Gold series aqc 50 ct help

Reply Wed 15 Jan, 2014 03:06 am
My water was way salty after regen. This started about a month ago and requires running the water for a few minutes before it is back to normal.
The brine tank was not emptying all the way during the fourth cycle so I did the following: checked for air leaks along the black tube running to the brine tank.
Pulled out, cleaned and checked the brine valve. Checked and cleaned the injector. Checked drain line that it was clear. Checked water pressure.
All of these things are ok.
My water is from a well and there is a sediment filter before the softener and about a month ago my sediment filter turned black from bacteria and the hot water smelled like sulphur so I raised the temp in the hot water heater which killed the bacteria.
I thought maybe bacteria was in the softener and since I don't have an iron filter I went ahead and ran iron out through the softener and then bleach.
I put salt back in the brine tank and did a regen again and it worked ok.
It drained the brine all the way down and when it was done it was not too salty.I need to test it again tomorrow to be sure.
The only thing left to do that I haven't checked is the computer settings but the info in the advanced menu is Greek to me the settings are:
H:13, C:50, SC:60, c6:00, u:28, L:38, HS L:10, PS L:7, no r, ro off, dp1:00, r no, d1:5
I had a couple of power outages recently so I'm not sure if these changed.
If someone has the PDF that explains these settings I sure would appreciate it if you would send it to me.
Thanks to everyone on this forum, I sure have learned a lot about water stuff the past couple of days and if you think there is more I should do please let me know, thanks.. [email protected]

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Romeo Fabulini
Reply Wed 15 Jan, 2014 03:13 am
I know zilch about water and stuff, but this Prepper/Survival forum is friendly and helpful if you want to ask there too-
Reply Wed 15 Jan, 2014 08:48 pm
@Romeo Fabulini,
Romeo Fabulini wrote:

I know zilch about water and stuff, but this Prepper/Survival forum is friendly and helpful if you want to ask there too-

Oh really? Any survival forum you can expect to be full of nothing but right wing Christian uneducated rednecks.
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Reply Thu 16 Jan, 2014 05:58 am
Did a regen the next day and the water is way too salty.
I think the seals need replaced, or settings need adjusted.
I guess it's time to call rainsoft?
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Reply Mon 20 Jan, 2014 08:37 pm
That problem was solved by increasing the slow rinse cycle from 17 min to 50.

Can someone tell how much capacity this unit has if the tank size is 8x43 with .5 cubic foot of x100 resin?
I need to soften 2000 grains per day and preferably regenerate once a week and measure the salt dose accordingly.
Reply Sat 22 Feb, 2014 01:53 pm
.50 cu ft of resin wasn't enough so I changed it, now .75 cu ft.
Since I only use 70 gal of water per day with 25 gpg hardness I set it up for better efficiency/ lower salt dose by running it at 75% of its capacity.
I would like it to regenerate about once per week so....24,000 grain capacity x .75 = 18000 cap/25gpg = 720 gal to use before it needs to regenerate with 6 lbs of salt. 18,000 cap/6lbs of salt = efficiency of 3000 grains of cleaning cap per lbs of salt. Not sure if my one day reserve should have been in that calculation but 720 gal - 75 gal (one day reserve ) = 645 gal to use before next regeneration.
645 gal/70 gal per day = 9.2 days to regenerate. This is too long since it should regen once per week so if I set it to 490 gal it should regen in 7 ot 8 days but then my reserve would be much larger, so maybe I could get by on 5lbs of salt instead of 6??
I am on well water with .1 iron and can draw 3 gal per minute and water pressure is 25psi on average.
Does anyone have any comments of whether this plan to use 6 or 5 lbs of salt will work?
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Reply Mon 11 Aug, 2014 07:13 pm
Rain Soft will send you a PDF of a service manual with codes if you email them....I got mine today
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