Best Smartphone, Computer, Game System, Other?

Tue 16 Dec, 2014 11:59 pm
In your opinion, what is the best smartphone that is currently in production. You know what? Lets extend it to Computers and TVs and game systems and all that jazz. Lets Discuss!!!
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Mon 22 Dec, 2014 09:25 am

The Apple iPhone is the best by a large margin. Other phones just don't have as many useful apps, no matter how capable the hardware is.

Home computers are slowly being replaced by iPads and game consoles. The PC model will continue in the form of high-end office workstations though.

It's a bad time to assess TVs because the last high-end plasmas just went out of production, and the 4K OLEDs that will replace them are just beginning to figure themselves out.

Once things get settled, the best TV will use OLED technology. It will have 4K resolution. And it will implement passive 3D. (Passive 3D combined with 4K resolution is said to result in truly amazing 3D presentations.)

Game consoles, it looks like the usual 3-way fight between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. As usual in recent times, Nintendo is not focusing on matching the other two in graphical capability, but is focusing instead on making their system friendly for non-gamers. The PlayStation 4 has the most powerful hardware stats on paper. But Microsoft is close enough that it might not make a real-world difference.
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Mon 5 Jan, 2015 06:41 pm
I think that there isnt a "best" smartphone on the market, both IPhone, android, and windows phone all have their benefits and downfalls. For IPhone there is a large number of apps but that really isnt a big plus because most of the same apps are on at least android. Granted the IPhone is very user friendly but like most of there products they are limiting to what you can customize and change. Also to those that say that the Mac operating system is the best just know that it is just a distribution of Linux. Most of the features of Mac os is by them but the key functionality is Linux.

For computers, the home computer will not go away. There will always be a place for them, however they may change. For the best computer is very arbitrary, the best depends on what you want to do, i.e. for game it would be custom build with two GPU and a octa-core processor or better with a high thread count. for business some thing with great battery life, productivity and processing power like a macbook pro. I could go on.

For gaming systems, among the conc0les neither are better than the other. People will have their opinions but from pure states they are almost the same. The PS4 does have slightly better specs. But Nintendo will all ways beat Microsoft and Sony, the overall fan base is large (with some overlap) but the games are simply better. To consider everything PC gaming is simply better because you are not limited to the consoles power for however long it take to release a new one. But PC are not, the games are bigger and better with more depth and capabilities then any concole game (this statement excludes any cross platform game, cod, battlefield, assassins creed, etc...).

For now the Surface 3 is probably the best. I dont know much about tablets.
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Mon 28 Mar, 2016 11:56 pm
Many new phone company are using advanced technologies to make their device unique and better user experience. I am using a new phone Siam 7x, its really awesome many new features and awesome multi tasking functionality.
Dual screen, back screen display provide wonderful experience of using smart phone.
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Sun 10 Apr, 2016 05:43 pm
Iphone is always leading for smartphones. For televisions, I love Samsung. Games...PS4.
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