Not sure if I'm having implation bleeding or period?

Reply Fri 30 May, 2014 03:04 pm
So I'm 20 years old and I just lost my virginity may 17th it is now may 30th we've had sex 5 times and only once used a condom and I know the first night cum got into me I know that's very immature and not safe at all I know this and I'm disappointed in my self actually..anyways..two days ago I started getting pink and brown discharge only when I would wipe? I had slight cramps also.. And then today it's still the same but when I woke up and went pee and I wiped it was dark red? But only when I wiped and after that I starte experiencing strong cramps thinking my period was defiantly going to come pouring down(sorry for the tmi) but as I went to the bathroom many more times it was just dark brown and pink and then another time it was red again..but the last time I just went it was super PINK? What's going on here? Is it implantation bleeding or my period..might I add my period should have came that Sunday after I lost my virginity and it never did...until two days ago when I started experiencing these things! Please help! Thank you:)
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Reply Fri 30 May, 2014 03:57 pm
1.Your hymen, when torn, probably bled a bit.

2. Subsequently, it is likely, you were not properly lubricated and the tissues around your vulva have been irritated.

3. Continually wiping yourself could be contributing to more irritation of the area.

Be gentle with yourself for a few days, allow yourself to heal. In the meantime, get a calendar and count back the days to your last period to see if you were ovulating when you had unprotected sex.

This nifty calculator at Web MD will also help with that.


The information in this article may help reassure you:

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Reply Fri 30 May, 2014 04:45 pm
So making your problem graphicaly i understand the next:

Sat May 17 lost viginity --- Sun May 18 day that you pweriod should had begun --- from that day till Thu May 27 you had intercourse in 4 more times --- Wen May 28 strange bleeding and pink discharge (10 days past due your expected mestrual date) --- Today May 30 stilll not a normal bleed and a lot of cramps.

I does not seems to be that it is an implantation bleeding. Taking for granted that you are a very regular woman your possibilities of pregnancy should be low. More information is needed of course, like:

- is this your first irregular period of the year?
- which is your regular rythm?
- did you used any kind of emergency contraceptive?

I agree with Butrflynet you can be causing it with friction. And her articles are quite accurate. However the must wise thing to do is performing a pregnancy test.

In this case a serum pregnancy test will be the best options, since blood in urine can cause false negatives.

Stress and fear can be causing your period anormality, but also the emotion the strong feelings of anxiety related to the first sexual intercourse can. Also the high levels of testosterone found in normal male semen can disrupt normal endocervical and endometrial secretions and cause strange discharges.

Look for a doctor of your trust. The best are those who are willing to explain every question in a easy manner using common language. I highly recommend to ask someone you know that has a child with asthma, that disease is really troublesome and they allways happen to know a lot of doctors.

Also once you past this situation i highly recommend using an hormonal implant as a contraceptive method. Also pills are a good choice. Must countries provide contraceptives for free.
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