How does the movie "13" end ?

Reply Sun 3 May, 2015 06:52 pm
I DVR'D the movie 13 with Sam Riley, Mickey Rourke, and 50 cent just to name a few, but my DVR has the nasty habit of stopping the recording just a few minutes before the end time. So I know Vince went back to the train station trashcan only to find the money gone. That's it. It cut there. Does anyone know where I can go to know the ending ?

This DVR did the same thing some time back when I recorded Fight Club. It stopped recording right when Tyler's boys brought Marla back off the bus. But at least I heard how that one ends.
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Reply Mon 4 May, 2015 03:56 am
It might be better to ask that question here:
Reply Mon 4 May, 2015 04:05 am
Wikipedia has plot summaries for many films. Great if you have a capricious recording device, or maybe if you fell asleep part way through, or you want to sound knowledgeable about a movie without going to the trouble of watching it.


Vincent "Vince" Ferro overhears people talking about a dead man who was going to start a well-paid job. Ferro, in need of money, steals an envelope containing the instructions for the job. He arrives at an event in a secluded place. He is ordered to strip, and his boot heels are cut off, in order to check for surveillance equipment. The organizers accept him for the job instead of the dead man. The job is participation in a series of Russian roulette games. There are several participants, identified by number. In each round, the participants have to spin the cylinder of their revolver, and shoot when the light of a special light bulb is switched on. The event is organized for the enjoyment of rich spectators, one of these spectators being Jasper Bagges, who places bets on who will survive. Bagges bets on his brother Ronald, who was brought from the mental institution.

In the first round, the participants each get one bullet in their revolver, they are arranged into a circle, and each has to aim his revolver at the man in front of him. Ferro tries to back out, but he is forced to participate. As #13, he survives the first round and fires his gun only after being threatened with death. In the second round, in which two bullets are placed in each gun, Ferro survives only because the man behind him is killed before he could fire. In the third round, with three bullets in each gun, Ferro again survives, along with four other men. Ferro is one of two survivors randomly chosen to participate in a duel. The three others are finished and get a large sum of money. One of them, Patrick Jefferson, who was brought from prison to compete, is surprised that he is free to go, and he is escorted out by Jimmy, one of the employees. Jimmy then tries to kill Jefferson, attempting to steal a map Jefferson has, leading to money he has stashed from a robbery. Another employee catches Jimmy in the act, and demands that he stop, insisting that nobody is allowed to harm the surviving players. Jefferson collects his belongings and leaves.

Against the odds, Ferro wins the duel and gets $1,850,000 (USD). He also learns that his opponent won his last 3 duels. He collects his winnings and sneaks away from the mansion, arriving at a train station. When he spots police closing in on him, he stashes his winnings in a garbage can. After being interrogated by the police, he retrieves the money and sends it to his family, via registered mail, and buys a toy for his sister's birthday. However, on the way home, he is shot by Jasper, partly in revenge for Vince having killed Ronald, and partly to steal the money, as he thinks Ferro still has the money with him. Jasper escapes with the money bag, not knowing that it only contains the toy.
Reply Mon 4 May, 2015 09:23 am
Thanks for the help !
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Reply Mon 4 May, 2015 09:23 am
Thank you ! What a great link !
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