Physicist Claims to Have Proven Mathematically That Black Holes Do Not Exist

Reply Wed 31 Dec, 2014 07:13 pm
http://www.iflscience.com/physics/physicist-claims-have-proven-mathematically-black-holes-do-not-exist Hawking now also says that what he believed about black holes was wrong, now there is mathematical evidence, that they do not even exist................So what gives here?
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Reply Sun 4 Jan, 2015 06:00 pm
@DNA Thumbs drive,

Eddington made fraud by doing make ups on the plates from the British and Brazilian expeditions, in order to "validate" the prediction of poor Einstein over the prediction made by Newton.

Newton's prediction was validated by the majority of plates while poor Einstein's predictions had none. Eddington screamed, pulled his hairs, he did lots of excuses to disregard the plates favoring Newton, and finally he opted to commit fraud and validated Relativity.

No one of the scientific community who participated in the measurements agreed with Eddington. But Eddington had great influence over the Astronomer Royal and won his case. Later, he just sent letters to Lorentz and others saying that Relativity has been validated.

No one of the other great scientists reviewed the plates, and less they tried to organize another expedition to confirm Eddington words.

In 1922 the Swedish Academy that gives the Nobel Prize of Physics denied the petition of many, to give the Nobel Prize to poor Einstein because his Relativity theory. The givers of the Nobel Prize knew about the fraud committed by Eddington, and the answer thru one of the members that "Relativity is not science but philosophy, in my opinion, poor philosophy".

Eddington became like crazy, but smart as a fox, he waited two decades to make things to pass by. He found an Asian dude as his next target to promote Relativity. By playing with formulas here and there, he pulled from historical records the idea of the existence of Black Spheres. He invented the idea that "dead stars can collapse and become very dense".

Poor Einstein participated in this fraud as well.

From here, Hawking and others became idolaters of Einstein and found in Relativity their new religion. They invented that the idea of "collapsing stars" came from the 18th century, but in those former years the imagination of scientists was not mixed with that kind of fantasy. Hawking and others lied a lot in their books and publications.

The predicted Black Spheres two centuries before implied a huge star 590 times the size and density of our Sun. In no place of those papers a collapsed star is ever implied.

Very recently, new scientists have been mocking of the idea of a possible existence of Black Holes. There are videos in Youtube where the whole mathematics involved in the formation of Black holes is shown as mere common errors, irrelevant use of formulas, abuse of equations which besides of being abstract are void for any valid use.

I'm glad that slowly but surely the whole massive propaganda about poor Einstein as a genius, and his theories as useful can be terminated, so science can be vindicated as a serous branch of knowledge.

As long as people is told that Einstein was a genius -when in reality was a poor idiot- and that Relativity is science, this branch of knowledge called "science" will continue to be a circus.

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