Are The Olympics An Empty Cold Shell Of what The Olympics Could Be?

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Are The Olympics An Empty Cold Shell Of what The Olympics Could Be?

I think it obvious that if the governments of the world saw the potential of the Olympics for what it really is too exploit it's potential, it could be so much more spectacular and draw so much more global attention and even generate so many times much more revenue. Start with the basics, you build up those who have earned right of passage to go to the Olympics with the public of the individual country. Spend some money, invest some time captivating your country as an audience by presenting those who represent that countries known best of the best in a strong relentless positive light. Get too know the athletes and become that much more attached as opposed to knowing nothing or little about them. Perhaps even focus a television show for each country's own citizens aimed towards showing the processes of what people must endure to make right of passage to make it to the Olympics to generate interest while not revealing secrets of that countries training methods. Film the show for the first 3 years, then a year before the Olympics start airing the show on a weekly basis leading up to the Olympics. Consider Making the Gyms that the events or trials are held in look more like a comfortable environment rather than some cold gym to appeal to peoples sense of home and comfort. Just the thought of a wooden bench or plastic chair is detouring to my sense of appeal. A gym to me generally looks cold and barren and detracts from my sense of appeal to want to be in one or watch one on television. Outdoor events are various but some work could still be done on stadiums as well. It's sad to see the athletes stuck in such a cold and barren environment, it could very well be a nightmare to them which could be easily remedied with a little time and effort invested towards consideration for the athletes as well the spectators.

The world involving the Olympics is an extended family of the different variations of human evolving through the generations in different environments, being subjected to different diseases or threats, eating different foods and drinking different types of water, and living in different climates yet we are all attached to that same umbilical chord called Earth in reflection of the Sun. Each countries variables are different than any other country but we humans have spread out and evolved upon many diverse land masses of the Earth and for thousands of years we have come together to see which country produces number one on the world at every (currently of the times) existing event to celebrate the glory of the diversity and determination of those who seek to be the best of an event in reflection of the world coming together still to this day as it has for thousands of years since the Olympics were created.

This is something we have had for thousands of years here on Earth and we can't even draw the attention from the public of the entire planet for the Olympics as much as some typical lame Hollywood movie recently released draws attention from the world? Is the world blind? The Olympics is the best current, and on going for thousands of years positive thing we Earthlings have, and have had that actually brings the world together. The global organization to bring the Olympics together is obviously there, the athletes are there but the Olympics are quite obviously being robbed from it's potential due to lack of time and attention being focused on promoting the Olympics. It's time we make the decision whether we make light of this and bring the Olympics to a new age of massive growth in popularity all over the world in coming years or keep it as it is. The Olympics could easily own television as it monsters attention globally if such a plan is executed properly. It is important that every participating country of the Olympics does this to succeed to it's full potential.

It's sad that governments are so caught up in so many various politics, and our main stream media is too caught up with propagating lies and deceptions to support their bias agendas in recent decades to have seen and acted upon the barely tapped potential of the significance of the Olympics for themselves. It's obvious that the Olympics itself is a champion waiting for it's potential to be unleashed and it would be nice to see some down to Earth level minded creative and congenial individuals from each country take on this challenge. We might even want to agree to have global standards for that show as guidelines for each country to follow so that the show is precisely the same from country to country and again include that training techniques are not exploited.

Do you see what I see when it comes to the Olympics? I think that it is obvious that Olympic Athletes are under appreciated because the majority of the public has no idea of anything about the athletes for starters. Many people have little or no interest in the Olympics and how else is this going to change? The hype currently just isn't there and it's desperately needed to strengthen our our otherwise continuously crumbling world socially as a whole. Do you see what I see?


David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
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Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 12:51 am
@David Jeffrey Spetch,
David, this forum is small potatoes for your anti-gay messages. I suggest you send your wisdom to YouTube, or any place that applauds your rambling about whatever you think is un-godly or un-American.
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Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 05:16 am
@David Jeffrey Spetch,
I think that it is obvious that Olympic Athletes are under appreciated because the majority of the public has no idea of anything about the athletes for starters.

Why should we give a **** David?
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