On The Nature Of Being: The Position-Of-View (POV)

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The Theory On The Instantiation Of Life By Natural Entanglement.

The universe we all know and love emerges from another verse that can best be described by mathematics. The metaverse is an ocean of quantum interactions best represented to us by a system of quantum states and the functions that represent them (qsf) some mathematical and most are at present only metaphorical. Think of qsf’s as you might imagine the TV, radio and cell phone EM transmissions, invisible and everywhere. Except qsf’s are not subject to the restrictions of general relativity as are some entities that emerge from the metaverse and are manifested in our universe, entities such as the electromagnetic spectrum (EM).

EM like all of the laws of physics originates in the metaverse as a set of qsf’s, as does everything else, and are collapsed from its superposition state into our universe by observers both living and nonliving. Living observers have their own unique type of qsf called the position of view (POV) which provides a mathematical solution to, and thereby resolves natures surrounding qsf’s to render the reality each individual sees as the universe around them. One non-living primary observer that essentially pre-renders much of nature’s qsf’s even in the absence of any living POV is the electron. An electron collapses the qsf of the atom it occupies. Without electrons every atom around you would be in a state of superposition. Such atoms will become ionized atomic nuclei and will behave wave-like not just in appearance but their intrinsic properties would be very different. So different in fact, if a bullet had all of its electrons removed it would no longer behave like a bullet. That’s not to say it would do no harm only that it would be more like a laser blaster than a gun. The bullet or any matter devoid of electrons will collapse to a plasma when resolved by any Earth bound POV.

There may very well be POV’s in existence, perhaps in this universe perhaps not, of beings most likely composed of very different fundamental forces of nature, whose POV’s, if present, render reality very differently to Earth bound POV’s. Individuals for whom a speeding bullet made of what we call normal matter that would kill us, would instead pass right through them when the bullets’ and guns’ qsf’s are resolved by their POV’s. After all a conceptual bullet made of say dark matter when shot at us would indeed pass right through us when its qsf is resolved by our POV, not having been pre-rendered by electrons as darkmatter appears not to be. It is not outside of the realm of possibility that the reason dark matter is so highly none interactive with normal matter is because it is not pre-rendered by nature’s primary observer the electron. Therefore dark matter may be in a quasi-superposition-state. Likewise the yet to be discovered metamatter proposed by this theory would necessarily exist in a full superposition state completely unhinged from our space-time.

The position-of-view POV establishes an individual’s presence to their instantiation, to their life. Having life or being alive is by definition having a POV. It is that which defines every living creatures being, not to be confused with experience. The POV brings no experience but only that which may, or may not, have an experience, your target if you will. It is a property that emerges from the entanglement of a viable host body such as a single cell or an otter, together with a form of matter called metamatter or Life-Matter (see metamatter). This occurs wherever such a host vessel or species may emerge in the universe. The POV is the single property the presence of which is most identifiable with life whether the host is a human being, a water bear, a protozoa or anything else. Beneath it all the only host is the cell in all of its forms. A cells’ POV is only established when its entanglement molecules form a quantum entanglement connection with metamatter. Even a single entangled (living) cell has a POV and therefore has a reality that it experiences with its senses, such as those senses are. Likewise, every living creature has a POV that interacts with nature as, and can best be represented mathematically and conceptually by, a unique quantum state function such as the Entanglement Hamiltonian (Ingo Peschel, 2012). Complex amalgamations of cells establish a more specialized form of connection to metamatter called the LifeID. Although any metamatter entangled to a single living cell is serving in a similar capacity as the more complex collection of metamatter called the lifeID, the term LifeID is reserved for multi cellular formations of life.

The key difference is that the QE connections of multi cellular life forms involve multiple cells called Entanglement Cells EC’s to entangle the lifeID. This is accomplished by the heterodyning of each cells individual QEF to form one unique composite QEF to metamatter thus establishing the individuals lifeID. Details on how each entanglement cell heterodynes its own QE connection with that of other entanglement cells is still to be discovered.
Technology that may someday permit the outside world to detect an individual’s POV will require a deeper understanding of QE (quantum entanglement) and the QEF (Quantum Entanglement Frequency) and the functioning of the EC’s (Entanglement Cells). The POV is the naturally instantiated target for all of the individuals experiences. A POV is a prerequisite for experience, and is the very definition of being. An individual can be alive without having experiences. In this circumstance an individual lives because it has a target in the form of a solution of state and position in space -time and therefore the potential for experience via its position-of-view POV.
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Whatever you're smoking, I want some!
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If you analyze it closely you will, I think, find that it is just a little bit more than a collection of single data (experiences and memories), namely the canvas upon which they are collected. And you will, on close introspection, find that what you really mean by ‘I’ is that ground-stuff upon which they are collected. [Schrödinger, Erwin (1992-01-31). What is Life? (Canto) Cambridge University Press]

The next fertile undiscovered frontier of science is the study of how the individual (you) naturally inhabit this universe. This topic speaks to the really interesting question of how you came to be where you are in the form that you are. Consciousness, self-awareness, sentience are evolved attributes had by very few forms of life in earth’s ecosystem, yet all are just as alive in nature. Such attributes cannot be relevant to either nature’s fundamental implementation of life, to being alive, or to experience. Experience may be enhanced by these attributes as they evolve in more complex hosts or species, but the phenomena which establish an instance of life likely brings no experience at all.

The position-of-view (POV) as described by the instantiation hypothesis is implemented by a fundamental property of nature called natural entanglement. This process produces the POV which localizes you in your space-time, whether you have five, one, twenty or no senses. Regardless of what or where ones living form may be in this universe. Effectively ones POV is the target for all of the sensory information we call experience. Any beings lifeID is temporarily localized to its host body by the naturally occurring entanglement between its physical host such as ones cell(s) together with a non-relativistic form of matter called metamatter (in Hilbert-space). The POV of each individual life can be represented mathematically by its unique wave function. This wave function is a unique solution of state for the individual in space-time and is the term missing from many of our quantum mechanical solutions. The POV is nothing less than the mathematical representation of a living being.

In life the POV brings no experience but only that which may have an experience. In nature a POV is the mathematical representation of a lifeID established either by entanglement of a single cell to metamatter, or alternatively by the heterodyning of multiple entanglement cells (EC) to metamatter. If you are in fact alive then your composite lifeID and its position-of-view together constitutes your being regardless of your physical state, form, condition or location in space-time. If the entanglement hypothesis accurately depicts the reality in this universe and the entanglement molecule exists, then it represents the most fundamental physical component of life as we know it. Like the Top-Quark, or the Higgs, the Ether or DNA, the entanglement molecule may someday be isolated and identified either in the cell or in the environment. or not. Either way we may learn something along the way.
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