Athiesism or Faith?

Reply Thu 23 Oct, 2014 07:30 am
Okay so I'd like to hear it from the guys who know their stuff! Smile Very strong opinions, beliefs and conclusions surrounding said topic. If you have something to say shoot!

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Reply Thu 23 Oct, 2014 07:53 am
Why do they put shredded coconut on German Chocolate cakes?
Reply Thu 23 Oct, 2014 07:55 am
Ah yes! I see your point here.
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Reply Tue 25 Nov, 2014 12:09 am
why was my response here deleted?
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Reply Tue 25 Nov, 2014 02:25 am
Well since my response was deleted, likely by someone who did not like it, I am going to repeat it. This should be an open and fair forum, and we should be allowed to express our opinions respectfully without censorship. If you have to delete and fear what others have to say on this matter, there is something fundamentally wrong with your belief system. Thus I am going to summarize my own personal opinion on this subject question of Atheism or Faith. I am in advance sorry if some of you find this offensive:

To me, this being in my own perspective that may or may not be shared by others..., and certainly likely not unique, I find the concept of god as nothing more than a title and concept of opinion..., regardless if the object of worship exists or not. This which either becomes entirely moot or unable to answer the question of origins. As I have noted Pantheism prior, I reference it once again for the purpose of demonstrating the above point. Thus as we know, Pantheism is the belief that literally Existence itself is GOD, this in understanding that Existence is defined as the essence, mode, and totality of all that exists. And realistically speaking, I find that one can't move the God goal post any further than this, and so this example is used to demonstrate why Atheism is not based on "Faith". To Pantheists and some Atheists such as myself, agree Existence exists and is understood as Causality. We also agree that Existence is every force to cause, every place of where, and is what determines what is, was, or what will ever become.. Arguably Existence is, in my opinion, as Omnipresent, Omniscient, and as Omnipotent as anything can possibly be. Furthermore, I find that Existence to many Atheists and Pantheists is also the totality of meaning, purpose, function, love, emotion, and foundation of morality as well as immorality.. The sum total of the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.

Existence is thus noted and understood in my perspective as a Self-generating system from itself to which all things, including conscious beings, are products of. However, this also nullifies the concept of god entirely in my opinion. This is where in that Pantheism has its flaw, and thus since calling all that which exists, this being "Existence" as god, we effectively make everything and everyone GOD by consequence of the definition of Existence... It's a paradox, and a dichotomy of either all or none at all...., equally stated as so by the paradox of opinion as well since the concept is entirely nothing more, once again in my perspective, purely a concept and title of opinion at best. It has no real meaning to me...., thus the questions:

1. What is GOD without Existence?

2. Can you explain to us origins, causality, essences of being, mode of existence, consciousness, life, the universe, where we are, how we got here, where we are going, meaning, function, purpose, morality, law, the concept of god, or anything at all without existence?

I am willing to bet nobody can, and Existence being the origin, cause, and essences of all that exists..., means I need not ever contemplate the concept of GOD. I will arguably say Existence requires no such concept to exist as it is quite frankly the latter needing Existence.. There is no GOD in my perspective, and I need no faith in this because the concept is logically unsupportable, collapsing under it's very own premises. Hence my disbelief has nothing to do with science, the fact of evolution, or even knowing that the Bible is entirely comprised of Pagan mythology as some might suggest.

If someone can demonstrate something grander than Existence, I will more than happy to consider it.
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