Are we alone in the universe?

Reply Thu 30 Apr, 2020 07:44 pm
The only good part about all this is, we readers-along-type persons enjoy your explanations. I just keep them on ignore.
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Reply Thu 30 Apr, 2020 07:50 pm
I just keep them on ignore.

Guess we're not alone in the universe - some just ignore them.
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Reply Sat 16 May, 2020 09:08 pm
You asked if we were alone in the universe.
To answer this question we need to investigate.
To investigate we need appropriate research tools.
In order for us to have the right research tools we need to create them.
The 21st century will reveal new methods, new concepts to us. But a new paradigm will be the only one that can give you an overall explanation, even your question.
You could say that almost 5 billion years ago, the elements you were talking about were laid down from those stars and supernovae that were a foundations factory.
Today the universe is back to check out the same pearls that he buried, to see what has changed.
Those molecules that have built our will are the essence that needs to change in order for you to discover your answer.
In changing our will, changing our nature, it will be revealed to us that not only life exists, but worlds.
And the difference between what I write and philosophy is that it is not a theory but an attainment - the deepest level of understanding.
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