Is Tsarnaev just an adolescent doing adolescent things?

Reply Thu 9 Apr, 2015 11:30 am
I don't think he'd have a good case even then.

"Hey, Beav, let's go downtown town and blow peoples' legs off!"
"Aw, gee. I dunno Wally . . . "
"C'mon, don't be so scared."
"Oh . . . OK."
Reply Thu 9 Apr, 2015 11:41 am
I agree -- if this were the case pretty much any team of criminals could say the same thing - basically the oldest would be the ring leader in all cases and the followers would be held to a lesser degree.

This older vs younger thing isn't always the case. I served on a murder trial before that was two brothers accused of murder. The younger was actually the ring leader aggressive one - the older much more mild -- both were equally charged. Both were guilty got life and a day even though the younger was the one who actually grabbed and killed the victim and went back and hit the man in the head with a rock to make sure he was dead.
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