anger:highly dilated pupils:extreme muscle twitching

Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2014 12:44 am
i'm trying to find information of symptoms. i have always had anger issues, dealt with and still learning to controll it. i don't drink alcohol, i don't drink coffee, i don't do drugs of any kind even including non prescription ie tylenol. i have seen doctors when i was a child including a couple therapists who have said i had rage i was born with. i have never been diagnosed with being bipolar. i am generally a mild mannered person. i typically look at life logically. i do however sometimes have a short anger fuse with certain life issues, ie stupid people who act irrationally or people who intentionally push my buttons intentionally. now...there is one instance that has stuck in my mind for a couple years now and has worried me since and i use that situation to help controll my mood today. a couple years ago i had a coworker pick an arguement with me. i tried to warn him to leave me alone...to no avail. after a bit of time i asked him if he was going to back off and he said no...the situation quickly got out of hand. we were standing about 5 feet from each other , and i sensed quiet around me, i couldnt hear anything, my eye sight sharpened, my body started to feel warm, my body buscles started to twitch slightly, and i felt a little happy. i seen my coworker looking around as if looking for something to fight me with. as i was about to move, i was grabbed by a few coworkers and pinned while the other coworker was escorted away. after the situation, another coworker who witnessed the situation, said my pupils got so large that my eyes seemed black and evil. at the time, i was so enraged, i felt happy because i wanted to hurt the guy so badly which confuses me. all the while my mind was telling me that my family depended on me and not to be stupid. after the whole incident....minutes passed, as anger subsided, my leg muscles started twitching so bad i was almost stomping....i couldn't stop it for almost 10 minutes. now that you have read this...1.what caused the pupils to dilate that much?. 2. why did my body and mainly my legs twitch to that extreme?. 3. why did i feel happy when i wanted to cause so much damage?4. in a situation of that much anger/rage...how bad could the situation have gotten if the other coworkers didn't grab me?.....answers can be sent to [email protected] if i don't see them here.....
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Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2014 02:03 am
dually66 wrote:
how bad could the situation have gotten if the other coworkers didn't grab me?

The worst case scenario would have been both of you fatally injuring each other and then both dying.

Second worse case would have been one of you dying and the other spending life in prison for murder.

I lack the expertise to address your questions about physiological symptoms.
Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2014 02:08 am
thank you for the partial reply. i don't recall being that angry before and was curious as to the extent of blowup....which is why now i try to remember that day so i can use it as a tool to center myself if a similar situation ever comes to pass....now i'm just wondering about the symptoms i mentioned....i tried to look it up but i guess i don't know the right questions to ask
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Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2014 09:10 am
Go to another doctor (a psychiatrist, and possibly an endocrinologist). The idea that you were born angry isn't scientific - it makes no sense whatsoever.
Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2014 10:13 am
My parent didnt think it made sense either.
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Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2014 07:12 pm
An adrenaline rush can have those same symptoms.

There's nothing wrong with being angry. Just don't hurt other people.

Exercise; learn active or passive meditation; know your body and learn to walk away from conflict.
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Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2014 07:20 pm
Many fail to realize this simple truth:
People can't make you angry. You are the one who controls your emotions.
To choose anger, you must give control of your emotions to another.
Reply Wed 7 Jan, 2015 12:21 am
So what does one do when the emotions build and you cant get ahold of the anger?
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