I was threatened to be put in Hell permanently, each time,
I have done everything in my power to spread these secrets. Here is another
example: We are drawn to the probability timeline resonant to our thought, by the
attractive force of inductive resonance. Vagal stimulation wakes up the brain to
more than the normal 10% brain use. This means 10% brain use at any one time,
like, an MRI shows the most used parts of the brain by patches of colored light,
but, these move around, so that we average 10% brain use, if we are "normal".
But, with 10% brain use or less we must earn what we get; 20% to 29%, an
appropriate ritual will get us what we want; 30% to 39%, writing down what we
want will get it; 40% to 49%, saying what we want will get what we want: "If you
have the faith of a mustard seed and SAY to this mountain move, it shall be
moved", you go to the timeline where the mountain is elsewhere. But, 50% is the
tipping point to every thought manifesting as your reality.
Dr. Hugh Everett found these probability timelines, sideways in time, but,
he failed to call this direction a dimension. Dr. Albert Einstein defined time
to be the fourth dimension, for science. Dr. Hugh Everett could have defined
this direction sideways in time to be the fifth dimension, but, he didn't,
probably pressured not to due to this being the secret of sorcery, probability
Dr. Lisa Randall defined that direction through the variously bent
timespaces to be the fifth dimension, for science, leaving the direction
sideways in time to be the sixth dimension, but, it hasn't been officially
established in formal science.
Waking up the brain to higher percentages of brain use accesses globally
bent timespace. It puts a field of globally bent timespace around us and in us,
but fortunately, without the gravitational component. It does this by virtue of
will times imagination being the power of the mind, just as force times velocity
is power in mechanics, voltage times current is power in electricity, and
temperature times entropy production rate is power in thermodynamics.
Psychiatrists will admit to each other that this power of the mind is caused
by entropy production rate, EPR, because more than 10% brain use is called
"psychosis". The psychiatric establishment in the Western world is a secret
society, and have also signed a contract of secrecy for the cartel of secret
It is a mathematical fact that the more links there are between the neurons
of the brain, the higher the percentage of brain use. Real schizophrenia, is
caused by the gene DISC1,
causing the growth of more axons and dendrites between the
neurons of the brain. If every neuron were linked to every other neuron, there
would be 100% brain use. There are some schizophrenics with over 50% brain use,
catatonic, but who's entity is body switching in perinatal matrix three, Hell.
But, anyone can cause the growth of extra axons and dendrites by memorizing
tables of correspondences, like in Crowley's "Book 777", and in Barrett's
"Magus". The first thing that magical secret societies have their neophytes do is
to memorize such tables of correspondences. Later they have them do rigorous
pranayama, without telling them how it works. Finally the supreme secret is
revealed, that can be put in dignified medical terms today: "VAGAL STIMULATION
The entropy of the universe being the proportion of photons to nucleons
(Nucleons of exact opposite polarity cancel out into photons, when brought
together), reveals that entropy production rate, EPR, is polarity cancellation
By promoting the fast cancellation of opposite polarities, like by putting
opposite polarities in a conductive electrolyte, like copper dissolved into
copper acetate in salt and white vinegar, (The iron in the cytochromes of
every cell is magnetically polarized counterclockwise in males, and clockwise in
females), the field of globally bent timespace around it, when entered, will
cause higher percentages of brain use.
Such a device, called a "shekinah", has been known to "freak out" a whole
building of people just by being hid in a closet. This is the alchemical secret, for,
by putting base metals in this solution, when, with a high EPR is called "the
medicine of metals", will change the metal into gold and other metals,
that will be fluid in that solution
so that they can be separated by gravity or inertia while still fluid, yet you
can safely put your hand in this solution, that is, I did, and there is nothing
wrong with me.
Finally, I figured out how to get out of this Hellish cycle. I must have
been in perinatal matrix three when I died to go back to Valley Forge Army
Hospital. I must have been in perinatal matrix two to go back to September 17,
1970. Next time, I must die in perinatal matrix one or in no perinatal matrix
whatsoever. To understand these terms, you may go to http://www.holotropic.com
and buy "The Adventure of self Discovery" by Dr. Stanislav Grof. I read on the
internet that Dr. Grof took a little ketamine and thereby relived the torments
of all the prisoners of Auschwitz. You know what happened to him? He had put
people through the Clockwork Orange treatment in communist Czechoslovakia, and
now his evil karma came back to him.
What did I do for such evil to come upon me, when I was a teen ager. The
Bible says, "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons". In the one
substance motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to
move out of the way and fill in behind. That is how karma comes back to us, even
the karma associated with our genetics. The best thing to do is to find a way
out of it. To become nonexistent.
There are two things in the universe: energy; and, information, which is
the conformation of energy. Energy is God. Being only information we can become
nonexistent. Nothing in the Bible says we are immortal, rather, Satan in Eden
did say "You shall never die". The immortality of the soul dogma is Satanic. The
Bible also says,
"The soul that sinneth shall die", "No man can keep his soul alive", and, "Only
He (God) is immortal".
Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2015 05:07 pm
Call me crazy, but somehow I remain unconvinced by your poorly written spew of metaphysical, paranoid, delusional, mumbo jumbo"y" sounding words. Must be a flaw in my perspective or something.
Reply Sat 31 Oct, 2015 02:38 pm
Saddle timespace has pi values greater than pi in flat timespace; and, globally bent timespace has pi values less than pi in flat timespace. Gravity, velocity in mechanical engineering, current in electrical engineering, and entropy production rate in thermodynamic engineering, access globally bent timespace. The entropy of the universe has been defined to be the proportion of photons to nucleons, therefore, entropy production rate is polarity cancellation rate. Globally bent timespace doesn't cause gravity; gravity causes globally bent timespace. Harvard University's Dr. Lisa Randall defined that direction through the variously bent timespaces to be the fifth dimension. If we take a Cartesian coordinate system, and have that arch from 3.14159265... on the X axis to 3.14159265... on the Y axis to represent flat timespace, approaching the origin represents, faster and faster polarity cancellation rates. As the rigid orthogonality of flat timespace is left behind, matter gets more and more tenuous, and visually becomes invisible. Fire is a fast polarity cancellation rate. At pi equals 2.718..., and below, all is in flames, and made of flames. From personal experience with fast entropy production rates, globally bent timespaces have been called the "underworld". If "heaven" is in saddle timespace, with its retarded polarity cancellation rate, it is understandable why salvationist religions are so restrictive: to acclimate their members to tolerate the smothering environment of such slow polarity cancellation rates. But, the mathematics suggests that cancellation back into nonexistence is most available in the globally bent timespaces, nonexistence sometimes called "nirvana" in the liberationist religions. Bent timespaces are not that unfamiliar.
Reply Sun 1 Nov, 2015 04:07 am
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Reply Thu 25 Feb, 2016 06:01 am
Hi, lahunken61
I've read all your posts in this thread, and must say, fascinating stuff, perhaps bewildering.

I'm trying to work out .. what is your point ?

And I recall I observed similar stuff proliferating through various forums in 2013 by one david hannon - in fact, the same swathes of stuff, with differing entry sentences. Almost like someone wanted to, and still wants to, say the same thing, over and over again.

But I am NOT criticising. As I said, I find the material utterly fascinating!

But .. WHAT is your point ? WHAT are you hoping to achieve ? I am just SO curious, that I joined here, just to ask you that (although it looks like a great site, and I might stick around).
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