Sanctions against Russia are actually sanctions to ruin EU!

Wed 21 May, 2014 06:52 am
I hear, president Obama is ready to launch yet another series of sanctions to punish Russia. And leaders of Italy, Great Britain, France and Germany are allegedly supportive of this decision! Those are pure political gambling, I am sure, relating blackmailing of Russia and putting pressure on her and sort of it.... I can't know for sure what's the real fault of the Russians but as an economist I'm dead sure that EU economy will be hit badly by those sanctions and maybe with even with far more reaching impact than for Russia itself!! BGA chief Anton Borner has already voiced his concern over it quite officially. Keep it in mind that over 7000 firms and various businesses in Germany are on close nexus with Russia actually.
So the sanctions amount to betrayal of the EU, of weakening and even demolishing it under the guise of punishment for Russia! Yankees are not than bad at strategy as we have habitually thought of them!
And our EU politicians knuckling under to D.C. are American gofers on Washington payroll servicing its exclusively agenda.....
Wed 21 May, 2014 07:39 am
I think when you talk with exclusively agenda, you must also have your ears with a prick in them about Putin and the economising that is going on right now in his wardrobe! YES NOW!
Obama knows the economy of Russian suit wear and laughs in the backside of your President being all gay in the country, stripped to waist amd showing ripples.
Germany had indeed tied itself to Putin's skirt trailings, and sanctions imposed by others will indeed make Mrs Merkel wince in her undergarments on occasions because of non self reliance in her capitalist factories.
But we in the west are just waiting for Putin to stop emitting gas over our borders and showing his buttocks to us in the process.
Russkies are even better at strategy when we have habitually thought of them, especially when leader is dressing as Village People.

Long live western breakfast!
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