US Judge Strikes Down 6-Year FAA Drone Ban

Reply Fri 7 Mar, 2014 11:44 am
I spy with my little eye a spy in the sky or what?

So drones are legal for the moment. What should happen next?
The company involved was just shooting a commercial, but shall we have a new department down at the Sheriff's Office with a bunch of pilots monitoring the streets of our fair city?
Joe(there's one outside your window right now.)Nation
Reply Fri 7 Mar, 2014 10:31 pm
@Joe Nation,
We are gonna play with one of those quadcopters on a job using three multispectral filters and three lipstick lenses. One of my partners geeked out a 4 filter scanner using chep lipstick cameras and a processor as big as a single serving box of rice krispies.
Something like that would have been as big as a refrigerator just 25 years ago.

Were gonna look for a specific linear geologic feature somewhere in an undisclosed spot.
All science is just a bunch of 11 yar olds with advanced degrees trying o answer the question that starts with
"Hey I GOT AN IDEA. I wonder what will happen if we........."
Joe Nation
Reply Sat 8 Mar, 2014 08:35 am
Yep. I remember in 1970 watching some guys at Goodfellow AFB try to put a radio-controlled camera in a radio-controlled model airplane. The thing had about a six foot wingspan. It did fly, but I never got to see what kind of photos they were able to get.

Given that the mission of that base was intelligence, I like to think I witnessed some of the early 'let's get something smaller with better eyes into the air' work.

Joe(I am probably way off)Nation
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