Advantages of Brass name plates?

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There are a variety of colors and sizes of name plates. The designs are also different and are usually made to suit the needs of the user. While some simple plates can be made at home using simple and available materials, complex and executive ones can be ordered from established designers. If you are intending to use your name plates for professional purposes, ordering it from the market or from a good designer will help offer you the necessary image. You can also choose the right type of material to use which may be plastic. Light metals such as aluminum or even wood especially when you desire to have a desk name plate.

Name plates that are used in outdoors should be good enough to stand the harsh weather conditions. Brass plates can offer you a higher level of resistance that you may need than plastic and wood. It's also durable hence making it more appropriate. There are those who have gone a notch higher to use a name or brass plate as an ornament. Some people prefer some certain initials engraved in their hearings and they wear it.

It's important that you get the advice of the expert when selecting the right type of brass plate to use when you are creating your identification plate. There are technical and non technical materials that are available hence the right choice should be made.

You can also use name or brass plates in many other occasions. They can also be used as gifts and presents to other people. You can create a good plate for your loved ones, social fans or business colleague will really appreciate having a well thought out and greatly designed name plate.
Brass chandeliers are used everywhere. Hotels, restaurants, and offices use them. In homes, brass chandeliers can be found in almost any room. What makes brass chandeliers so popular?

Brass chandeliers have a long history. Before electricity, brass chandeliers were used with candles or kerosene. Brass is a sturdy metal with a long life, making it the perfect metal for the brass lanterns that used to be placed in homes and used as street lights.

In addition to being a long-lasting metal, brass has the added advantage of requiring little maintenance. Brass chandeliers are particularly appropriate in coastal areas where corrosion is a problem because by nature it is anti-corrosive.

Two types of finishes are usually available for brass chandeliers: highly polished and antique polished . A highly polished finish, as the name suggests, makes the brass look bright and polished. Antique polishing gives an older appearance that some find very elegant.

Periodically dusting with a soft, dry cloth is the key to maintaining your brass chandelier. If it gets dirty enough to need a more intense cleaning, use a gentle dish soap and warm water to clean it. Don't forget to dry after washing. Do not use an ammonia-based cleaner because this will cause tarnishing.

If your brass chandelier is tarnished and you haven't used an ammonia-based cleaner, first determine whether or not it's solid brass. Try sticking a magnet on it; if the magnet stays on, your chandelier is made of steel-plated brass. In that case, the tarnish you are seeing is likely rust and can be removed with steel wool. After removing the rust, your next decision is whether to have it re-plated. If you don't want to have it re-plated, you can choose to paint it.

A solid brass chandelier which has tarnished is relatively easy to clean. First use a brass cleaner to get the tarnish off. Once it has been removed, follow up with clear lacquer spray paint.
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