Lollipop Candy Recipe

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Lollipop candies are the most favorite edible for the little ones and now with this simple recipe you can make plenty of flavored, colorful candies with as many shapes you desire. The beautiful mouthwatering treat will be right in your kitchen to offer your kids and neighboring friends right away. There are a few things apart from the ingredients that one may require, if you are making them first time. You need a non-stick pan, a wooden spatula, mold for lollipops, candy thermometer, a baking or cookie sheet, some oil to grease the molds, plastic or cellophane to wrap the candy lollipops and also something to tie them after you have wrapped them. You may require the sticks used for lollipops as well. Let us begin with the recipe.


1. 1/3 cup corn syrup
2. 1cup granulated sugar
3. ½ cup water
4. Food coloring dissolved in a little water or use liquid food color
5. Add food flavoring, like anise, lemon, orange, watermelon and more, but the tangy and strong flavors must be separated from milder ones, if you are making several flavors at a time. Or choose to make one flavor at a time. Milder flavors should be made first. Besides you cannot add many colors in one batch of sugar.
6. 1 cup sugar gives you 10 candies depending on the size you make.
7. 1/3 cup corn syrup
8. ¼ tsp. cream of tartar
9. 1-2 tsp. citric acid
The cream of tartar and corn syrup do not allow the crystallization of the sugar and one must remove all the sugar crystals sticking to the sides of the pan. Otherwise even a single crystal of sugar may drop into the syrup and begin the process of crystallization. Lollipop candies need to look transparent.


1. Prepare the molds with some greasing with oil, the cookie sheet is placed upside down or use a marble slab. Keep the surface flat.
2. Begin by adding sugar, water corn syrup, cream of tartar, stir till the sugar dissolves. Stir with a wooden spatula. Dissolve any crystals sticking to the sides of the pan. Stop stirring when the mixture starts to boil.
3. Let it boil till 275-300 degrees. The simplest way to test is drop a drop of sugar syrup in a bowl or glass of water, if the syrup forms a hard drop and does not dissolve into water, your syrup is done for lollipop. Or check using candy thermometer.
4. Let it cool a bit and add flavor, color and citric acid
5. Work quickly and pour out into each mold, if there are no molds just drop a little quantity of syrup on cookie sheet. Place the stick onto the syrup you poured on sheet or the molds. When you drop the syrup for lollipop on the sheet leave some space between each lollipop to allow it to spread out. The last step of pouring into molds is very quick one, so if you are alone, bring along someone to help you put sticks into the mold.
6. Let it cool down well
7. Remove from the sheet or mold when it is hardened and wrap up in cellophane or plastic, tie up ribbons or anything else you have selected.
One may try out several assortments with colors and flavors or transparent ones with some sprinkles as well.
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Give them an apple or some grapes instead.
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