The Demon Of Anxiety (FULL RAP)

Reply Fri 17 Apr, 2015 10:50 pm
This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely

See in my mind its do or die, I fight to keep myself alive
But how do I beat it, Should I expose a weakness, Put my guard down and let go of secrets
I can see it, In the eyes of my friends “I’m Normal” but they seem to think differently
Now I’m strangled by rapid thoughts and I’m wondering what my family thinks of me
I tend to also believe my mind and so I’m always confused
When it came to making friends my heart said give it a try, But my mind refused
This is what I deal with having social anxiety
But I don’t use it as a crutch, I learned to use it to inspire me
But I’m always stuck in thoughts, Trapped in my mind I’m a prisoner
Buried in darkness and I disappear cause my mind doesn’t want a visitor
Now all life is are a bunch of tears and deception
Behind the thoughts of my mind lies a fear of rejection
I’m always Scared of making a first impression
Cause if I say something wrong my mind just can not accept it
You see I understand that feeling of not being accepted

This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely

My thoughts are so deep for even myself to realize
These lines, that I’m creatin
My mind is pacin, and my bodies shaken
I view this world of Gods through the eyes of Satan
My life revolves around a bunch of what ifs
And I must confess
That my life is being lead by a broken compass
Not one to back down, but I give up now, When it comes stress
I’ve given myself these thoughts that drain my confidence, And I’ve lost my pride
Self-Consciousness has gotten so bad to point where I can’t even walk outside
I left school and I stay home Its like I was buried alive
The only time, I’ll have a peace of mind, will be the day that I’ve died
Mentally, My mind and my thoughts have killed my health
And I walk outside and put the blame on everyone else
When will I get it through my mind that I’ve only killed myself

This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely

You want to know these insecurities are hurtin me
How this world has scared my mind like burns to the third degree
I strangle myself intill my face is burgundy
But I let it happen, So I’m able to craft lines perfectly
Now with all these problems, Do you really think the only way to solve them Is suicide?
Get it through ya mind, the only demon is you inside
And the day I stop fighting will be the day Drew has died
I understand its hard but its something you have to manage
Don’t let it get the best of you, Use it to your advantage
You see these people bothered me just to see my reaction
But I just let it happen, Now I can express how I feel through rappin
Most you think your fighting a battle that you’ve already lost
But take my hand and I’ll guide you to the key that lies behind the Devils thoughts
I want to help you all, I want to be that type of man
That can lend a hand, And tell you that I understand
Make an effort to make friends, Theres nothing you can say wrong
In the end of it all you’ll make it, You just got to stay strong
Yea, I’m a confused kid but I use it, To escape in music
And I know that at times your feelin useless
Just know that theres a soul hidden in these bruises
I know It hurts but you have to face, theres no escape, from reality
Stay strong in your days, and I promise a change, as you age gradually
I’m strong enough to say I’m Drew and I’m Proud to be
My lyrics are to ease your mind so you could live happily

This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely
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