cicerone imposter
Tue 28 Oct, 2014 11:32 am
Women have gained much during the past couple of decades (there's no denying that), but women still earn less than men for the same jobs. That's not 'equality.' Also, the GOP men targets women's bodies as if they should control women's health issues. Those two issues are major ones that still needs to be corrected.

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Tue 28 Oct, 2014 12:50 pm
Honestly folks, it's an exercise in futility to engage this poster regardless of what name he uses. This poor soul is an unhappy camper who tries to feel better about himself by disparaging other people. I found this thread last night and it honestly put me to sleep.

So, although I personally think he's a sad puppy who behaves badly, I've heard this song and dance so often that I now read him strictly as a cure for insomnia. I can't even get offended at the babble, he doesn't even know what he's trying to prove. It's sad really, and I'm not proud of myself for using him like a UNISOM tablet, but he bores me to sleep and without using chemicals. I think of it as making lemonade.
Mon 3 Nov, 2014 03:23 am
You're suggesting that others shouldn't express their views, their ideas, their this really a view that you want associated with your name?

This is no way to be.

There's a reason that I haven't responded to personal attacks, as it's useless for both sides. Although, because I now find myself in this situation...addressing a personal attacker/troll, I'd like to take this opportunity to address others.

This is a time to express your ideas (don't be like glitterbag and pretend to know the answers). If you disagree with me, than all you need to do is state your view. Don't let these few individuals speak for you. Perhaps my initial language came across as a bit harsh. I understand this! If youre the type of person that sits in the back of the classroom, absorbing the message, but reluctant to speak...nows your chance! Create a separate account if youre anxious, or formulate an argument and address me! See me as an idiot, thats fine, but use an argument to remind me of what I may be. I think you'll find that writing your ideas down, and delivering a message, is a constructive activity.

I may seem to come across as an asshole, but my views are my own. There may be other views like my own, but these are mine, and as such, I'll protect them. That's not to say I'm not open to other views, as all I want is some answers. I'd like to think that this argument has a conclusion, and I honestly don't care if I'm right or wrong.

PS: If you've heard this "song and dance so often", than I'd expect that you've formulated a response that can set me straight. I'd like to hear it, and if it's reasonable, I'll walk away satisfied. If you can't produce that, then I'm forced to see youre approach as a repetitive argument.

Gremlat already played "The Tired Genius" card. You did put in a good effort, but Gremlats my "go to" for exhaustive intelligence. Perhaps you can enlist under Gremlat, and he/she can teach you the art of withholding (supposed) valuable information?
Mon 3 Nov, 2014 03:25 am

I read your reply, and I loved it. I'm tired now. I'm sitting here in the middle of the night, with a couple of rug-rodents who won't sleep! I'll get to you ASAP!
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Mon 3 Nov, 2014 02:31 pm
Dear God no!!! Please post all you want. If I can't fall asleep, I look for you and whamo, I'm out like a light. I'm not interested in setting you straight, that's because you are boring. The fact that you're boring works well for me, so why would I ruin a drug free cure for insomnia. Oh, you don't have to be drug free, whatever you need to do to fuel that dull wit of yours is perfect for me. Thanks
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Thu 28 May, 2015 02:31 pm
Actualize their potential to do...what...exactly? Get a fancy desk job at some corporation, contributing like a slave to a male made society? You're still serving the alpha male establishment, only this time you are wearing a suit and have the role of a man. Females (other than Lauren Faust) haven't actually made any significant contributions to the galactic timeline.

Females are sex toys? Far from it, they are merely heifers serving out their role as obedient sheep, whining about trivial issues and refusing to look at themselves square in the mirror. Why would a man be attracted to a woman? Modern women only love and respect men for their materialistic accomplishments and status. If such a man is aroused by this he is no man, but merely a raging, salivating bull, unable to satiate his primitive desires, to bend to the whims of lesser beings, specifically, women, who have the mentality of a young child.
Sat 30 May, 2015 11:25 am
I think this thread belongs in the Humor Forum. Not because its funny (well some parts are) but because its just not serious.
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Fri 12 Jun, 2015 07:51 pm
Dear benMark,

So, to start off w/ (though I'm sure someone has already told you off before):

I really love how you said "I'm all for man and woman equivalence...", but you earlier stated in the very beginning "Woman are nothing more than sex toys, inspiration, and a holder for man's children." How are you all for gender equality if women are nothing more than sex toys, inspiration, and a holder for 'man's' children. Do you have any idea how arrogant your remark comes across? Hypocrite.

Sadly, you forgot to mention how women embarrass themselves on the internet? I think you're just embarrassing yourself? Are you ashamed? I would be.

Also, feminism is not just women either. Feminism's definition is the equality between all genders. Everyone is fighting for the same thing.

And before you ask how is it for both genders when it's called feminism, or that you see a different definition I'll answer for you: There are two basic definitions for feminism. One says it's the fight for women's right to vote... etc. The other says it's the fight for gender equality; let me explain. The first definition I stated is an old definition. Feminism started off as woman fighting for their equal rights to vote and etc. Why would they include the gender that already had the right to vote? That would be silly. BUT, then it became something more. Women and men realized they had something in common. Men have just as much problems with gender equality as women, so the definition changed (evolved). Also, before you ask, "Why don't they change the name?" No one seems to have a problem with it if you're pro-feminism. Why change it? Why can't you respect where origins started out? It's like your last name. It has been past down through family member, through family member, yet you don't change it b.c. you don't like it. You leave it b.c. it is where your family began.

Don't get me wrong, before I continue, I respect your opinion. I was raised to respect everyone's opinion even if I don't agree, just as my sister and brothers are.

What is so brainwashing about Woman Studies? It is a study that celebrates woman's achievements to become more equal and important as men. They're not trying to convince anyone, or force you to believe in Feminism at all. Brainwashing would be me telling you that everything about feminism is right and good, and I won't leave you alone until you do! There are bad parts to feminists. There are people out there who are "feminists" that are man haters. Yes I said it, man haters. I'm not saying there aren't any of those out there. But, then they're not truly feminists are they? Those women out there give feminists a bad name, and don't truly know what we are all about.

I think you don't understand what feminist do. The fight for equality really isn't suppose to be violent or manhandling. Beyonce is a representation of feminists. She is only advertising her own belief, b.c. that's all you can do. She can believe in whatever the hell she wants, and say what she believes. People who follow her and agree with her were not brainwashed. People have their own freewill to do whatever it is they want. But, it isn't wrong to say what you believe -- a form and a way to fight for gender equality is to share your belief with others who are willing to listen, and in hopes that our words sink into society. We just want fairness. Women want to be paid the same wages as the male co-worker, men want people to listen that men are not the only ones who rape but that women do too... etc.

Words, actions, things are all so twisted and categorized to each gender based on how society thinks a woman or a man should be or do or live or believe. But really there shouldn't be any categorizes. A man wants to wear make up? Cool. Go for it. A woman wants to be a weight lifter? Go for it.

I chose to believe that we should all be treated the same. The only time I would change my mind on that is if you prove me otherwise, then I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I don't know everything, but I do believe in this. I'm sorry if it upsets you, but what the hell? I'll say whatever I want.

Before I go, Beyonce isn't a porn star with a bit of talent. Beyonce is a dancer w/ an amazing voice. If she wants to wiggle her butt, then she can. Not for your pleasure, but for her own. She feels beautiful doing it, and confident. You apparently have no idea what kind of things make a person feel better about themselves. She gets up and does her thing b.c. she enjoys doing it. She doesn't hop on dicks and what not, she is married w/ a child. Just saying. Also, if you actually look up her songs, some of her new ones are self identifying. Such as, "Pretty Hurts". How would you feel if someone pin pointed something they didn't like about you, and say all sorts of nasty things even though they don't know 2 shits about you? Do you know her in real life? Do you know what she's about? I would ask you to look up interviews or writings w/ beyonce or ask her questions or w/e before you start yapping your mouth. Treat others how you'd want to be treated.

Also, we are born to do what exactly? Be porn stars? You haven't met any women that could kick your ass? Or be smarter than you? Or do something that puts you below them? You obviously have an ugly ego. I know I'm not the hottest, strongest, smartest person in the world. Just b.c. I'm a woman though? Just b.c. you're a man? What makes you more special than a woman? What makes you think we can't do anything you do? Before you say reproduce with sperm, let me say that men donate their sperm so you actually don't need a man per-say to do it. Insemination is done a lot, but you can't carry a baby around for nine months w/o a woman can you? I mean unless you pay a surrogate. But my point is, we all can do things w/o each other.

In conclusion of your argument, it doesn't hold up w/o facts. Where are the poorly written studies? What makes your argument true? Please point out what you're talking about; otherwise, you argument is basically invalid.
Fri 29 Jan, 2016 06:55 am
wow.... and your "science".... not there either
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Sat 28 Jul, 2018 02:24 am
Forums are dead, and that's unfortunate. Good luck able2know!!!

Hey, kawells. It's been 2 years, what are your thoughts now? Do you still believe the wage gap is still a thing?

I understood everything that you said two years ago. Also, I still believe that Womans Studies is NOT a subject that should be studied....everyone with intelligence can understand it.

I believe that you should exercise your brain and learn something challenging, that will truly advance society.

What are your thoughts on Trump, feminism, and social justice trash overall?
Sat 28 Jul, 2018 03:20 am
I'm surprised this place is still around. It's dead around here... unfortunately, forums died to Facebook and Twitter....such a tragedy.Two years later, and my post is still on the second page. Smile

kwells, do you still think the wage gap is a thing?

I understood everything you said 2 years ago, but didn't engage Do you have a different opinion 2 years later?

Let me know.
Sun 29 Jul, 2018 02:15 am
Oh look, it’s our old friend Bzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......................Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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