12.5 bars, 5.21 guns REVISED AND PART TWO

Reply Tue 10 Sep, 2013 08:37 pm
I'd like to start with, **** this, rough it
Up on the love bench, gut this, dumb skit
Like a big tough gup fish
Gotta stay in your school, still playin the fool
Stop talkin like rap is an illuminatic tool
Damn, they don't exist, face it bitch
But you can cause you look the wrong way misfit
I threw a screwball and you must miss it
Or it'll be a junkball and you'll surely get hit
This is quickenin', runs to home and quick splits
Off on my own, but they say "I need a slick bitch, big tits
Two mil and a big dick, to get ****"
Screw that I'm no rapper like that
I'm a rockstar on a cop car
Hell with the system, no protection to stop hard, got far
Off of a guitar, and 12 bars
I'm done with this wicked winnin and no frickin shipment
I ain't gettin women ain't no livin in em
I'd be pinned and written
Before pinned and ridden
So bitches listen get your little tips an'
Put em in this big bin, so you can buy clothes and wear em
This ain't no harem quite comparin
Life is rare don't live it bare (nope)
Where's your parents? Get a life and solemnly swear it!

One mile away, two times they will say
Half an answer left, it was just a lucky guess

One time I would stay, still two days away
Now I'm half the man with so much stress
Just give it a rest, oh no...

Gun one goes off, now who's takin shots?
Swallow it up or lose your spot
A sick game this is, but no one listens
Two guys still in rehab, the third overdosed and he had
Nothin to save him, he was taking his paces
But he messed up his doses, he struck a few poses
Stood up as if Moses said "the Bible now closes"

And he was foaming at the mouth, spread out across the couch
He heard a few shouts and then it was all lights out
Eyes in the back of his head, he internally bled
The doctors got there quickly but
He was already dead

And twenty-one guns
In his favor!

He dropped like a rock
A savior?
A saaaavior?
Open your eyes and show him the way...

This is yet just an average day!

Hold up, what's the most fucked up?
This teenage dream is a hellish fantasy
Now what's up? With today's tough love?
They're just too lenient, why be wasting your energy?
Letters be- suicide notes, and better dreams- were all slit throats
I myself am that depressed kid, the emo with problems, who can't get a fix
Who takes drugs not on purpose, just so he's not worthless
Anti-depressants, now have you learned your lesson?
Your "swag" is the cause of society's pause
With no cause to nod to, no fog to walk through
Life is dumbed down, be smart to get 'round
get lost or get found, or follow to town
Don't question the reasonability, just asking for peace and tranquility
This world needs to spin with agility, but this country really has no ability!

Twenty-one guns go off again
Who was it? Who was it?

Was it really worth the ****?
Come again, come again

Love is thin, and nothin's sin
Enough of this, enough with this!
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