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Very few people in America know this but Israel has taken our food industry hostage. We all pay a Jewish food tax on our food that we buy. If you go into a supermarket, you will notice the letter K or a letter U with a circle around it at the bottom of soup cans or cereal boxes. This stands for 'Kosher'. The Rabbi's in Israel threaten to boycott American food products in Israel if Rabbi's in America are not allowed to inspect our food plants. For every can of soup that we buy 30 cents comes off the top and is sent over to Israel. Proctor and Gamble is a Jewish controlled company which sells us most of our food. Meg Whitman a Jewish girl who ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger another Jew for Governor of Calif. used to be CEO of Proctor and Gamble.
If you take the Charles Manson murders as they are called a young girl named Abigail Folger was killed along with Sharon Tate at Cielo Dr. Abigail was going to inherit the Folgers Coffee company from her father Peter Folger who was the sole owner of Folgers Coffee. Right before the Charles Manson murders happened Peter Folger cut a deal with Proctor & Gamble and Proctor & Gamble became 'part' owners of Folgers Coffee. If Abigail and Peter Folger just happened to die then Proctor & Gamble would become 'sole" and complete owners of Folgers coffee which at the time was the largest Coffee company in the United States. After Abigail died and Peter died of cancer Proctor&Gamble became the sole owners of Folgers. So it was no accident that Abigail just happened to be at the Tate residence that night.
Sharon Tate used to be good friends with Bobby Kennedy. She was planning to lend her star name to help get him get elected as President of the U.S . Her husband Roman Polanski who was a Polish Jew hated the Kennedy's because they would not give Israel any weapons or Jet Fighters. While Sharon Tate was married to Polanski she was actually pregnant with Jay Sebring's baby. Jay Sebring also died along with Sharon Tate. Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski were with Bobby Kennedy the night that he died. They were having dinner at John Frankenheimer's house in Malibu. John Frankenheimer was a Jew who worked for the CIA during the Korean War. He made the movie the Manchurian Candidate in 1961 right after John Kennedy fired Allen Dulles as the head of the CIA and planned to shut down the CIA . This movie was a movie about John Kennedy being assassinated two years before it even happened! John Frankenheimer drove Bobby Kennedy to the Ambassador Hotel where he was assassinated in his Rolls Royce that night. Charles Manson could be classified as a 'Jew hater". He was being "groomed" in the Calif. prison system along with Sirhan Sirhan by the Jewish Mafia for one of their future crimes, in this case the RFK assassination. Timothy Leary one of the main promoters of LSD in the 1960's who also worked for the CIA lived right down the street from Sharon Tate on Cielo Dr. Henry Fonda who worked for Military Intelligence during WW II used to live in the Guest House on Cielo Dr. So here are the the cast of characters who were actually involved in the Sharon Tate murders. It reads more like a group of Intelligence Officers rather than a group of Hippies. If you still don't believe that the Manson/Zodiac murders were a cover up or diversion for the RFK assassination just wait there is more to come.

The next big assassination of a President which was only an 'attempt' was Gerald Ford's assassination attempt in 1975. Gerald Ford was one of the main investigators during the Warren Commission in 1964 looking into John Kennedy's assassination in Dallas. He was telling people that he knew, friends and Politicians alike for over a decade that the CIA killed JFK in Dallas and were covering the whole thing up. Right around the time that he testified before the Church Committee in 1975 who were investigating the CIA and their connections to the Mafia there were two assassination attempts on his life. Both Squeaky Fromme and Sarah Moore from the Manson Family both tried to kill him. The reason why he didn't die is because after the Kennedy's were killed the President was furnished with three times more Secret Secret Service Agents than before. As soon as Squeaky Fromme pulled a pistol into plain sight the Secret Service agents had her on the ground in less than a second. If Gerald Ford would have died then Nelson Rockefeller who was Vice President at the time would have become the next President. The Jewish Banking family the Rockefeller family funded the creation of the CIA in 1947. Sarah Moore who tried to kill Ford also came from a famous CIA family. In 1975 her relatives the Moore family were working down in Jonestown Guyana helping to process the opium being grown down there into heroin for shipment into the United States. When the CIA camp down in Jonestown was shut down in Nov. of 1978 was at around the same time when the CIA moved the opium crop over to Afghanistan in the spring of 1979 when the CIA first funded Bin Laden. The heroin has been coming into the U.S. from Afghanistan ever since.
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