How do you read a GED scoring form?

Reply Thu 20 Nov, 2014 09:33 pm
So in 1987 If you received a 54 in mathematics for example, it means you did equal to or better than 54% of graduating seniors. That's the way I understood it.
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Reply Wed 24 Feb, 2016 11:30 am
The grade margin when I took mine in 2001 was 20-80, as I'm sure the OP's was.. I scored 80 on a couple of my tests which put me in the 99th percentile.
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Reply Sat 19 Aug, 2017 07:46 pm
This PDF has overall score info for several different test series. I took mine in 2005 which is the 2002-2014 score type it does not give information on the individual test sections but it does give percentile info for your average score.
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Reply Sat 9 Nov, 2019 04:12 am
In 1981 my total of scores was 232 which means I passed but my average was _46 I think.. but where does that put my GPA?
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