How do I convince my mom to get me Skyrim or any kind of M-rated game?

Reply Wed 11 Dec, 2013 02:53 pm
I am 13, but I have seen Skyrim and compared to Catching Fire (which my mom let me go to at will) Skyrim is like a walk through a patch of roses. Mom and dad won't let me get any kind of game just because it is rated M, and my brother (who is actually turning 21 this March) won't even let me play on his computer just because of what my parents said. I even get stuff from the office for them and bring food to my dad! I don't get an allowance and I tried deceiving her by putting "The Elder Scrolls V" but that didn't work because big brother is ALWAYS watching and being nosy. I showed mom the trailer, but she didn't like how blood splattered on his face. I keep trying to show her the actual game-play, but she always says "No" and when I ask her why she says "Because our family has rules". I just wish I had a different mom. She must think every M-rated game is a gift from Satan or something because she doesn't even want to look at M-rated games (which is weird because she bought me Oblivion). I got bored of Oblivion due to the lack of game-play mechanics compared to Skyrim. Everybody in my class has it... Including my social studies teacher! Being the only boy in the entire eighth grade, not have this game is humiliating. Seriously! I'm the only boy in the eighth grade and almost my entire class has the game. I've stayed home alone for 3 hours, cooked for myself, got A's and B's on my most recent report card, got Principle's Honor (all 97-100% score in all classes), and I don't respond that much to blood and gore. I will probably only use magic to defend myself anyway. Christmas is coming up soon and I have all A's in all my classes and I have even gotten up at 3:30 a.m. to clean my dad's and my mom's car windows AND preheated their cars fifteen minutes before they went to work. I know they are just trying to protect me but I have been praying to God every night for Skyrim and have been taking extra care of the dogs please someone tell me how to convince them!
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Reply Wed 11 Dec, 2013 04:12 pm
If I was your mum I think the only part of the argument that might sway me was that you feel left out at school. Though I did always tell my daughter that I made decisions based on what I though was best for her not what other parents thought was ok. I do think its really sad though that your friends are all playing violent games when they could be doing other stuff. Whether you win with your mum or not remember that she's doing what she thinks is best and there are probably a lot of kids at your school whose parents don't give a damn what they do and probably envy kids whose mums care about them.
PS - I don't think you need to get up at 3.30am to clean the car windows - sleep is important too. Getting A's and doing your regular chores seems like enough.
PPS - I don't believe in God but if I did I don't think he'd care about Skyrim...I'd hope he'd be more worried about helping kids who are sick or injured or hungry.
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Reply Wed 11 Dec, 2013 04:41 pm
Let me speak as a parent.

There are two things that would persuade me. If you want a game rated mature, then being mature is the best thing that you can do (accepting that your mom is your mom, and even appreciating that is a good start).

1. Make a mature argument. There are plenty of parental reviews online that explain the different parts of the game. Take this one for example...


I think you can make a good case simply by reviews on the internet. If your mother is religious there are even fairly positive reviews from religious people. But the key is for you to do this in a respectful, mature way.

If my kids took the time gather up the reviews to convince me that the content isn't really objectionable, and if they explain to me respectfully that it was important, I just might change my mind.

2. Respect. Parents want to feel respected. If we feel respected then we are more likely to be persuadable particularly if you come perpared with a reasonable case and facts to back it up.. Make sure that you are not hurting yourself by making this an issue of respect (because once my my kids make it an issue of respect, the argument is finished).

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